Time Travel And Banking

This is a pretty common “science fiction” scenario.  Suppose you had a time machine.  You go back in time, deposit $1 in a back, return to the present, and now you’re rich!

That isn’t what would actually happen.  Suppose you actually went back in time 100 or 1000 years, and made a deposit, and traveled back to the present.  What would have happened?

The inflation was more than interest paid, and you lost your deposit.

The government changed the law, nationalizing bank deposits.

The bank might have gone bankrupt, and you lost your deposit.

The government might have failed, and you lost your deposit.

The bank started charging more fees, and you lost your deposit.

There was a law that said the State can claim idle deposits, and they stole your deposit.

Even if you could go back in time and make a deposit, you would not made a profit.  Even if you make several stops and withdraw at the right time, you still might not make much money.

That’s an interesting lie.  “If you leave money in a bank or investment untouched, you will profit.”  Money left in a bank account over time has *NEGATIVE* expectation.  That would be an amusing “science fiction” story.  Someone goes back in time, tries that trick, and fails miserably.

6 Responses to Time Travel And Banking

  1. >That would be an amusing “science fiction” story. Someone goes back in time, tries that trick, and fails miserably.

    I agree. So, what are you standing around for? Get started writing the screenplay. Filming starts in early 2013. :)

  2. Now if you went back in time even for just 12 to 24 months, you could make a ton of money on the stock market.

    There are resource companies with real wealth in the ground (means their share price can’t drop too much) that do have their share price doubling.

    • OK, suppose you have a time machine. You go back in time and feed yourself stock picks. What would happen?

      You’d be investigated for insider trading. Eventually, they’ll notice you had a time machine, and you’ll die in an “accident”.

  3. Banksters are in for short-term wins and now rely on high frequency trading.

    Why should a bankster take even the slightest risk when they can have risk-free wins via programmatic high frequency trades and borrowing at one rate (from government) and lending at another (to government!)?

    Learn from the weakness they expose. What can you do that a bankster can’t?

    • I don’t have the ability to borrow directly from the Federal Reserve at 0%. That puts me at a disadvantage whenever I participate in the financial system casino.

      I’m also not “too big to fail”. That’s another disadvantage when participating in the financial system casino. If I use leverage, I’m going to get wiped out during the next recession, whereas insiders always get a bailout.

      The best I can do is protect my savings from theft, by buying physical gold and silver and hiding it someplace safe.

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