The Federal Reserve Bails Out European Banks

This story is interesting.  The Federal Reserve is bailing out European banks.

According to State logic, it isn’t a bailout.  It’s a “currency swap”.  That’s a common loophole.  If you give someone a $100B, that’s too obviously corrupt.  If you lend someone $1T at 0.25% interest for a year, while inflation is 10.25%, that’s also a $100B bailout.

According to State logic, lending someone money at cheap rates isn’t a bailout.  That is wrong.

What are the details of the currency swap?  Suppose that it is a 1 year swap.  The Federal Reserve is swapping newly-printed dollars for Euros.   The interest rate is low, 0%-1%.  After then end of the swap, the Euros and dollars are returned, at *CURRENT EXCHANGE RATES*, and not whatever the exchange rate is a year from now.

Do you see the scam?  If dollar inflation is higher than Euro inflation, then the European banks can pay back the swap with inflated money!  The European banksters take the swap proceeds, buy tangible assets, and pay back the swap with inflated dollars.

Now, when the Federal Reserve inflates, European banks profit as well as US banksters.  That’s a clever trick!  Banksters in other coutries are eager to support and cover up dollar inflation.  They are also profiting from dollar inflation!

These profits aren’t free.  Everyone else holding dollars suffers higher inflation.

The Federal Reserve has an unlimited budget.  They can lend as much as they want to whoever they want, without any public disclosure.  These bailouts aren’t free.  The cost is inflation.

The Federal Reserve has an unlimited budget.  The only limit is hyperinflation and the complete collapse of the paper monetary system.

The Federal Reserve spends money to bail out banksters in other countries.  This Euro swap was disclosed.  There are almost definitely other transactions that aren’t disclosed.  The Federal Reserve is causing inflation for the slaves in the USA, by bailing out foreign banksters.  It’s actually a clever trick.  Foreign banksters will be more eager to support corruption in the USA, if they’re getting a cut of the action.

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