Reader Mail – 12/25/2011 To 12/31/2011

Reader Mail – 12/25/2011 To 12/31/2011Note: Due to a defect in the rawr plugin, the formatting for this post shows up wrong on the blog homepage, but it does show up correctly if you view it as a single post or in a RSS reader.

Steve in Burbank commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.
I enjoy your writing, and apologize for this late post (Just found your blog in a Google search while researching node.js - because the donkey-dick tech recruiters in Los Angeles have started using it as a buzzword - slapping my forehead again).

Anyway, more to the point -- I'd really enjoy seeing you write a piece about these personality attributes you mention in your posts. I've witnessed firsthand the destructive power of psychopathic managers and programmers. I'd also like to find a better way to deal with them than the "3-S Method" I am currently using (Shoot-Shovel-Shut up).

I have comment moderation enabled. The time of comment does not matter to me at all.

I talk about criminally insane evil people from time to time. There are good bits here and on my old blog.

Those are the two main issues.

First, all taxation is theft, the USA has a corrupt monetary system. There are certain false logical beliefs that everyone has.

Second, there are criminally insane evil people that can emotionally manipulate others. They have organized society to maximize their ability to steal. People do not learn to defend themselves from criminally insane evil people.

I had two posts on node.js, which you probably already found.

I had an interview where they were using node.js. I concluded that it was a POS like Rails, hype over substance.

There was a good bit on Rails on my old blog.

My solution for dealing with evil managers is to call them out on their nonsense. While interviewing, evil managers can tell that I'm someone who can see through them. I managed to find a job at a small profitable business; they seem to appreciate me. My strategy is to avoid working for evil people, rather than finding an effective way to confront them.

Working for evil is a huge energy drain. My current job is decent. I'm working directly for the owners. They had a disaster where someone evil cost them a ton of money. They appreciate that my stuff works.

Unfortunately, evil people control the government/State, and it trickles down from there, affecting almost every business. One classic recent example is MF Global.

Another good example is Paul Christoforo. He's a low-skill parasite that got caught and outed.

We live in a society where the most evil people are the leaders. That's why things are falling apart. That's also why managers and middle managers have evil tendencies. With evil leaders, evil is the role model. You get ahead by being skillfully evil, rather than by being a good worker.

Anonymous Bear commented on Time Travel And Banking.
The best place to hide a pig is in a herd of pigs.

Anonymous Coward commented on The Mainstream Media Brings Out The Ron Paul Hate.
> Ron Paul walked out of an interview with CNN

If you see the full video interview, he didn't really walk out at all.

The full video can be found at

Anonymous Coward commented on The Mainstream Media Brings Out The Ron Paul Hate.

I think I understand Ron Paul. He wants smaller government and he doesn't want government to interfere in peoples' lives if they are not harming other people.

High taxation is taken from people by effectively the implicit threat of force. I live in the UK and we have 40% inheritance tax rates (above a threshold). Originally inheritance tax was just mean for very wealthy people. But property prices in the south-east of England and in particular London have risen to well above the inheritance tax threshold rate.

Effectively the value of your apartment or house is just what someone else will pay for it. Lots of wealthy foreigners come to London and buy houses in the names of foreign registered corporations and as such avoid UK property taxes!

So UK taxes are only for UK citizens and not for foreigners that come to live here!!!!

All this pushes up the prices of London property.

So if you live in the south-east of England and a family member dies (such as a sister, parent etc), you are effectively forced out of the place you live and into the cold streets.

But if you are a wealthy foreigner you don't pay taxes and can continue to live in your house!

People have been paying off inheritance tax for years on property already purchased with taxed money. It is absurd.

The government only applies taxes only a subset of UK residents. This is immoral.

Poor people pay taxes. Rich people do not pay taxes.

George Osborne's family (UK Chancellor) uses trusts to avoid tax.

So government ministers do not have to pay the taxes they are in charge of enforcing!

Anonymous Coward commented on The Mainstream Media Brings Out The Ron Paul Hate.

David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) wants the government to back bank loans to people in order to buy houses.

