Reader Mail – 11/06/2011 To 11/12/2011

stef13013 commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Very good article.

Another point is that the community is very aggressive when we talk about the flaws of Node.

I really don't understand why...

Node.js is the latest fad, replacing Ruby on Rails.

It becomes a self-selecting community. The people who focus on the hype and ignore the flaws will like node.js. It really is better than Ruby on Rails, but it's still a POS.

Some people would say "Is this a good language/framework? It has some neat stuff but also has some flaws." They get disgusted and move on to other things.

This page had an interesting observation. You can run ASP.NET in asynchronous mode like node.js, but that isn't normally used. Asynchronous ASP.NET beats node.js, in terms of # of "Hello World!" pages per second.

I am 99% convinced that node.js is about hype rather than substance. Also, that startup did give me a rejection, which isn't much of a loss since they're probably doomed anyway.

I'll stick with my PHP/LAMP for now. I am open to new things, but Rails and node.js are garbage.

"Test driven development" or "agile development" or "pairs programming" seems to be a stupid waste of time. Those tactics seem to be about maximizing productivity from mediocre people. They give the illusion of working when you're wasting time.

Going back to your point "I don't understand why the node.js community is a bunch of douchebags.", you really need to understand productive/parasite/psychopath interpersonal dynamics. Once you understand that, you'll understand why Rails and node.js can be so popular, even though they suck so much.

Anonymous Coward commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.
Another good post.

I worked with one man once and came to the conclusion that he destroys anything he is in contact with. I acted accordingly.

Needless to say this man used to work for a rather infamous, old bank.

Anoymous commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.

My father is such person. For years, he has manipulated us (me, my mother and my sister) and I never realised how selfish and manipulative he was. It used to make me angry how he is destroying our lives, also it was confusing why he is doing this. Recently, I have come to realise that he will not change. I have to accept my life as it is and try to do better for future. Unfortunetly, I think some of his psychopathic nature is transferred in me and my sister, maybe because of genes, or because of enviroment we were raised.

Agrees with you commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.

I agree on the analysis here. I did my own research and found a lot about this family actually. Alan's father was Australian "crime boss" Abe Saffron and you can see Alan on some youtube videos talking about his father. But get this, the book he gave chef Ramsay that he wrote about his dad...yeah that book is something that Alan is trying to have a movie made out of. A movie and then I thought wow this guy is trying to get publicity and wants to use a TV show to get it? I got this from various articles online. I was amazed to find so much on the Saffrons. Also, each of Alan's 5 kids got 1 million from their grandfather, don't know why here it's 250k from Danny that the father went to since according to the articles about Abe Saffron/inheritance say that the kids got 1 mill and Alan 500k. It was interesting. Can't wait for the next episode but I kind of feel that maybe the Saffrons (or at least the dad Alan) wanted more publicity than help from Gordon.

That is interesting. Do you have any good links? (BTW, I configured WordPress to auto-moderate any comment that has any links at all. That should help combat spam.)

Another amusing bit is that the psychopath father was putting phony positive reviews of his own restaurant on Yelp, and complained when they were removed. I guess he wasn't smart enough to use a sockpuppet or hire a spammer. That is a problem that many websites have, that you can flood fake positive or fake negative feedback.


I did my own research. This link is interesting.

For some of these flaky startups I interview at, I sometimes wonder who's really financing them.

There's another interesting bit, for restaurants and organized crime. Because a restaurant deals with cash, it's an excellent vehicle for money laundering.

Agrees with you commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.

Yeah the blog has all the links. I don't know, I see the dad Alan dressed up nicely on the article and then looking like a poor humble dad on the show.

The bit about the chef not being paid at all and yet when he demands his pay it's only $1,000? Just a thousand? How long did he work there to only be owed that amount. Or how about when the son rips up the paper claiming him as partner of the restaurant yet rips it up as "worthless". It's so worthless that he kept it for 16 months and just now that Gordon is there with the cameras he rips it up, right?

The part that got me, though, was seeing that the Dad plugs his book. It's what made me research and see that he wants to make his book into a movie and that's what made me wonder why they really went on Kitchen Nightmares. He says so on his profile "to turn his best selling book into a movie"

Alan is also a Hollywood talent agent, as seen from his linked in profile and also mentioned in the articles from the blog you linked. His client is the villain from Saw. Did you see this link:

The entire Saffrons appear here.

Not really mindblowing revelations. But it's just interesting. And yeah Alan says he owned a restaurant in Australia and was in the family business of "concert promoting". After all his father Abe was the owner of nightclubs, restaurants, strip clubs etc and got Frank Sinatra to tour Australia. He is actually very famous in Australia, like Capone is to America. Yes he was suspected of money laundering.

