FSK Vs. Comment Spam

I’m really having a problem with comment spam.  I’m going to add more countermeasures.

4 Responses to FSK Vs. Comment Spam

  1. As I mentioned before; I really recommend using the Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. It adds a little checkbox that needs to be checked in order to submit a comment that a bot cannot detect. Once I added it on my sites; my comment spam has gone down to zero.

    • You are correct. Growmap worked perfectly so far.

      It was getting ridiculous. I had 50+ spam comments per day.


      No, I’m still getting spam, albeit less. I’m going to try other things also.

  2. If you’re running wordpress there is nothing better than the Akismet plugin. It is free for non-commercial use. It is like 99.9% right with very, very few false positives.

    • However, if I put ads on my blog, then I need to pay for Akismet, $5/month. That rules out Akismet.

      It would be stupid for me to make $4/month from ads and then pay $5/month for Akismet.

      I’m planning to put ads up soon. I’m waiting to build up my website a little more. Also, with a new job, I have less blogging time.

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