Occupy Wall Street Is Geographically Illiterate

There’s one really amusing part about “Occupy Wall Street”.  Zuccotti Park is nowhere near Wall Street!  It’s a few blocks north!  It’s near the World Trade Center.

The NYSE is a few blocks south of Zuccotti Park.  Most of the financial buildings are south of the NYSE.

At all the financial jobs I’ve had, the office was south of the NYSE.  Every financial job interview was south of the NYSE.

If you live in NYC and commute to the financial area, you won’t pass Zuccotti Park at all!  If you get off the subway at Broad Street or Wall Street or Whitehall Street or Rector Street, you won’t pass by Zuccotti Park!

It’s only bad for people who take the PATH from NJ.  They will get off at the World Trade Center, and walk by Zuccotti Park to work.  However, depending on where you live in NJ, you may take the PATH to 34th Street and take the subway.

It’s pretty obvious what happened.  When the protesters went closer to the NYSE, the police heavily cracked down.  Maybe some undercover police suggested “Let’s camp out in Zuccotti Park!”, and then the police left those protesters alone.

The Wall Street CEOs take a private limousine with tinted windows, get dropped off in the basement garage, and take an express elevator to the penthouse office.  They don’t associate with the riff-raff protesters, or even with low-ranking employees at their own corporation.

Fortunately, the protesters are cordoned off in an out-of-the-way area, so the rank-and-file workers aren’t inconvenienced either.

There’s another huge negative.  If you’re homeless and live in/near NYC, you’re going to Zuccotti Park!  It’s a great place to hang out, if you’re homeless already.

Time favors the NYPD, regarding “Occupy Wall Street”.  In December and January when there’s a wind chill factor of -10 or less, a lot of people will give up and leave.  Then, the NYPD can crack down on whoever’s left.

As usual, protesting is a waste of time.  It’s a group of slaves begging their masters to be less cruel.  Also, the protesters seem to be pro-State trolling.  The spin is that they’re opposed to free markets in general, rather than the bankster cesspool of State-created corruption.  I wonder how many of those protesters really understand “Inflation is theft! The USA has a corrupt financial industry!  The current financial industry is not a free market!”

It is amusing, that the protesters are hanging out in an irrelevant area.  If you’re a rank-and-file Wall Street worker, you don’t normally pass by Zuccotti Park!  It isn’t “Occupy Wall Street”.  It’s “Occupy a park a few blocks north of Wall Street that most financial workers don’t pass by anyway.”

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