I enjoyed watching the video on Alan's father Abe Saffron, the Mr Sin "crime boss". Sounds like an interesting figure and maybe Alan is trying to get out of his father's shadow...

here is pictures of the Saffrons in Australia from the 40s-70s (including Alan as a boy) kind of a long boring video but it gives you an insight into the experience of the Kitchen Burger owner

Lastly, I am suspicious as to why the Saffrons get two whole episodes of Kitchen Nightmares when everyone else just gets one. Usually Gordon seems more involved in the shows (like telling people to shut up) but with this family, he just lets them yell at each other while he stands in the background.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 10/30/2011 To 11/05/2011.
> "Turn the other cheek!" means "Accept abuse without resisting."

No, it does not. Gandhi interpreted this as meaning that you should not initially hit back as a means to get the other person to think about what he/she is doing. Gandhi managed to get rid of the British out of India quite effectively. He hit the British economically by telling his people not to buy British made goods. The whole point of Christianity is not to beat people up, but to CONVERT them.

Didn't you read the bit about him throwing the money changers out of the temple?

> "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's!" has been interpreted as an endorsement

>of government.

NO IT DOES NOT. Don't you see it? Jesus answered a question with a question to avoid being arrested before the prophesied time. Jesus is effectively asking what belongs to Caesar? It could be nothing. So Caesar is owed nothing. In the full text Jesus was being whimsical when he held the coin up and asked whose portrait appeared on it. The answer was it is Caesar's portrait and so Jesus' reply was whimsical when he said "Well it must belong to Caesar then!!!".

I have heard those two bits commonly cited as arguing for those points.

Arguing the Bible with me is missing the point, because I'm not a Christian.

That's the problem with most religions. Things are interpreted one way or another, based on what's convenient.

Anonymous Coard commented on Reader Mail - 10/30/2011 To 11/05/2011.

>On the other hand, if you face an enemy with an overwhelming power advantage, it might

>be smart to resist without a fight.

The Big J. said this long before you.

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 10/30/2011 To 11/05/2011.

> Arguing the Bible with me is missing the point, because I’m not a Christian.

I am not a Christian either - rather I was confirmed but lapsed a long time ago.

But you have seen the truth and you spread the truth. You talk of the violent parasitical elite.

The truth is hated the most by the thugs. The truth is the highest authority.

Jesus said the last will become the first. Like you he wants to turn the pyramid upside down.

I didn't say that having some type of ordering is inherently evil. The problem is that the most evil people are the current leaders.

Instead of having the most honest people be leaders, we have the biggest criminals as leaders.

Arguing Christianity with me is completely missing the point. I'm not Christian. Is Christianity the One True Religion? Is it a group of lies that helps manipulate and control people?

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Analytics - Preliminary Analysis.
I'm quite angry at Google. I've been a customer of their Adwords system for many, many years. They make a fair bit of money from me. I also use some of their other paid services as well, for which they essentially get a cut for no extra work on their part.

Yet, when I got cheated out of the equivalent of 500 USD via click fraud in the early days, they just denied everything. I can't remember the details now, but I had pretty good proof I had been ripped off via my Apache logs. Google just denied everything.

I got the feeling nobody sensible even read what I was telling them.

The 500 USD I lost is a tiny, tiny fraction of the money Google get from me.

This is what happens when a company has a virtual monopoly in a certain area.

They can afford to flip their fingers at customers.

My latest anger is directed at AdBrite and not Google.

It was pretty foolish to let Google steal $500 from you via click fraud. I would have tried a $10 or $50 ad campaign, and then measured the results.

When I decided I was leaving Blogger, I realized that buying ads would be a waste of time. Now that I'm on my own domain, I might invest in ads.

Pay-per-click advertising specifically encourages fraud. Pay-per-click also encourages spammers, because most people won't click on a spammy ad. Pay-per-view is much better and less abusable. Based on my AdBrite stats, the people who bought pay-per-view ads were getting a cheaper cost-per-click than people who bought pay-per-click ads! However, my stats aren't typical, because I have a real blog and not a made-for-ads blog.

Effectively, Google stole $100 from me. I ran their ads on my old blog for 2 months without getting paid. I'm sure they still charged publishers for those ad views.

I'm annoyed that, for both Google and AdBrite, I couldn't get a human to manually review it, after they unfairly banned my site. Also, because my AdSense account is permabanned, there's no point in me uploading videos to YouTube, because I'd never make any ad revenue.

I'm going to consider other ad options eventually. For now, I'm waiting until I build things out a little more.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Analytics - Preliminary Analysis.

>It was pretty foolish to let Google steal $500 from you

This was just when I was started out many years ago. All the defaults that Google provided back then were bad ones and I hadn't reduced my monthly budget.

I was also very busy at the time and more concerned with getting awareness of my product more than anything else. Also at the time I was running it as more as a hobby than a tightly run business i.e. I didn't care whether I made a small loss.

