Baseball Whores

I watched part of one episode of “Baseball Wives” on Friday.  It was pretty disgusting.

I don’t see how anyone can watch that show, and not think “These women are crazy and disgusting.”

There was one really amusing bit.  One woman said “I’m 30 years old.  I have two ex-husbands and 4 children.  Of course there’s a man out there for me.”  The man was agreeing with her, rather than saying “You’re crazy.  There’s no way a star baseball player would want to date a woman like that.  At this point, you’d be lucky to find anyone at all, rather than finding your dream guy.”

It was interesting, because I’d been reading posts like this one before watching the show.  Summarizing, State law encourages a woman to divorce a man for frivolous reasons.  A woman can cheat on her husband, get divorced, take half his stuff, and then sleep around with other men while he pays alimony and child support.  On top of that, there’s a lot of State propaganda saying “If you’re a 30+ year old woman, it’s easy to dump your husband and find another decent man.”

The women were pretty ugly.  Our society has inverted cultural values, where ugly is promoted as attractive and intelligent people think they’re ugly.

That show was pretty offensive.  I don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily watch it.

It does sort of make sense.  The show reinforces your pro-State brainwashing.  If you’re crazy like the women in that show, then it reinforces that you act like a normal person, rather than like a crazy person.

That show is one big hidden advertisement/fnord for “This is the proper way for women to think and act.” rather than “These people are crazy.  Don’t do that.”

There are plenty of TV shows that have stupid people as there target audience.  There aren’t many shows that have intelligent people as the target audience.

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  1. A member of my family was living with the mother of his children for about 15 – 20 years.

    I know this man and he is decent, well educated and kind.

    The mother of his children left him for no substantial reason.

    She is now supported by government handouts and money from the father. Courts in the UK hand over the father’s house to the mother of the children until the children are 18 years old.

    Her motive in leaving was to get possession of the father’s house. At the time, the father was being screwed by his employer and moved from a more-or-less full-time employee position into that of a contractor.

    Legal fees cost him a year’s salary, even though he made a decent counter-offer.

    The state and court system encourages women screwing over fathers.

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