Games vs. Blog

On my new cell phone it’s much easier to blog.  I also have a lot of games, mostly emulators.

I’m spending much more time on the games than on my blog!

2 Responses to Games vs. Blog

  1. More blog please! I was thinking in my car yesterday about the all-christmas music radio stations and the christmas music everywhere you go that bombards my ears whether i want to hear it or not. As i’ve gotten older this has effectively ruined christmas music for me in that, after being forced to listen it non-stop outside my home, i have no inclination left to put on christmas music at home. I’m not a scrooge or anything, i love being with my family and friends for good food and get-togethers, but i can’t escape the thought that the State pushes the “retail” christmas on us and that beyond even the retail, it’s like some kind of yearly distraction ritual to keep us occupied and thinking everything is normal and happy, even though quality of life is eroding for most people. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. It may be easier to blog from your phone but it doesn’t seem to encourage you / happen…

    Nevertheless, in three sentences you remind us of the power of “divide and conquer” i.e. the distraction from thinking and realizing the important things as accomplished by games in phones for example. Note how the system naturally protects itself from the creation of too many system critics – it is very stable but also struggling a little more than usually – so it may be a good time to act.

    Christmas is indeed both a reason to return to “normal” human behavior for a limited time (socializing with family and perhaps friends) as well as a powerful distraction from the culminating global and local problems we are facing.

    I too fall victim to distraction by games (or other things) occasionally but I like to think I do deserve a break from observing the worrying part of the world.

    You have plenty of posts I haven’t read yet – so enjoy those gaming highs :)

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