I Achieved One Of My SEO Goals!

If you google search (realfreemarket) or (real free market), my blog is finally in the top 4!  It isn’t yet #1, but I should be able to make #1.

When I started, I made sure that none of the other pages for realfreemarket ranked high.

My point is that, if someone searches for my blog by name, they should be able to easily find it.

I don’t have many incoming links yet, but I do seem to be moving up.

Annoyingly, I don’t show up in Google blog search.  My Blogger blog showed up in blog search for awhile, but later was removed.

3 Responses to I Achieved One Of My SEO Goals!

  1. In my search for “real free market,” your site doesn’t show up until the third page. I guess it’s because you visit it so often; so it’s higher up in your preferences. At least you’re moving up the search engines, though.

    You definitely rank number one for me for “realfreemarket,” however, I don’t think many people are searching for that particularly.

    Certainly you’re doing better in Google. You seem to get most of your traffic from long tail keywords, but once your site becomes established you should be getting a decent amount of traffic from it. “Real free market” has 2,400 unique searches in Google monthly, which, when combined with other keywords; can definitely be pulling in a decent amount of traffic for you.

  2. You rank one on my search ‘realfreemarket’ ever since the post ‘Do you like My Domain Name’. Also while searching ”real free market’ you’re not in first five pages :/

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