Disposable Refrigerator

My parents’ refrigerator broke.  They bought a new one.  They had this one for only 10 years.

There are several different brand names.  However, they probably are owned by the same large corporation.  There’s probably only one factory that makea all of them.

A refrigerator should last for more than 10 years.  Unfortunately, when you have a monopoly/oligopoly, making a good product doesn’t maximize profits.

Why is that?  If you make a refrigerator that lasts 10 years instead of 50 years, then you make 5x the profit!  You have a monopoly, so people are forced to buy the replacement from you!  You have a monopoly, so the lousy quality doesn’t hurt you!

Also, the refrigerators are made hard-to-repair, on purpose.  Hiring someone to repair the old one would cost as much or more as a new one.

It is offensive that it’s impossible to buy a high quality refrigerator.  The new one will probably break again after 10 years.

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