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Anonymous Coward commented on South Park Fnords - Blowjob Subtext.
Off-topic (but in-line with FSK's beliefs about the parasitical thieving violent elite) but if anyone has a spare hour or two, they should consider reading the essay below.

For added effect the reader should listen to Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode!

Google search on

personal jesus stargate

Oh no, not this subject again. I am not a Christian. It's pointless to use the Bible to argue for or against Christianity, when talking to me.

Christianity has some anti-State tendencies. For example, at one time, the Quakers refused to pay taxes, because taxes pay for war.

Christianity has many pro-State trolling features. Most notably:

"Turn the other cheek!" means "Accept abuse without resisting." The correct answer is the non-Aggression Principle, which is "Don't steal from others, but you should defend yourself and fight back when others steal from you." "Turn the other cheek!" is slave-oriented thinking. On the other hand, if you face an enemy with an overwhelming power advantage, it might be smart to resist without a fight.

"Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's!" has been interpreted as an endorsement of government.

Around 300AD, the Roman emperor converted to Christianity, partially because he thought that Christianity would make it easier for him to control his slaves/subjects.

Almost every politician likes to brag about what a great Christian he is. That's an argument against using Christianity for anti-State arguments.

If you interpret Christianity one way, it's anti-State. If you interpret it another way, it's pro-State trolling. The most common bits are the pro-State trolling bits.

Every politician likes to brag about what a great Christian he is. If the Christians have ruined the country, maybe we should give the Lucifer-worshipers a chance?

Doctor Elefant commented on MF Global Bankruptcy.
While I'm certain that the State created the world economic mess, that the Fed should be ended, and that I'm going to vote for Ron Paul, I don't see limited liability incorporation as something evil.

In a free market, parties would be allowed to contract under any liability stipulations they chose to agree upon. Any infringement on their right to do so would be just more government meddling.

Perhaps if the government stayed further out of the banking picture, and not guaranteed this, that, and the other thing, investors would actually pay attention to what kind of institution they were placing their money in.

Consider this analogy. Suppose that bank A offered a limited liability clause in its deposit contract, but bank B did not offer such a clause. If the rates and fees were the same, you would obviously choose bank B over bank A. If bank A did offer a higher interest rate, that would be offset by the risk of losing your deposit.

Therefore, you wouldn't choose bank A, unless you were explicitly willing to risk your deposit.

If you walked into a restaurant and they made you sign a limited liability contract before serving you, then would you really eat there?

There's another evil of limited liability. It enables you to dodge liability to people who aren't your customers. Suppose you pollute a river, get sued, and lose. With limited liability, you can declare bankruptcy and default on the liability. The people whose river you polluted were never your customers.

Also, "the bank fails and I lose my deposit" is not a reasonable risk you expect, when you use a bank. Can a liability waiver apply to risks that a reasonable customer doesn't expect? Can a restaurant demand you waive liability for food poisoning, because a reasonable customer wouldn't expect to get sick?

Limited liability really can't occur in a really free market. In the present, limited liability is a contract with the State and not your customers.

Doctor Elefant commented on MF Global Bankruptcy.

In the case of the polluter, I don't see where the damaged party agreed to anything so I apologize for not seeing your point.

In any of your other analogies there is at least a choice being made by parties as to whether they will or won't contract under terms of limited liability in specific instances. The parties weigh the risks. They proceed from there. That's a free market.

You also talked about unreasonable risk at banks and restaurants. But if you don't participate at the banks or restaurants, you are not subject to those risks, whether or not anybody considers them unreasonable. If thousands of others have participated, and no harm was done to them or their property, that's likely the best endorsement you can expect before you make any decision to proceed.

You closed with, "Limited liability really can’t occur in a really free market. In the present, limited liability is a contract with the State and not your customers."

Correct me if I am wrong, but you seem to be of the opinion that limited liability is strictly a creation of the State.

If so, can we take another look at that?

Churches in the Western World were around long before governments made rules or granted privilege about incorporating. Was every member of a church liable when somebody got kicked out and then filed suit? If one member harmed another one, was every church elder held accountable? Did the State grant this immunity from liability by decree? No they didn't, but the State actually acknowledged hundreds of years before allowing only government sanctioned incorporation that certain immunities from liability did exist in certain organizations.

