WordPress Admin Panel Hangs?

I’ve been having a mysterious problem.  The WordPress admin panel is hanging out me.

Some people say it’s a bug in the latest version of WordPress.

Some people say it’s a problem with your theme.  I’m using a basic theme.  Why should the theme affect the admin panel?

If I do “sudo apache2 reload”, that clears up the problem.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Has anyone noticed performance problems, reading my blog?

I think I figured out the problem. I tried to enable Apache logrotate, but messed it up. I’ll see if it’s better now.

4 Responses to WordPress Admin Panel Hangs?

  1. I still haven’t experienced any performance problems. I’ve also never had that problem with WordPress. Did the problem you identify solve it?

    • So you’re “Anonymous 2274″ now? Do you have a static IP address? Is there some way I can configure WordPress to auto-approve your comments?

      One nice thing about WordPress vs. Blogger is that I get to see the IP address of all comments, even Anonymous ones. If you’re always using the same IP address, then I know it’s almost definitely the same problem.

      Sadly, Verizon DSL gives me a dynamic address. That shouldn’t be too big a problem with my own Analytics, because I’m going to filter out duplicates (multiple visits to the same page from the same IP).

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