My Old Blog Is Still Making AdBrite Money!

My old blogspot blog is still making around $5/month from AdBrite.  My regular readers are here now, but my Google search traffic is mostly the same.  That is amusing.

I’m still mad at AdBrite for banning my new blog.  Now that I have a new job, I’m not spending any time looking for new ad options.

One Response to My Old Blog Is Still Making AdBrite Money!

  1. One man reverse compiled my software product, hacked out the security code and rebuilt what remained as an application. I think the security code I had in it did hinder him an bit because he only managed to fish out a small fraction of my functionality.

    He made mistakes and really made a bodge of the application he launched minus the security code. So I was quite lucky in a way. Obviously because what he relaunched was such rubbish, I am lucky that it wouldn’t have hurt me much.

    He rewrote various bits of my website into his website. I could tell what he had done, because he only copied a bit here and a bit there and what he wrote didn’t make sense with the other bits he left out. So I knew not only had he copied my software but he has used my website as a template for what he wrote on his website.

    Anyway AMUSINGLY for some search terms, Google is giving this copyright pirate a highwe search ranking than my original website that was up an running for 7 years before he came along!

    I did write to this man and he got my message and eventually he took the software he stole from me down, but he website is still up and running and Google gives it a very high rank, despite the fact it is a website advertising software it no longer hosts.

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