What the State really did when it decided to "permit" limited liabilty, or corporations of any kind, was to once-again say that they hold a monopoly. "We'll decide who can or can't transact, and how they must go about it."

So essentially, if limited liability contracts were to become prohibited by the state, then that would impose a serious limit on the right of voluntary contract. The result would be the absence of a really free market.

I never said that limited liability contracts should be forbidden. I said that a reasonable person would never agree to one.

In the present, corporations have disproportionate influence over individuals. This enables them to force one-sided contracts on customers, such as mandatory arbitration clauses and other waivers. In a really free market, you would have another option if the seller/employer was a jerk. Also, the State legal system encourages long click-through or boilerplate contracts, by ruling that they're enforceable.

As the humancentipad episode of South Park illustrated, nobody really actually reads every contract in detail before signing it. Most people figure that the other person/group isn't going to cheat them, and they can sort it out in the legal system if something really bad happens.

In a really free market, you would have alternatives, and would probably not sign a limited liability contract. If I had a choice between a bank that offered a limited liability clause in the deposit contract and one that didn't, I'd choose the bank that didn't have such a clause. I might make other investments, but only with full knowledge that I'm risking my money (and, if a shareholder, I actually would be partially responsible for losses).

In the present, the State forces all businesses to incorporate.

Regarding the current system of banks, I can't boycott banks. As long as I use State paper money, I'm indirectly subsidizing the banksters, via inflation. There are many legal obstacles that prevent people from using gold and silver as money.

Using the church example, the claim would be against any specific person who misbehaved, and not every church member. There also would be claims against the church's property and whoever owned it. If you do jointly own property, then you are partially responsible for it. Also, a free market legal system wouldn't be crazy, with people winning huge verdicts for silly things, or people with valid claims but unable to pursue them.

Carmen commented on MF Global Bankruptcy.

Where is the facebook like button ?

I'm not cluttering things up with trash like that. If you want to share my blog on FaceBook, go ahead.

It is disgusting, when a blog has 10 "share this" icons at the bottom of every post.

Doctor Elefant commented on MF Global Bankruptcy.

Okay. Somehow I was under the impression that you thought limited liability should be prohibited. With that cleared up, I don't think there's much of anything we'd disagree on.

Enjoyed the discussion.

Also, according to common law or natural law, some liabilities can't be waived. If X is something you wouldn't reasonably expect when you signed the contract, then a liability waiver might not cover X.

A judge might ignore a liability waiver, if there is gross negligence or a crime.

Susan Cook commented on Useless Google Analytics.
Don't reinvent the wheel.

All the other options I saw are for-pay, require a 3rd party tracking code, or don't have the features I want.

Google Analytics lacked the features I wanted, such as "How did a regular reader first find my blog." The current answer is "Almost everyone is a referral from my old blog.", but that will change over time.

Therefore, I'm writing my own Analytics. It's almost done.

Besides, it's a fun exercise. I'm currently unemployed and have nothing better to do. For me, writing simple filter scripts is easy.

Susan Cook commented on Useless Google Analytics.

It is fun.

Piwik is pretty good. Germans use it as their data laws are stricter. It is free, open source and no 3rd party. It has an API for adding features and stuff and thing.

Piwik seemed interesting.

However, there still is a downside. It's dependent on a javascript tracking code and cookie. However, it's a cookie from and not a 3rd party site.

I'm parsing out the raw Apache server logs. That gives me information on people who would block a cookie or block javascript.

The only downside of the raw Apache logs is for people who have a non-static IP address. If I use a cookie, I can track people who have a non-static IP.

Linode has an install guide for piwik! I'll put that on my blog todo list. I'll compare it with my raw apache log parser.

Awstats also seemed interesting.

Anonymous Coward commented on More node.js Observations.
I run my own software business. My first website was hosted on an old desktop computer running FreeBSD and Apache. I'm sure I had that running for a month or so. It was fun installing everything myself. FreeBSD has a sophisticated package management system. It will automatically download, compile and build all dependencies needed for functionality. Eventually I moved to a hosting company as I didn't have the bandwidth.

I'm surprised I managed to sell anything at first given my crude first website. Over time my website's appearance has improved. At the time I had powerful software head-and-shoulders above anything else and I suppose my crude website didn't put people off.

