Occupy Wall Street Gets Stupid

Some protesters are angry that they were kicked out of Zuccotti park.  Now, they’re blocking traffic and transportation.

When you start blocking traffic and the subways, that’s when it starts getting out of hand.  If you’re preventing people from getting to work, then it’s time for the police to crack down.

Are the protesters stupid?  Did “agent provocateurs” do a good job?  It’s hard to be sure.  At this point, most of the reasonable people have left the protests.

That’s why I don’t like protesting.  It’s just a waste of time.  If you’re blocking traffic, then most people will be rooting for the police to arrest them.

Wall Street is a cesspool of corruption.  However, having a riot or protest doesn’t accomplish anything.  The police arrest the protesters, and everyone else has business as usual.  When you’re blocking traffic, most people want the police to do something about it.

A protest is a waste of time.  Agorism is still the best strategy for fighting bankster corruption.

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