AdBrite Rejected My New Blog!

AdBrite rejected ads on my new blog, due to “not enough content”.  Maybe I’ll wait a few weeks and try again.

That may force me to investigate options other than AdBrite.

Someone already tried hacking my site.  They were looking for phpmyadmin, which I didn’t install.

I did put in the Google Analytics tracking code.  I’m going to compare that to the raw Apache log files.  I’m also going to try other WordPress analytics alternatives.

Google Analytics was woefully inadequate.

4 Responses to AdBrite Rejected My New Blog!

  1. I’ve also not liked Google Analytics. The best alternative I’ve found is Get Clicky. It’s also free (although they have a paid level, too), and I’ve found it to be better and more accurate. I’d definitely recommend it.

  2. Why would I need a 3rd party tracking service? I have the full apache server logs.

    If necessary, I’ll write something that parses out the logfiles myself.

    Also, 3rd party tracking codes don’t work 100%, if people use NoScript and block it. For example, Google Analytics is still showing 0 actual readers.

    • That may be because Google Analytics has a few hours delay. It takes a while for it start tracking. Google Analytics seems to have suspiciously low numbers. That’s probably largely because it’s the most used service, so it’s more widely blocked.

      Definitely a third party service isn’t necessary. You just mentioned you were going “to try other WordPress analytics alternatives” so I thought you might like to check it out.

      • I suspect that a lot of people block Google Analytics.

        That’s another advantage of my own site. I can see how many people are blocking Google Analytics.

        I don’t mind if you block Analytics or AdBrite.

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