A few years ago I went for an interview at a start-up company funded entirely by venture capital. In fact it was run by two ex-bankers. Obviously their idea never caught on or I would have heard of them by now. But when I saw them they had been going for months and months and they still didn't have their website running yet. They had about 2 contract employees and they had contracted the development of their style sheet to an external company. When I turned up for the interview they were saying they couldn't get the style sheet to work with the website their contract employee had produced.

I suppose they were a bunch of idiots. I'm just one person and I managed to get a website up and running installing everything from scratch in the beginning.

Susan Cook commented on More node.js Observations.

Keep on the snooooting

Amusingly, they posted another job ad immediately after the interview. It read almost exactly like a transcript of the intreview. For example, they added "Must have experience with test-driven development.", after I said that it seemed like a waste of time. (Actually, it was an identical copy of the other add they originally posted. Still, I was offended, that they reposted their job ad immediately after the interview. The interviewer said "I like to hire people who disagree with me!", but I'm pretty sure he rejected me for expressing skepticism about node.js, test-driven development, and the fact that he'd accomplished almost nothing after a month.)

I try to be impartial. Are you saying that I'm acting stuck-up? Well, these people were somewhat clueless and their startup is probably doomed.

Actually, I have more self-doubt than most people. It is frustrating, that most prospective employers seem clueless. I wonder if that's due to my greater awareness, or that employers become more incompetent as the economy collapses.

I am really surprised, that people feel threatened by my competence, rather than thinking "Wow! FSK is awesome! I should hire him!" Paradoxically, if you're too competent, you seem incompetent, because you're different.

I try to be polite. Anyway, it's pointless to waste time with fools. Disappointingly, almost all interviewers seem clueless!

Susan Cook commented on More node.js Observations.

It did seem a little stuck up. Our job as developers is also to work well with clients and other people even if they do suck. I agree walking away was best, but also perhaps learning to work with them and convince them would be better. The PHP in a week for example was good but who wants to work for free for a week.

I strongly disagree with "work with clients, no matter how much they suck". Picking non-sucky clients is important.

It isn't an absolute communist dictatorship. If prospective employers seem clueless or douchebags, then I can turn them down.

"Our job as developers is also to work well with clients and other people even if they do suck." sounds a lot like "It's our job as slaves to keep our masters happy."

I've learned the hard way. If you work for scum and clueless people, it's a lot of headache. It you work for honest and intelligent people, it's much easier.

Here's an example. At my last job, I made a small mistake. My boss said "That's OK, FSK. Fix it and recalculate the results." At my job before that, my boss would say "OMFG!!! That proves that FSK is completely unqualified, because he made a small error!" He had already decided that he wanted to fire me, and was looking for excuses. It's not worth it, to work for scum and idiots. Obviously, if you're doing anything nontrivial, you will occasionally make small errors.

Certainly, if they said "FSK, we'll pay you $500/hr!", I'd probably do almost anything. For the salary scale I'm in, there's no reason for me to work for evil abusive people or clueless people. Clueless people tend to also be abusive, or have abusive partners.

I'm a huge bargain for my market value. I'm at the top end of the ability scale, with productivity 10x or 100x higher than most. Most people would rather have someone clueless that they could push around. Idiots actually select against highly skilled people, because they had bad experiences working with intelligent people in the past, when intelligent people questioned their stupid ideas.

A lot of the frameworks and methodologies are set up to maximize productivity from mediocre people.

Even my sister thought that "test driven development" was stupid. Why would you write the tests before writing the website? The idiot has the illusion that he's working, when he's writing a bunch of tests.

Another example is the stupid programming tests. I do them anyway, but it's usually a waste of time. It reflects poorly on the prospective employer, when they give me a stupid test.

Another example is clueless headhunters. If the client is using a stupid headhunter, that reflects poorly on the client.

I did go on some good interviews. There was the interview where it was three people simultaneously rather than separately. They gave me a favorable impression, but no offer yet. I also went on a decent interview at a large financial corporation. They would be my #2 choice of the places I've interviewed this cycle.

Annoyingly, most prospective employers reject you by failing to ever get back to you. An explicit rejection is rare. I keep sending out resumes until I get a decent offer.

