FSK Asks – Good Free WordPress Themes?

Obviously, I’m using the default WordPress theme right now.  I want to change that.  I’m looking around.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I might edit or tweak any theme I use.

2 Responses to FSK Asks – Good Free WordPress Themes?

  1. There are some good paid themes, but as far as a free theme, there are many good options; not one that comes to mind immediately. Desingpile seems like it might be a good fit (the blue or green version, of course). You might want to check out MagZine and The Hybrid, too. Since you don’t use photos in your posts, your options may be somewhat limited. If you are interested in a paid theme, Thesis and StudioPress are two best to my knowledge.

    • I’m going to go with an unpaid theme, and then edit it. “Simplemarket” seems OK so far. I’ll look around for others later.

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