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I went on another job interview.  This time, I was shocked by the competence of the interviewers.

For a typical job interview, you meet with three people, A, then B, then C.  All interviews are separate, in a room with just you and the interviewer.  Then, you get hired only if A, B, and C all vote “hire”.

This system caters to parasites and psychopaths.  A parasite or psychopath will never hire someone smarter than him.  An evil person will vote “no hire”, when the candidate is smarter than him.  “Only hire if all vote ‘yes’.” gives the psychopath veto power, ensuring that people who threaten the psychopath are never hired.  The evil person can edit the memories of the other interviewers, making them falsely believe that the candidate was unqualified.

Suppose that interviewers A and B are honest and intelligent and “abused productive”, but C is a psychopath.  I interview for the job.  A and B will really like me.  The psychopath C will be scared and threatened, because I’m skilled and can see through him.  Even if I’m super-friendly and super-polite, the psychopath will be threatened by my competence and alertness.  C will vote “Don’t hire FSK.”  A and B may initially resist.  The power of the psychopath C is that he will edit A’s and B’s memories, making them think I was a bad candidate.  I’m not there to defend myself, so there’s nothing I can do about it; I’m SOL.  A and B were not a witness, when C interviewed me, so they won’t know that the psychopath is lying, giving a false negative review.

Something interesting happened at another job interview, the one I mentioned in my node.js post.  They had a studio office with no private rooms.  When the psychopath-in-training interviewed me, the two “abused productive” nontechnical co-founders were watching.  They might have noticed that the psychopath-in-training was evil, based on how I interacted with him.  They were acting a little weird.  However, I’m not sure.

That would be a very interesting Matrix power to have.  When I talk to a psychopath, it’s obvious to a 3rd party observer that he’s a psychopath!  I wonder if I really can do that?  It’s like I can give a Voight-Kampff test, to detect psychopaths!?  It’s usually nearly immediately obvious to me, but it’d be really neat if I can also convince an impartial 3rd party observer.

The “interview separately” trick prevents people from noticing that their coworker is evil and unfairly giving negative reviews.

What’s the solution?  At the competent interview, all three interviewers met me simultaneously!  That’s a solution to the “psychopath interviewers give false negative reviews” problem.  Even more shocking, none of the interviewers were evil!  (One guy had high emotional intelligence and lower logical intelligence, but wasn’t evil.  It is possible for someone to be mildly parasitic and not evil.  Unfortunately, most State leaders are strongly parasitic or a psychopath.)

This is an important point for interviewer best practices.  All interviewers should meet the candidate simultaneously.  That prevents a parasite or psychopath from giving a false negative review.  The standard practice is flawed, “interview one at a time separately”.  A psychopath will give a false negative review and use his emotional manipulation power to edit the other interviewers’ memories.  “Interview one at a time separately” makes it easier for psychopaths to manipulate the hiring process.  If all interviewers meet the candidate simultaneously, then it’s harder for someone evil to give a false negative review.

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  1. Another spot on post.

    I’ve interviewed at Microsoft and have had several interviewers say that I’m extremely competent and that they are very impressed with my experience. However I got rejected due to what the manager said, despite having his employees say good things about me.

    I now work for myself. However it is a pity that my vast experience can’t be used in a corporate environment now. It would be nice to work with other people.

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