Surprisingly, the startups tend to be more sleazy than the large financial institutions! You would think that startups would be based on merit. In my experience, it's clueless people and scumbags with VC connections.

All you can do is go on lots of interviews, and hope you find someone with a clue. It's hard, because there tends to be an evil person on every hiring committee.

Ironically, unemployment insurance gives me an incentive to be picky. If a job is part-time or for much less than my former salary, I shouldn't consider it, because I'd be giving up the unemployment benefit.

In this specific case, the startup seems doomed. They had a mediocre idea, but might make it work with a brilliant website. Unfortunately, the nontechnical cofounders partnered with the wrong people. The useless "idea guy" MIT PhD is a huge productivity drain. The guy who decided to bet the startup on node.js had produced nothing in a month of work.

I wouldn't do it for free for a week. If they do make me an offer, I'll suggest giving me a chance to do a PHP version for a week or two. If I succeeded at that, then the other cofounders might seriously consider dumping their current CTO and going with me. Therefore, he will advise against hiring me, because I'd be a better CTO than him. I don't expect an offer from them. I'll look at their website in a year or two. They should have failed by then.

RawSex&Music commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.
I like the name.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.

Yes, I do like your domain name.

I liked the title of your old blog - FSK's Guide To Reality.

The title elegantly summed up your essays - namely that in takes years of living life to finally see what is really going on. That people really do need a guide to show them the truth.

Before I starting reading your old blog I always felt there was something wrong with life and the corporate environment. Your essays allowed me to put into words something I have always thought at the back of my mind, but those thoughts stayed firmly at the back of my mind and if they surfaced I wasn't quite sure of them.

That's good that I helped you understand.

Some people have expressed hostility towards the name "FSK's Guide To Reality". Some people said "That's a stupid name for a blog. Therefore, all his ideas are wrong."

"Realfreemarket" should be easier to remember than "FSK".

For example would be a horrible domain name, because most people wouldn't spell it correctly.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.

I don't want you to reveal any personal information, but I am curious if you are in your late twenties, thirties or forties.

As _some_ people get older they become better versions of themselves.

I wonder how fast you realized what was going on.

I'm in my late thirties.

I had the shock of higher awareness when I was 31. It was a complete shock, to realize that almost everything I knew was a lie. That led to me being hospitalized and mislabeled as having a "mental illness". (Surprisingly, Seroquel has been working, even though almost every other drug I tried was a disaster. Even more surprisingly, it partially cured my color blindness! I wonder if there's a vitamin deficiency in normal diets, so that people don't use their whole brain and don't see the Matrix.)

It isn't just conscious lies "Taxation is not theft!" It also is emotional lies.

I was working closely with a psychopath, leading to my first panic attack. I realized "He isn't confused or misinformed. He's evil and he's doing it on purpose!" That was a shock. He was excellent at emotionally manipulating people.

anon commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.

I like the name too. Also, do you think it would be a good idea if there was a section in which you have photos/visuals that can complement the fnords?

Vlogging is on my list of things to add. That will probably take a year or two.

Saurabh commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.

I am a new reader of your blog, but I am old enough to know it as FSK's guide to reality (which seemed strange before I read an article or two). When you shifted to realfreemarket domain it seems strange name to me, so I read more articles and came to know its significance. By the way I first came here when someone from my google reader following shared this article:

Sadly it won't happen again now with new redesign :(

I assume you're referring to the Google Reader redesign, removing shared items.

You're not talking about my new blog design?

I also was disappointed in Google Reader's new design.

They took out the "shared items" feature. They're now pushing "+1". They took out the ability to see how many RSS subscribers a blog has.

Those are two things on my "todo" list:

- Write a delicious bookmark tool replacement.

- Write an RSS reader.

That's a pretty common theme. A redesign of my favorite website takes out all the features I liked.

Anonymous Coward commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.

> I was working closely with a psychopath, leading to my first panic attack.

I once worked in a small company and with a man that I spent most of my time wondering whether he was just plain stupid or dishonest/evil. I wondered whether he was just incompetent or whether he was trying to sabotage my projects on purpose. He even once admitted (without even being asked directly) that it is true that he destroys anything he comes into contact with.

