Reader Mail – 11/27/2011 To 12/03/2011

Anonymous commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
I really like Ruby. Ruby is awesome. I've written tons of code in Ruby. But it's all been for myself, to figure out an object model. The syntax is clear and minimal and the language has lots of great features. I first learned Ruby in 2001. When I want to write something serious I pick a real language like C++. That's because all Ruby offers is a mercurial set of gems. (Yes, there is a tool to handle gems, but doesn't that say something about the situation?)

In your other blog posting you mention how Rails sucks. Rails is very attractive. But it indeed sucks because it's documented by idiots. Passing comments which are key to understanding aren't explained. You're running one version and all the web renders is results from 2007. irc#rubyonrails is full of onanistic douchées.

I thought about leaning Node.jiz. Thanks for the input, I don't need another Rails experience.

Don't bother with node.js. PHP/LAMP or ASP.NET are better.
Nick commented on MF Global And Repo-To-Maturity.
Thanks for the clear explanation and examples.

Regarding "Jon Corzine was a high-ranking bankster, which might give him some immunity". Prosecutors need to be reminded of the 100's that went to jail over the S&L crises. Also of interest may be former exchange president Richard Whitney who went to jail for, like Corzine, the crime named embezzlement. Responsible citizens need to ask why these crimes are being selectively (if at all) prosecuted and demand action.

If John Doe steals a hundred dollars from a bank, he goes straight to jail.

If John Corzine embezzles up to $1.2 billion, he resigns and says "my bad."

There was $600M of missing customer money. That figure was updated to $1.2B. That's funny. They don't even know exactly how much money was missing, even a month later!

With $1.2B missing customer money and the repo-to-maturity accounting trick, it should be a slam-dunk easy conviction, if the prosecutor tries.

Anonymous Coward commented on Express Or Local?.
Back in 2004/2005, the London Underground train system was having signalling problems.

The parts used were so old they could no longer be maintained and nobody in the UK was making these signalling parts.

The only solution was to trawl India for these signalling parts as parts of India used the same train equipment as the UK!

I'm very frustrating. It's taking me more than 65 minutes to commute to work. It really should be taking 40 minutes or less. I tried the "express" bus, and that also took more than an hour.

Anonymous Coward commented on Express Or Local?.

>One fired worker was re-hired as a contractor via a third-party company. After a while

>he realized his new pay did not cover his rent and he had to leave London and give up

>his new part-time job.

I just wanted to add one more thing to my previous comment. The webmaster was fired by the venture capital company and then re-hired back on a lower wage via an external company. Eventually he had to resign as he was paid so little.

Months later the company was sold and then sold again. I heard some people made so much money from their share options, they would never have to work again.

The webmaster was re-hired back on such a low salary he couldn't afford to pay his rent. I got cheated out of my share options.

Yet some people, who did no sensible work, got loads of cash and moved to cushy new jobs in a big tech company.

If you work hard you get screwed. If you do nothing you get rewarded.

Anonymous 2274 commented on FSK Asks - Trackback Spam?.
Simple Trackback Validation seems good. I've also had a lot of trackback spam, and though I've only had it for a short period of time (and therefore can't say anything conclusively) it seems to have eliminated the large majority of it.
I'll give that a try.

With my new job, I have less blogging time.

Anonymous Coward commented on They Upgraded It And Now It Sucks.
Stupid and/or nasty people push out the good workers.

In one company I wrote a nice, powerful piece of software.

A couple of clowns joined our group. They had nothing to do. So they decided to push me out of the group and they took over my software. After 6 months they released it and it was virtually unusable. Just before they took over my software they banned me from showing it around the company! My version of the software worked absolutely fine.

Ironically my software could have saved the company a vast fortune every year.

Anonymous Coward commented on Should You Buy Software Tools And Libraries?.
In my very first job (back in the 1990s) I was surprised when a colleague, who hadn't studied computer science at university, asked our manager to purchase a library of containers such as trees and linked lists.

They are pretty simple to write yourself and even if you want a red-black tree the small amount of source code can be obtained from any decent algorithms textbook.

Anonymous Coward commented on Baseball Whores.
A member of my family was living with the mother of his children for about 15 - 20 years.

I know this man and he is decent, well educated and kind.

The mother of his children left him for no substantial reason.

She is now supported by government handouts and money from the father. Courts in the UK hand over the father's house to the mother of the children until the children are 18 years old.

Her motive in leaving was to get possession of the father's house. At the time, the father was being screwed by his employer and moved from a more-or-less full-time employee position into that of a contractor.

Legal fees cost him a year's salary, even though he made a decent counter-offer.

The state and court system encourages women screwing over fathers.

This is a very serious problem, that marriage law is biased against men.

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