FSK Asks – Raw HTML In WordPress

I wrote a PHP script that parses out my comment table and generates the “Reader Mail” template for me.

There’s one thing that’s very annoying.  The WordPress WYSIWYG editor munges the post!

(To avoid WordPress mangling, I’m using curly braces {} instead of <>, in my html.)

Example #1: If I use the blockquote tag, the editor sometimes adds a premature {/blockquote}.

Example #2: WordPress has some crazy rules, for how CRs (“\n”) and {br}s get handled.  That messes up the spacing.

In plain HTML, a CR is just whitespace.  In WordPress, a CR has a special meaning.

I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong, until I realized that WordPress’ post mangling rules are incompatible with what I’m trying to do in my script.

I had that problem back on Blogger.  When I tried to make a table, Blogger would insert extra {br}s and ruin it.  The solution was to make it one big line, with no CRs.

I’m looking for the option to, just for one post, make it plain HTML.  After a brief search, this plugin seems like the best option.  That lets me easily make one post plain HTML, but use the regular editor for everything else.

Has anybody else had problems with WordPress mangling your post?  Should I be using another editor, other than the default editor?  It was noticeable and frustrating for me, because I was trying to have a script generate the “Reader Mail” template for me.

For now, my main goal is “plugin that allows pure raw html”.  I wonder; if I do that, can I also put PHP code in the raw html post?  I’m also considering other editors, other than the default WP editor.  As usual, I’m only considering 100% free plugins.

Answering my own question, I decided to use rawr (raw revisited). Fortunately, the plugin only allows raw html in posts and not comments, so I’m not allowing XSS or other malicious code in comments.

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