But this is only "cures" a symptom. The problem is ridulously high property prices that nobody can afford.

The real solution is to do nothing and let property prices naturally fall.

All these clowns want to do is prop up the status quo which is good for their buddies in property development companies.

I forgot to summarize the point I wanted to make in my last comment.

It is all very nice to give government money to allow a mother or father to buy each of their children a laptop computer or give council money to a man to buy a car in order to help him find work. But where does this money come from? It comes from HIGH TAXATION. The money comes from inheritance tax, which is pushing people out of their homes into cold streets.

It is just robbing Peter to pay Paul. Peter suffers more than Paul is helped.

Anonymous Coward commented on The Mainstream Media Brings Out The Ron Paul Hate.

Gordon Clown (unelected British Prime Minister) was hounded by the media over his calling a life-long Labour supporter something not very nice after she questioned him over immigration, not getting enough government benefits etc. This, no doubt, cost him votes in the election.

However David Cameron (current British Prime Minister) was given a free pass by the media over him promising to get back to a war veteran over a lack of housing and not getting back to him at all, until confronted sometime later. By then his offer of help was too late. The war veteran left messages for David Cameron (who was the man's Member of Parliament) but David never got back to him.

Anonymous Coward commented on Payroll Tax Cut.
The most evil forms of tax are taxes that are not proportional to income.

Say you work hard for 20 years. In your area there might be a recession and employers just aren't hiring anymore. You are out of luck.

But for the past twenty years you have been a good worker. You have paid lots of taxes. But just for the next year or two, you will have a very much lower income. Maybe you are doing the best you can and try working for yourself. But for a year or so you will be on low income while things sort themselves out.

Then you get hit hard by taxes that aren't proportional to your lower income.

Council (property) tax is not proportional to your income. It is a sizable amount every year even if you are economically inactive or on low wages.

Inheritance tax again is not proportional to income. At 40% of a threshold it is eyewatering painful if you aren't rich. Houses are overvalued in London and the south-east of England. 40% tax will throw you out of the home you have lived in for years on to the streets. Government is the worst thing you can fear. A mugger will steal your wallet from you, but government will steal your house.

Do you live with your sister, brother, cousin or parent? Then the government will steal your house in the UK when one of your family members die. This has been discussed for the past decade in the mainstream newspapers in the UK. David Cameron has even said leaving things to your children is the most natural thing in the world. But when he became the Prime Minister he forgot his words to do a deal with the LibDems. All the horrible cases of old ladies living with their sisters being thrown out of their houses are mentioned BUT NOTHING GETS DONE. DECADES GO BY AND GOVERNMENT NEVER FIXES THE PROBLEM. THE PROBLEM CAN BE FIXED IN 5 MINUTES. JUST PASS A LAW SAYING THE HOUSE YOU LIVE IN IS EXEMPT FROM INHERITANCE TAX BUT MONEY AN INVESTMENTS ARE NOT.

Anonymous Coward commented on Gerald Celente And The Futures Market Broken Social Contract.
Excellent post! You are a true public service.

Tim commented on I Bought A New PC.
Burning the DVDs are usually a better option. If you store them in a safe place they have a good shelf-life and you can't accidentally overwrite them. If you don't burn your own disks HP will charge you if you need them to restore from in the future.

It's usually recommended that you burn them as soon as you boot the computer before even connecting it to the network. So I would pick up a few DVDs and burn them as soon as possible.


I'll wait until Tuesday to go to the store and get the USB drive. I might also make DVDs.

If it was *THAT* bad, I could always buy a copy of Vista and resintall from that.

I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the garbage they bundled with it. It keeps nagging me to buy Norton antivirus. It's like a virus.

Anonymous Coward commented on I Bought A New PC.

> They didn’t give me a Windows install DVD!

If you were a real man you would be using FreeBSD!

Anonymous Coward commented on I Bought A New PC.

If you were a real man you would be wearing your gold coins around your neck as a medallion!

I might make a Linux boot on my other USB thumb drive.

There's still a reason to have Windows. Many games are written for Windows but not Linux.

Also, wearing gold coins around your neck is just asking to get robbed.

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