You may say I am foolish in one respect but years later I have sold oodles of my product and to some of the most famous companies and organizations in the world.

I took a risk and it worked out very well.

You can't be good in all areas. At the time my strength was writing solid, fast, powerful software. All my years of writing vast amounts of code had hardened me and I went the extra mile to write efficient code i.e. at first sight my code would seem over the top but I managed to be head-and-shoulders above all the competition for many years.

Don't nag me over one small oversight.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Analytics - Preliminary Analysis.

When I looked at things, one Indian website was using up my entire daily Adwords budget in a matter of seconds. So for the rest of the day my adverts did not run.

How can you accuse me of nagging you in the comments section of my blog? "Nagging" means "mention something over and over again" and not "mention something once".

If I was running ads, I'd watch the effect closely. Specifically, I'd want to know "Are my ads leading to new regular readers for my blog?" If selling software, I'd want to know "Are my ads converting to sales?"

I might run some ads later.

That's one reason I'm writing my own Analytics. Google Analytics provides insufficient information for me to figure out "How did regular readers first find out about my blog?"

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Analytics - Preliminary Analysis.

Sorry I used the wrong word.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Analytics - Preliminary Analysis.

> “Are my ads leading to new regular readers for my blog?”

It is very difficult when selling software to know if an advert click results in a sale.

Typically one person will download a trial version of the software and then months later another person in purchasing will make the actual purchase using a different computer.

Or one person will try the software and recommend it to a different colleague at work in a different department.

In companies sales are never immediate and never by the person that actually uses the software.

Anonymous Coward commented on FSK Analytics - Preliminary Analysis.

Some companies use external software resellers to purchase software on their behalf. So a totally different company makes the purchase.

I was thinking about software sales to individuals, and not corporations.

Anonymous 2274 commented on FSK Analytics - Preliminary Analysis.

The way I first found out about your blog was your, "Supreme Leader of Humanity" post. I don't remember what the search term was.

I've been researching this stuff off and on (now on, on, on since I found your blog!) for about three years, but no one was able to prove anything. There are very few blogs that give proof for what they're talking about, and also don't talk about Satanic cults (something that may be real but I haven't found any evidence for) or crazy alien theories (your alien theories are logical, as opposed to the silly nonsense that's on a lot of sites).

I'd say that post woke me up (thanks FSK!), although it scared me deeply for about a week. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to find it out for yourself like you did.

I would think you would be able to look at recurring IPs and then go back to when they first started visiting. They don't provide that, however. Have you looked at GetClicky that I recommend to you? You mentioned all the options that looked good had a too low daily minimum; but this lets you get up to 3,000 daily visits.

Getclicky doesn't meet my criterion, because it's a 3rd party tracking code and the data is sent to a 3rd party server.

Piwik is better than getclicky. I'm also considering awstats. "Install piwik" is on my TODO list.

I'm also seriously looking into ad alternatives, to AdBrite and Google AdSense. I haven't found anything impressive yet. Most of the non-sucky ones have minimum pageviews/day requirements.

I did look into buysellads (linked via getclicky). They require 10k unique pageviews per month. I was just barely making that on my Blogger blog. By my estimates, I'm getting around 5k-7.5k pageviews/month. I've kept most of my regular readers, but my old blog still outranks this one on Google search traffic, due to more posts and a higher PageRank.

I'm not sure if buysellads is so great. That requires me to directly sell to advertisers. There are no "default ads" that are served if I don't make a sale.

I should do an updated version of the "Supreme Leader of Humanity post.

When you have a psychopath-controlled economy, that creates the same result as a massive highly coordinated conspiracy. Evil people will always cooperate, whenever an intelligent person starts asking questions or threatens them.

dionysusal commented on Herman Cain And False Sexual Harassment Accusations.

I read where one woman claimed he got her in his car, touched her genitals and tried to force her head down to his crotch. If true, that borders on sexual assault.

Is that the woman who waited until just recently to make a claim or tell anyone about it? This one?

It is possible that both Cain is a scumbag, and also that the woman is a scumbag. I haven't met either of them, so I can't be sure. I don't trust the mainstream media to report accurately.

That's the problem with claims like this one. There are only two witnesses, the accuser and the accusee. That makes it practically impossible to determine what actually happened.

I was abused many times at jobs. I concluded it was impractical to sue and moved on.

Anonymous 2274 commented on I Achieved One Of My SEO Goals!.
In my search for "real free market," your site doesn't show up until the third page. I guess it's because you visit it so often; so it's higher up in your preferences. At least you're moving up the search engines, though.

You definitely rank number one for me for "realfreemarket," however, I don't think many people are searching for that particularly.

