FSK Asks – Good WordPress Plugins?

I’m shopping around for WordPress plugins now.  I may write something myself, if I can’t find anything else out there.

Here’s something I didn’t know about WordPress.  Even if you comment Anonymously, I get to see the IP address of the comenter, even though that isn’t displayed on the blog.

So far, Google Analytics is showing ZERO visitors.  I know that isn’t right, because I can look at the Apache logs, and there were some non-spam comments (all by the same IP).

I’m looking for a decent Analytics tool.  My requirements are *NO THIRD-PARTY CODE*.  If the plugin requires an image or cookie or script from a 3rd party, then I’m not doing it.  Google Analytics violates that rule.  I’m putting up Google Analytics temporarily.  I want to compare it to results from other methods.

I may just parse the Apache logfile myself.

I’m also looking for something that will display the archive like Blogger did.  The default WordPress archive lists are lousy.

I’m looking for other generic stuff.  I’d like to have an auto-generated “Best of FSK” list, but I may write custom PHP for that.

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  1. Here are the plug-ins I’ve found to be the best:

    All In One SEO Pack. This plugin lets you easily enter in the meta title, meta description, and meta tags, without having to code it manually.

    Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin sends your site and updates to Google. This is an absolute *MUST*. It will really help with Google ranking.

    GrowMap Anti Spam Plugin. Most people use Askimet, but it has a lot of bugs, often spamming non-spam comments, and has become an overall mess. GrowMap adds a checkbox at the bottom of the comment box (undetectable to spam bots) to prove that someone is a human. Since I’ve added this on my site, my spam went down from several a day to zero.

    Broken Link Checker. Broken links really hurt your SEO. A commentor’s site might go down, or a site that you’ve previously linked to. This also really helps with SEO.

    Sharebar. Lets people easily share your post to Twitter and FaceBook.

    WordPress Database Backup. This can be extremely useful in some cases. If your blog is hacked, or somehow goes down, you can easily restore it, as this plugin emails you a backup of your website once daily. The only problem is having your email account hacked, so you might want to create a separate email account for this plugi.n

    W3 Total Cache. This will help improve load times.

    Contact Form 7. An simple contact form so people can easily get in touch with you.

    WordPress Editorial Calendar. Lets you easily see all the posts that you have scheduled in order (on an interactive picture of a calendar). WordPress doesn’t let you easily see your editorial calendar by default.

    These are all free, by the way. Let me know what you think.

      • It’s going to take me awhile to go through those.

        I’m going to write some custom PHP.

        I’m going to write something that parses my Apache logs and creates analytics and a “Best of FSK”.

        I’m going to write something that generates a template for a “Reader Mail” post. (On Blogger, I had to manually cut+paste from the comment notification E-Mails, making me give up.)

    • First, I’m looking for a Google Analytics equivalent. I don’t want any 3rd party cookie or tracking code, like Google Analytics uses. I decided to parse out my raw Apache logs.

      Second, I’m looking for a post archive widget that’s sort of like what I had on Blogger.

      Third, I’m looking for something that will compile a list of my most popular posts. I may also do that myself.

      Otherwise, I’m looking for stuff that’s generally interesting.

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