Only Unemployed People Watch The World Series

Normally, I don’t bother watching the World Series.  The games always end after my normal bedtime.  There’s no point in watching the game if I know I can’t see the end.  It’s very annoying.

That’s one “perk” of being unemployed.  I can stay up and watch the entire game.

Consider Thursday night’s Game 6.  It ended at 12:40pm..  There’s no way I could have watched the end, if I had a job.

Contrast that with an NBA game, which almost always ends in 2 hours, or the Super Bowl, which is on a Sunday evening ending by 11pm.

That’s a very stupid MLB policy.  The World Series games don’t normally end until 11pm or later.  That maximizes short-term ad revenue.  That alienates potential fans.

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