Google “Analytics” Still Shows Zero Visitors

I’ve had the Google Analytics code on my website for almost a full week.  It’s still showing zero visitors.

Google Analytics even showed people following links back to my old blog!  (I linked to a few old posts.  I didn’t have a chance to update or rewrite them yet.)

I know that’s false.  I intentionally visited my blog in IE (no NoScript).  It should show some traffic.

I finally got Apache logrotate to work.  I’m going to parse out the logs and make my own analytics.

Most of the WordPress Analytics plugins require a 3rd party cookie or tracking code.  I don’t want anything like that.

I’m probably going to ditch Google Analytics once I get my own Analytics working.

Ironically, my old Blogger blog is still showing a lot of Google Analytics traffic.  I wonder if all my regular readers use NoScript, so that GA won’t show the decline?  I’m going to parse out my server log and see what my real traffic statistics are.

I also decided to re-introduce “Reader Mail”.  I wrote a PHP script that parses the WordPress database and automatically generates the post for me.  Back on Blogger, I was manually copying and pasting.

If someone is interested, I might make it a plugin.

WIth my own Linode and WordPress, there’s *SO MUCH MORE* I can do.  It really is amazing.  I’m so glad I ditched Blogger.

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