The thing here was that as it was such a small company, they did everything in a more obvious and amateur way with regards to evilness and so it helped me see it was all silly and stupid.

Paul commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.

I've only recently started reading your blog and I've bookmarked it as FSK so I guess that means I found your earlier name easier to remember (or perhaps I find it difficult to change!!)

Just one small request, a Favicon.

I do have a favicon. It works for me in FireFox.

I only noticed the favicon after I was getting 404 errors! It pays to look at your Apache error log! As an added bonus, you can see what crackers are doing. NEVER INSTALL PHPMYADMIN! I'm shocked how many people try to grab it.

I notice some 404 errors for an iPhone favicon. Just to be different, the iPhone looks for the favicon in a different file than every else. Damn Apple. I didn't add the iPhone-style favicon.

Saurabh commented on Do You Like My Domain Name?.

Yes I am referring to google reader redesign, which is insane in amount of spacing, and removing sharing features just so that we use google+ moreis idiotic. Unfortunately, more and more companies are taking 'don't care' attitude towards their users when they complain about redesigns or changes, it is quite troubling. Ultimately its their creation, but they are creating it for us, so at least they should consider the feelings of users.

Your blog design is simple and sufficient (the best kind of design).

My sister said she liked the new design.

As a partially added bonus, I don't have ads yet. I probably will add some eventually. I'm very annoyed at ads, because it seems impossible to get ads that aren't spammy or scammy.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Comment Spam.
Are there any countries such as China, Pakistan or India that are responsible for the majority of spam?

If so there is a file you can put in an Apache directory that will ban a whole range of IP addresses. You should be able to roughly get IP ranges for certain countries.

MaxMind ( ) used to produce some PHP geolocation software. Some versions were free for non-commerial use. I haven't looked at their website for a few years so I don't know what the current status is.

For a short while I did experiment with some JavaScript and PHP code that turned away certain countries from one of my websites.

India! Someone in India stole the equivalent of 500 dollars from me via Google Adwords back in the day when their 3rd party display network was full of click fraud. At the time I was just starting off and had a large monthly budget. Obviously I wasn't on the ball for 2 months.

I've had my software reverse compiled by people in Eastern Europe and India. The Eastern European attack completely failed to produce a working product. The Indian attack managed a vastly stripped down version of my functionality, but on real world data it failed. So far I've been lucky, but some countries may be more responsible for bad Internet things that others. I suspect the India people successfully stripped away my security software after reverse compilation, but lacked the resources to successfully put the code back together again.

I'm not going to ban-by-country.

What I want is a list of people who get auto-approved, everyone else gets moderated, and very good spam filtering (few false positives and false negatives).

I had a bad experience on other blogs with Akismet. My comment was falsely categorized as spam, and the blogger was too lazy to check for false positives (or he was being a jerkwad and censoring me).

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Comment Spam.

You are quite right. Banning by country is too extreme, especially as there might be people in China that want to learn what is going on in the USA.

There could be a refinement. If you find most spam is coming from India, Eastern Europe and Pakistan, then you could let through comments from USA and UK IP addresses by default and queue all other comments for moderation.

Or let all comments thought and only queue for moderation those that contain web links.

There are several options.

Option #1: Full moderation of everyone's comments. I did this on Blogger. Only after several years of using Blogger, did they implement spam filtering.

Option #2: Use Akismet or other plugins.

Option #3: If I can find a plugin that does it, auto-approve comments for a specific set of people, moderate everyone else.

Option #4: Write my own plugin.

Saurabh commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Comment Spam.

I am from India, and I don't have a staic ip but each time I am assigned a new ip by my provider. Banning a whole country is idiotic, spammers will use a proxy server to circumvent it (or any other method) but it will be inconvenient for regular users (similar to DRM solutions in the games).

Moderation is better option.

commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Comment Spam.

FSK, Robert here. Greetings and well wishes as always! Like the new site! For now, why not just put a week or two in of good posts? Putting your keen perspective and experience on things with insight? I can't speak for anybody else but i would like to get back to some level of normalcy, just awesome daily FSK articles. Btw, i think you are going to hit it big with your blog one of these days! Free market, Austrian economics, and human liberty with limited government are rapidly becoming mainstream and you've been here all along speaking the truth. With you always FSK!

