Editorial Decision – I’m Not Importing My Old Archive

This is my first serious post on my new blog home!

I made an editorial decision. I’m not importing my old archive from fskrealityguide.blogspot.com.

Why am I doing this? There are several reasons.

First, I’m a much better writer now.  Consider my original post on agorism.  That was when I first heard about agorism and thought it was cool.  At the time, I hadn’t made as much progress cracking my pro-State brainwashing, as I have now.  I could write a much better article now.

I’m better off rewriting my old posts, rather than importing.

Second, some of the old posts have a very high PageRank now.  They get pretty consistent Google traffic.  I’m not going to copy the post and usurp its Google rank.  I might as well leave the old version.  For example, my posts on The BMI/ASCAP/SESAC Legal Extortion Scam and The Hunt Brothers’ Silver Corner rank consistently highly in Google.

I’ll leave the old blog there.  If something bad happens here, I might go back there.  I’m hoping to secure this properly.  I’m already seeing the benefits of having a Linode and your own domain and WordPress.

3 Responses to Editorial Decision – I’m Not Importing My Old Archive

  1. Also, I might suggest doing a 304 redirect when you rewrite those posts in order to get the linkjuice to this site. Also, when someone then goes to the original post, they’ll actually be transferred to the new one. That usually works to transfer all the PageRank to the new site.

  2. Unfortunately, Blogger does not support 304/301 redirects when you move your blog. It’s annoying. It’s one of the ways that Google attempts to lock in their users.

    So, I’m forced to restart from scratch when I move.

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