Useless Google Analytics

I removed the Google Analytics tracking code cookie.  It was showing zero visitors, even after 2 weeks.

I’m almost done with my “FSK Analytics” script, parsing out my raw Apache server logs.

I’m getting around 100 unique IP addresses per day.  I need to filter out the search engine robots.

Interestingly, my old Blogger blog is still showing lots of traffic.  A lot of the old pages still rank highly in search.

I’m still investigating ad alternatives.  I’m probably going to wait awhile.  The less-scammy options I saw had minimum pageviews/month requirements.  The lowest I saw was 10k/month, which I did attain on Blogger.

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    • All the other options I saw are for-pay, require a 3rd party tracking code, or don’t have the features I want.

      Google Analytics lacked the features I wanted, such as “How did a regular reader first find my blog.” The current answer is “Almost everyone is a referral from my old blog.”, but that will change over time.

      Therefore, I’m writing my own Analytics. It’s almost done.

      Besides, it’s a fun exercise. I’m currently unemployed and have nothing better to do. For me, writing simple filter scripts is easy.

  1. It is fun.

    Piwik is pretty good. Germans use it as their data laws are stricter. It is free, open source and no 3rd party. It has an API for adding features and stuff and thing.

    • Piwik seemed interesting.

      However, there still is a downside. It’s dependent on a javascript tracking code and cookie. However, it’s a cookie from and not a 3rd party site.

      I’m parsing out the raw Apache server logs. That gives me information on people who would block a cookie or block javascript.

      The only downside of the raw Apache logs is for people who have a non-static IP address. If I use a cookie, I can track people who have a non-static IP.

      Linode has an install guide for piwik! I’ll put that on my blog todo list. I’ll compare it with my raw apache log parser.

      Awstats also seemed interesting.

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