Robert Ferguson

I have about 150-200 unique IPs a day. With an eCPM of $0.50, I'd need 100k+ readers before I could do this as a job.

What do you mean I'm not as awesome as usual? Every post is awesome!

I have been feeling less-motivated on some days. Then, I do a quick post just so I can keep up one post per day.

I have some good bits on MF Global planned.

Ironically, most of my blogging time was on the subway, so I'm spending less time blogging now that I'm unemployed! Annoyingly, I got laid off shortly after getting my new Android phone!

Doh-San commented on FSK Asks - WordPress Comment Spam.

Does word authentication help? At least then, spammers will actually have to type in the authentication code in order to leave their spam.

Just a thought.

You mean a captcha? I also considered that.

Doctor Elefant commented on A Trip To The DMV.
True story.

In a neighboring state, there were DMV agencies that were franchises ran by independant businessmen. At some point the state decided they would change their policy and run those agencies themselves, taking them away from the businessmen.

Due to unusual circumstances, I had the pleasure of knowing both a businessman who formerly ran one particular agency as well as the state employee who managed the same agency after the policy change.

One day, I stopped by to say "hello" to the manager.

After I commented on the nice equipment the state had installed, he told me, "Oh that's nothing. Let me tell you about the other changes..."

He went on to tell me that the agency now had twice the number of employees that the old agency had. Each employee made nearly twice the salary of the typical old employee. The state employees had every benefit you could think of, while the old employees had fairly minimal ones. The manager himself had a salary and benefits that the former agency owner did not draw. The agency's hours were now shorter. The lines were now longer.

You didn't need a calculator to see that the same DMV agency now cost a ridiculous amount more to operate than it had under private ownership, but the real punchline came when he told me something else. Since the state took over the agency, the number of transactions was cut in half!

dionysusal commented on A Trip To The DMV.

You missed your chance at a little civil disobedience. You should have used your phone anyway and told them to go pound sand if they said anything. You're not interfering with interstate commerce.

It's not worth getting arrested for something trivial like that.

It was the room where they gave the written test, so there actually is a reason.

Really, the policy should only apply to people who are talking, and not people who are using their phone quietly. However, they were strictly enforcing it.

I like this script that generates the Reader Mail template for me! It's much nicer than Blogger!

Here's another nice bit. WordPress has a 100% accurate "post preview" feature. Blogger has halfhearted previews that didn't 100% match the final post.

5 Responses to Reader Mail – 10/30/2011 To 11/05/2011

  1. > “Turn the other cheek!” means “Accept abuse without resisting.”

    No, it does not. Gandhi interpreted this as meaning that you should not initially hit back as a means to get the other person to think about what he/she is doing. Gandhi managed to get rid of the British out of India quite effectively. He hit the British economically by telling his people not to buy British made goods. The whole point of Christianity is not to beat people up, but to CONVERT them.

    Didn’t you read the bit about him throwing the money changers out of the temple?

    > “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s!” has been interpreted as an endorsement
    >of government.

    NO IT DOES NOT. Don’t you see it? Jesus answered a question with a question to avoid being arrested before the prophesied time. Jesus is effectively asking what belongs to Caesar? It could be nothing. So Caesar is owed nothing. In the full text Jesus was being whimsical when he held the coin up and asked whose portrait appeared on it. The answer was it is Caesar’s portrait and so Jesus’ reply was whimsical when he said “Well it must belong to Caesar then!!!”.

    • I have heard those two bits commonly cited as arguing for those points.

      Arguing the Bible with me is missing the point, because I’m not a Christian.

      That’s the problem with most religions. Things are interpreted one way or another, based on what’s convenient.

  2. > Arguing the Bible with me is missing the point, because I’m not a Christian.

    I am not a Christian either – rather I was confirmed but lapsed a long time ago.

    But you have seen the truth and you spread the truth. You talk of the violent parasitical elite.

    The truth is hated the most by the thugs. The truth is the highest authority.

    Jesus said the last will become the first. Like you he wants to turn the pyramid upside down.

    • I didn’t say that having some type of ordering is inherently evil. The problem is that the most evil people are the current leaders.

      Instead of having the most honest people be leaders, we have the biggest criminals as leaders.

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