Joe Paterno Fired

There was one interesting bit on the Joe Paterno firing, that nobody else mentioned.

Why did the trustees fire Joe Paterno?  For the past 5-10 years, the conversation in Penn State was:

Joe Paterno is getting pretty old.  He should retire.

We can’t force Joe Paterno to retire.  His reputation is too great.

The trustees did what they wanted to do anyway.  A lot of people thought he was too old and should retire.  The scandal gave them an excuse to do it.

Another interesting bit is that the person involved in the scandal (Sandusky) was Joe Paterno’s hand-picked successor.  Someone observed Sandusky with a young boy, and reported it to Paterno.  Joe Paterno did tell his boss, which means he can’t be charged with a crime, but didn’t more aggressively pursue the issue.  That’s an interesting law.  If you work for a school, you have a positive obligation to report it to the police or your boss, if you suspect child abuse.

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