Certainly you're doing better in Google. You seem to get most of your traffic from long tail keywords, but once your site becomes established you should be getting a decent amount of traffic from it. "Real free market" has 2,400 unique searches in Google monthly, which, when combined with other keywords; can definitely be pulling in a decent amount of traffic for you.

It moves up and down. I should be able to make it to #1 for my blog name.

I don't have any incoming links yet.

Saurabh commented on I Achieved One Of My SEO Goals!.

You rank one on my search 'realfreemarket' ever since the post 'Do you like My Domain Name'. Also while searching ''real free market' you're not in first five pages :/

It's #18 for me for 'real free market' and #4 for 'realfreemarket', as of right now.

Anonymous Coward commented on Don't Give Your SSN to Headhunters And Recruiters!.
You are absolutely correct.

I don't like recruiters. Recruiters will sell you down the river for a fast buck. A friend of mine was given a succession of bad jobs when he got above a certain age. He told me that the recruiters knew the jobs were bad with ill-conceived projects, but they failed to inform him. Recruiters know decent places from bad places at the very least because of staff turn-over.

In the United Kingdom the law is that you no longer have to give your age or date or birth when applying for a job. In the UK, the banking system is different and you can actually open up a direct debit on someone's bank account with very little information - maybe just sort code, account number, date of birth... The "Top Gear" presenter Jeremy Clarkson published his sort code and account number in a national newspaper and someone out about a direct debit on his bank account to a diabetes charity.

Like you, I have been asked for my date of birth by recruiters. I was told they needed it to enter my details in their database. This was despite it being against the law at the time.

At the time the recruiter had a select few clients and they were all engaged in online gambling.

Esse commented on Don't Give Your SSN to Headhunters And Recruiters!.

In addition to DOB, also watch out for anyone asking for mother's maiden name. You should have a consistent fake DOB you use for inquiries not from a legal authority. But as far as maiden name goes, that's just a straight out red flag that they plan to loot your bank account. Maiden name is routinely used as a security question for banks in the US. If you call a bank with someone's name and account number, you can claim to be them and have the money transferred to a foreign bank account and the only verification they will ask is "last 4 numbers of social" and "mother's maiden name." Thus, never give these out to anyone. Also, go to the sites where your family members are doing genealogy that they make public and remove your records from there since that's an easy place to find maiden names.

Actually, I gave them my real DOB, with may have been a mistake. Normally, I give a fake.

That's an annoying balancing act when interviewed. Where do you draw the line?

There were some 'programming tests' that seemed like an attempt to get someone to do some free consulting, rather than a real test. Also, many of the tests are defective, would take a day or longer to do, or outright insulting. I'm trying to figure out where to draw the line, when refusing to take stupid tests.

Frequently, I do their stupid test, know I gave a good result, and they still don't interview me. It is a frustrating waste of time.

I also noticed that I'm mostly dealing with middlemen (HR and recruiters). It is very rare that I actually get to speak to the hiring manager first.

5 Responses to Reader Mail – 11/06/2011 To 11/12/2011

  1. Really Cowardly Anonymous November 14, 2011 at 1:27 pm


    When you do reader mail, how would you feel about putting a break of some sort between a comment and your reply to it? Sometimes it can be quite tricky to tell which is mail and which is your reply, without going back to the original post (which defeats the point of reader mail).

    Keep up the good work mate.

    • Really Cowardly Anonymous November 14, 2011 at 1:28 pm

      Sorry, I take that back.

      It does show up obviously when I view the reader mail post on its own. It’s only when I look at the post from the front page of the blog (as I usually do) that it seems your formatting doesn’t show up right.

      • No, that is a bug. It’s a defect in the rawr plugin. Should I try and figure it out? Should I leave it as-is?

        I wrote a PHP script that generates the “Reader Mail” template for me. However, WordPress has weird post mungling rules, when you have a combination of {blockquote} tags and CRs.

        Therefore, I installed the rawr plugin. That enables me to post as raw html. The “Reader Mail” posts are in raw html.

        My PHP script reads the WP comments table and generates the “Reader Mail” template for me. The output is plain html. Via the rawr plugin, I use plain html for that one post only.

        It was easier for me to get WordPress to handle raw html, than for me to get WordPress to handle the Reader Mail template without mungling it.

        Checking now:
        - It works when you visit the post directly.
        - It works in Google Reader.
        - Only in my blog homepage, does the rawr plugin seem to be defective.

        My options are:
        - Leave it alone.
        - Try to fix it.
        - Try to get the rawr plugin writer to fix it.

  2. Really Cowardly Anonymous November 14, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    If you can fix it it would be great (as I think I’m not the only one who prefers to scroll down the front page to see all recent posts at once) but on the other hand it’s not really worth losing too much sleep over if the fix gets quite complex. Though I guess if you wanted to release the plugin for others you’d pretty much have to fix that if it’s reasonably doable.

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