Do You Like My Domain Name?

Josh has left a new comment on your post “My New Blog!“:

awesome name! I’ve not come here for a few months, good to know you got a domain name.

Nobody else expressed an opinion on my domain name.  Is it a good choice?  Lousy choice?

About two years ago, I did a “domain availability check” on, but didn’t register it.  Immediately after, someone registered it and started squatting it.  I also checked “”, and then someone started squatting it.

The registrars sell a list of who does a check, for an available domain.  If someone sees something they like, then they register it!

I didn’t do an availability check for “”, until I was ready to register it.  I figure it doesn’t matter that I have a “.org” instead of “.com”.  The other sites are parked placeholder sites.  The pages ahead of me for “realfreemarket” or “real free market” have low PageRank, so I should gradually move up.  Annoyingly, on a search for “”, Google gives an auto-correct to “”.  That should go away soon, especially since I have a real website and not a placeholder site.

I’m now #1 in Google for “realfreemarket” (with quotes), but I still don’t rank if you remove the quotes.  That should improve, since none of the higher-ranking sites have good PageRank.

That’s a useful lesson.  Don’t do an availability check on a domain until you’re ready to register!  My regular readers will find me anyway.  Having a .org instead of .com doesn’t matter to me.  It should take me a couple months to get decent Google rank again.  Amusingly, my old Blogspot blog still gets a lot of traffic!  (I even notice in Google Analytics, when I link back to it and someone follows the link.  I gave up and removed the Google Analytics cookie and code here, when it wasn’t working.)

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  1. Yes, I do like your domain name.

    I liked the title of your old blog – FSK’s Guide To Reality.

    The title elegantly summed up your essays – namely that in takes years of living life to finally see what is really going on. That people really do need a guide to show them the truth.

    Before I starting reading your old blog I always felt there was something wrong with life and the corporate environment. Your essays allowed me to put into words something I have always thought at the back of my mind, but those thoughts stayed firmly at the back of my mind and if they surfaced I wasn’t quite sure of them.

    • That’s good that I helped you understand.

      Some people have expressed hostility towards the name “FSK’s Guide To Reality”. “Realfreemarket” should be easier to remember than “FSK”.

      For example would be a horrible domain name, because most people wouldn’t spell it correctly.

  2. I don’t want you to reveal any personal information, but I am curious if you are in your late twenties, thirties or forties.

    As _some_ people get older they become better versions of themselves.

    I wonder how fast you realized what was going on.

    • I’m in my late thirties.

      I had the shock of higher awareness when I was 31. It was a complete shock, to realize that almost everything I knew was a lie. That led to me being hospitalized and mislabeled as having a “mental illness”. (Surprisingly, Seroquel has been working, even though almost every other drug I tried was a disaster. Even more surprisingly, it partially cured my color blindness! I wonder if there’s a vitamin deficiency in normal diets, so that people don’t use their whole brain and don’t see the Matrix.)

      It isn’t just conscious lies “Taxation is not theft!” It also is emotional lies.

      I was working closely with a psychopath, leading to my first panic attack. I realized “He isn’t confused or misinformed. He’s evil and he’s doing it on purpose!” That was a shock. He was excellent at emotionally manipulating people.

  3. I like the name too. Also, do you think it would be a good idea if there was a section in which you have photos/visuals that can complement the fnords?

  4. I am a new reader of your blog, but I am old enough to know it as FSK’s guide to reality (which seemed strange before I read an article or two). When you shifted to realfreemarket domain it seems strange name to me, so I read more articles and came to know its significance. By the way I first came here when someone from my google reader following shared this article:
    Sadly it won’t happen again now with new redesign :(

    • I assume you’re referring to the Google Reader redesign, removing shared items.

      You’re not talking about my new blog design?

      I also was disappointed in Google Reader’s new design.

      They took out the “shared items” feature. They’re now pushing “+1″. They took out the ability to see how many RSS subscribers a blog has.

      Those are two things on my “todo” list:

      - Write a delicious bookmark tool replacement.
      - Write an RSS reader.

      That’s a pretty common theme. A redesign of my favorite website takes out all the features I liked.

      • Yes I am referring to google reader redesign, which is insane in amount of spacing, and removing sharing features just so that we use google+ moreis idiotic. Unfortunately, more and more companies are taking ‘don’t care’ attitude towards their users when they complain about redesigns or changes, it is quite troubling. Ultimately its their creation, but they are creating it for us, so at least they should consider the feelings of users.

        Your blog design is simple and sufficient (the best kind of design).

        • My sister said she liked the new design.

          As a partially added bonus, I don’t have ads yet. I probably will add some eventually. I’m very annoyed at ads, because it seems impossible to get ads that aren’t spammy or scammy.

  5. > I was working closely with a psychopath, leading to my first panic attack.

    I once worked in a small company and with a man that I spent most of my time wondering whether he was just plain stupid or dishonest/evil. I wondered whether he was just incompetent or whether he was trying to sabotage my projects on purpose. He even once admitted (without even being asked directly) that it is true that he destroys anything he comes into contact with.

    The thing here was that as it was such a small company, they did everything in a more obvious and amateur way with regards to evilness and so it helped me see it was all silly and stupid.

  6. I’ve only recently started reading your blog and I’ve bookmarked it as FSK so I guess that means I found your earlier name easier to remember (or perhaps I find it difficult to change!!)

    Just one small request, a Favicon.

    • I do have a favicon. It works for me in FireFox.

      I only noticed the favicon after I was getting 404 errors! It pays to look at your Apache error log! As an added bonus, you can see what crackers are doing. NEVER INSTALL PHPMYADMIN! I’m shocked how many people try to grab it.

      I notice some 404 errors for an iPhone favicon. Just to be different, the iPhone looks for the favicon in a different file than every else. Damn Apple. I didn’t add the iPhone-style favicon.

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