Reader Mail – 12/04/2011 To 12/10/2011

Esse commented on They Upgraded It And Now It Sucks.
This has been driving me crazy for some time now. Everything is going to shit. It's a very rare product that actually improves over time.

Here is what I have observed often happening. A company suddenly has a fantastic product. The product gets better. Everyone buys it. The company grows market share.

What is happening behind the scenes is a really good developer was working there creating the product. After a few years he points out he brings millions of dollars to the company. They tell him he is not worth that much and his job can be sent to India. So he quits and starts his own company. The company then hires a bunch of college graduates who don't know anything, or they outsource to India. The new team then proceeds to screw up the product big time. The person with the vision that made the product coherent and cohesive is gone and with it is gone the soul of the product.

A successful web startup has one or two superstar programmers on the early team. When the company is successful, parasitic "professional" management takes over. The first thing they do is fire all the competent people, or make sure they get so disgusted that they quit.

With software, one great programmer can produce more than 100+ average people. The successful startups get that one great programmer, usually because they're lucky. If you're a full-time manager, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between someone who really is a great programmer, and someone who's good at faking it.

Once the startup has a degree of success, the people who are good at faking it take over. The good people are fired or get disgusted and leave.

Esse commented on Baseball Whores.
Yikes, those Fireproof movie excerpts on the linked site were horrific. Total narcissistic whore!
I should do more bits on how many people are crazy, when it comes to dating. Most people are brainwashed to either be victims or abusers.

A 20-25 year old woman can have a bad attitude, and guys will still be aggressively pursuing her. When you're 35 with a bad attitude, that's really pathetic.

Here's an amusing anecdote. When I was going recreational dancing, there was a woman around 30-35 years old, decent but not awesome. I flirted with her a little and she acted interested. Then, she started ignoring me to talk to her friend. After a few minutes, I gave up and walked away. She seemed shocked, that I would walk away, and started acting interested again. I left anyway. She was decent, but if she's going to have an attitude problem I'm not going to bother. I never saw her again after that.

Anonymous Coward commented on Bob Costas, Jerry Sandusky, And Ben Bernanke.

Nobody asks David Cameron on mainstream television about the war veteran he promised to get back to, but never did.

Nobody asks George Osborne about his family's use of trusts to reduce inheritance tax.

Nobody asks the State why if they get so little money from inheritance tax, why they don't get rid of it altogether.

Nobody asks the State why wealthy people avoid inheritance tax, but people that just own a house or flat have to sell their property when a family member dies.

Nobody says property prices are too high and that government benefits from high property prices via percentage taxes and property going into higher taxed categories.

Anonymous Coward commented on Broken Windows.
> or any infrequent transaction

You are correct. Any business that does not require repeat business from you, has an opportunity to cheat you.

I've heard it said that as an average person only sees a solicitor (= lawyer) once every few years (or even less than that) and there are lots of different solicitors to choose from (a typical high street has lots and lots of different law firms), that UK lawyers typically give bad service at high prices.

We have currently been cheated over shared repairs and billing with neighbours whose property shares walls and roofs with us. They know suing them is too expensive and slow and so they can get away with it.

Anonymous Coward commented on Broken Windows.

>There is plenty of opportunity for someone to cheat you, because you will almost

>definitely not be dealing with them again.

The same goes for employers and software developers. Because the pool of software developers is so large, employers can easily abuse and fire software developers because there are tens of people waiting in line for the job.

Perhaps that is why it is intentional to keep millions unemployed.

This is an important point. Dishonest people know that the State has their back. It's almost impossible to sue someone and recover damages, if you're cheated.

It's also illegal to punch someone who deserves it.

dionysusal commented on Subway Air Vents.
Yeesh! Remind me never to come to New York. At least here in Chicago dogs have the common decency of going in the middle of the sidewalk where you can step in it.

Anonymous Coward commented on What Is The Definition Of "Lying"?.
Also lying by omission is the same as lying.

It is easy to completely distort events by missing out one fact.

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