Initial Impressions – WordPress vs. Blogger

So far, I really like WordPress compared to Blogger.

I was using Blogger for 4 years.  Blogger only introduced two useful new features in the time I was using it.  They introduced “post queuing” and “comment spam filtering”.  Blogger was completely stagnating.

Switching to WordPress is like jumping ahead 10 years technology-wise.  There were a couple of features already that made me say “Duh!  Why doesn’t Blogger do that?”

WordPress does autosave posts, just like Blogger.

WordPress allows me to see old revisions of posts.  That feature is amazing!  It’s neat and useful.  I can’t believe that Blogger doesn’t do that.

With Blogger, I can manually edit the css file for the page.  However, it’s presented as one big wall of text.  With WordPress, I can edit each page element separately.  I can edit “header.php” without having to also edit everything else at the same time.

Originally, I was going to download a plugin for adding Google Analytics and AdBrite.  Then, I realized I can just edit the page myself and put in the code.  (The top of page AdBrite code doesn’t seem to be working.  I may wait a day or two before moving it.)

That’s another advantage of a Linode, compared to other options.  Other hosts give me limited control.  Here, I can edit or reconfigure anything.

Also, I can add my own custom PHP code.  With Blogger, I’m stuck with whatever features Google chooses to offer.  With WordPress, I can use other people’s plugins or write my own.

I also like the “static pages” feature.  Blogger just introduced that, but in a half-implemented fashion.

The only negative is that the “edit page” feature is laggy sometimes.  I wonder if that’s my Linode, or a general WordPress feature?  Maybe it’s my ISP, and not the Linode?  Let me know if you see any performance problems.  However, Blogger was frequently outright down.  I haven’t been using my Linode long enough yet, to see if they have a reliability problem.

Overall, I’m happy with my decision to drop Blogger for WordPress.  I’m really happy with my Linode.  I learned a lot in few days, just from configuring it and setting it up.

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  1. I haven’t had any performance problems with the new site (yet). There’s no question that WordPress is years ahead of Blogger. However, some of the thing is that you’re using the self-hosted WordPress, versus the free WordPress. The free WordPress is better than Blogger, but still restrictive. A self-hosted WordPress blog is definitely the way to go.

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