Weird Legal Document

I got the information for the health insurance at my new job.  Almost every clause in a legal document comes from some bad thing that happened once.

The description of the dental document was interesting.  “Cleaning – Limited to two times per consecutive 12 months.”  That line was reasonable.

I was amused by “Tooth extraction – Limited to 1 time per tooth per lifetime.”

Who gets the same tooth extracted twice?  Where did the “per lifetime” restriction come from?

One Response to Weird Legal Document

  1. Amazingly, some people have multiple sets of adult teeth. (example: Pull one out and another one comes in. Possibly someone with this incredibly rare condition had two extractions on a “single tooth” (meaning same tooth number), which rather than pay the $100 or whatever, they probably engaged in tens of thousands of dollars in legal expensese challenging, followed by the addition to the forms you saw.

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