No AdBrite For FSK!

AdBrite has banned my new blog website.

I made a mistake.  I put the AdBrite code up while I was still building the site.  AdBrite’s software thought I was a spammer/scammer.  I only had a few posts when I first put up the AdBrite code.

Now, I can’t get someone from their customer support to fix it.

Oh well.  I was thinking of looking into other ad networks anyway.  This forces me to do it.  I was making an eCPM of $0.50 from AdBrite, so that’s the target for a replacement.

It’s kind of amusing.  I was only a $5/month customer.  Presumably, if I was making $5/month, then AdBrite was making $5/month.  It’s only $5/month, but it’s silly for a business to throw away a customer because they can’t afford someone to actually read customer support E-Mails.

The customer support representative was eager to “close the ticket”, rather than actually solve my problem.  I couldn’t make them understand “I’m already a publisher.  I moved to a new site.”  They also refused to answer any of my questions, such as “How long should I wait before trying again?  How many posts do I need to have ‘enough content’?”  Their customer support said “Sorry, your site is banned.  Ticket closed.”, without answering my questions.  Now that I’m in their computer systems as a spammer, they won’t take me seriously anymore.

It’s just like AdSense.  They unfairly banned me, and I could never get a human to review the decision.  Nobody has decent customer support anymore.

You might say “So what, $5/month is nothing!”  If they do that to 1000 customers, it adds up.

Blog advertising is a pretty poor way to earn money.  If I make an eCPM of $0.50, then I need 100k+ regular readers to earn a living from it.

I really would like an ad option that isn’t spammy or scammy.  Most of the ads, both from AdBrite and AdSense were spammy and scammy.

The people who are hostile to ads can see this blog ad-free for now.  There’s also the ad-free RSS feed.  I never found a good RSS ad option.  Besides, if you know what you’re doing, you can block the ads.  I also have the Google Analytics cookie, which you also can block with NoScript.  I’m planning to parse out my Apache logs, compare the results with Google Analytics, and then ditch Google Analytics.

So far, Google Analytics is still showing zero visitors.  I know that’s false.  I intentionally went to my blog with IE (no NoScript), and GA didn’t count it.  According to Google Analytics, the tracking code is working, but it’s showing zero visitors.

2 Responses to No AdBrite For FSK!

    • No. I configured WordPress so you can leave all 3 blank and comment completely Anonymously. However, I do get to see your IP address. That should work. You also can give a name, but not an E-Mail. That should work.

      If you do put in an E-Mail, it’s probably doing a regexp match to see if it’s of the form

      I thought I set WordPress to auto-approve comments by someone who had a previously-approved comment.

      The thing that annoys me about AdBrite is that I’ve been using their service for 2+ years, making about $5/month (and presumably some money for them). I put the ad widget on my blog when I was first building it, and they flagged my blog as a spammer blog. Their customer support said “Sorry! You’re a spammer! Blog not approved! Ticket closed!”, and they didn’t even read what I wrote.

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