Reader Mail – 01/01/2012 To 01/07/2012

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Revisiting the 2011 Predictions, Part 1 – tecosystems commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
[...] was a rough month for Node.js, with posts like Node.js is Cancer and node.js Is VB6 – Does node.js Suck? following the tradition of March reddit discussions like Is NodeJS Wrong? The Trough of [...]

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 1/4/2012+ - Windows Azure Blog commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

[...] was a rough month for Node.js, with posts like Node.js is Cancer and node.js Is VB6 – Does node.js Suck? following the tradition of March reddit discussions like Is NodeJS Wrong? The Trough of [...]

My first non-spam trackback!

Maybe I should E-Mail the CEO of the startup that was using node.js, and taunt him? He was pretty rude to me. He still doesn't have a working website. I know I could have written it by myself in a month in LAMP.

I still say that "I have a Harvard MBA!" or "I'm developing my website with node.js!" translates into English as "I'm a retard!"

Anonymous commented on The Mainstream Media Brings Out The Ron Paul Hate.
Ron Paul is a joke. The guy is so hard right it makes it hard to take him seriously. The most obnoxious thing about him is his supporters feeling as if you do not support him than it is simply impossible for you to be anything but a "closed minded sheep who hates freedom". The man is a disgusting homophobic racist bible thumper. If you do even a bit of surface research this is plain to see. His newsletters are not new. His Sanctity of Life bill which would have federal definition of "life" starting at conception thus making abortion = murder makes his claim that he feels abortion is a "States Right Issue" into question. Furthermore, it would be a massive health risk to force women to seek out illegal abortion providers in conservative states. Teen Pregnancy and Unplanned Pregnancies are highest in very conservative southern states. Alabama being the highest.

Yes, he wants us out of Iraq (which we are now) but non-intervention means no assistance for any needy countries. Foreign Aide to nations such as Sudan are such a small pittance of our budget, stopping them would have no real effect. Yes, he wants to legalize drugs, but what does he feel about state funded addiction treatment. The only reason to legalize drugs is to make it is as safe as possible for he user to use until he/she is ready to quit. As someone who has suffered from chemical dependency in the past, I can tell you that you will not stop until you are ready to do so. To look at drug use as some social darwinist issue is cruel and would probably hurt more families than the war on drugs itself.

Economically, well we have example after example of how Free Market economics fails. It simply doesn't work. Our recession is proof of that. Ron Paul also is opposed to raising taxes on the ultra wealthy, he is against regulation.

I think your goals are admirable, but Ron Paul simply is not a good leader. He is way to conservative for the majority of Americans. He is not "the answer" nor is he some type of savior. He would be a massive step back.

Time and time again Ron Paul supporters tell me that I "really don't know about Ron Paul" (whatever the hell that meas) and point me to his website. I have done plenty of research into Ron Paul. I am also familiar with Strom Thurmond and Barry Goldwater. Ron Paul is nothing new.

If we really want to move forward we need to address income disparity, we need to fix our education system and provide an equal chance for everyone. Once that truly occurs, than I will listen to peoples claim that the poor are poor because they are lazy. I was a Social Worker for several years and have grown up in one of the most economically depressed cities in the United States. Libertarianism would be a complete disaster for us.

If you are a State Social Worker, you probably know nothing about really helping poor people. All you're doing is dispensing State handouts and making sure that bureaucratic rules are enforced. Have you ever had a real job? (Real job = not working for the government, and not working indirectly for the government)

Obviously, a State employee is going to be hostile to anyone who wants to reduce the size of the State. If government shrinks or is eliminated, you'll have to go get a real job!

The current recession is *NOT* the result of a free market. It's the result of wasteful bailouts, high taxes, and laws restricting competition. The housing bubble was not caused by the "free market". It was caused by the Federal Reserve and negative interest rates.

The best way to help poor people actually is a really free market. Most "abuses of the free market" are caused by government, but the free market is blamed, and that's an excuse for making the State bigger.

For example, "minimum wage laws" superficially help poor people. Minimum wage laws make it illegal for someone to get a job, if their labor is worth less than the minimum wage. They can't get skills and bootstrap to higher-paying jobs. The "minimum wage laws" indirectly subsidize unions, making it illegal for nonunionized workers to compete and undercut them on price.

Futures brokers commented on Gerald Celente And The Futures Market Broken Social Contract.
Thanks for sharing the informative article. The points explained above are good one and can be used for traders in their future.

If you're a futures broker, the advice is *DON'T USE FUTURES MARKETS*. You're better off dealing in the cash market and taking the risk that prices will decline.

According to your website, you're a futures broker that targets farmers. If you're honest, you should advise your customers to stay away from the corrupt futures markets (CME/COMEX/NYMEX). As an alternative, you can advise farmers to sign forward contracts directly with grain/meat producers. For example, a corn farmer can sign a forward contract directly with Kellogg and bypass the futures market. If you're really good, you can get a partial inflation hedge built into the contract. Also, you should put in a clause that lets the farmer void the forward if the counterparty files for bankruptcy.

In a time of hyperinflation, hedging with short futures is stupid. You're giving away a huge chunk of profit. Trading in State futures markets is stupid, because you'll just get Corzined.

f commented on Reader Mail - 12/25/2011 To 12/31/2011.
There was recently a good endorsement of something like agorism (not by name) by a financial insider, in an Alex Jones interview .
I decided to watch that video. I don't normally watch Alex Jones.

One interesting bit was the "maker movement" around 12:00 of part 1. That's a type of agorism.

That woman made a *HUGE* error. She never mentioned sound money (gold and silver). If you make a "local self-sustainable economy" but you still you State paper money, you're accomplishing nothing. As long as you use State paper money, you're indirectly subsidizing the State.

That woman had another huge omission. She didn't understand the power of psychopaths. She didn't understand the ability of people like Bernard Madoff and Chuck Schumer to be leaders, steal a lot, while doing tremendous damage.

The "psychopath problem" answers that woman's questions. At 5:00 of part 2, she asks "Who's really in charge?" She says several times "I know good people in high-ranking government positions. They are good people who want to do the right thing, but they're prisoners of the system."

"Prisoners of the system" is an accurate statement. Psychopaths can't accomplish anything by themselves. They need intelligent-but-deluded people to help them implement their evil. There are some high-ranking government employees who are intelligent and have sincere good intentions. However, as long as psychopaths are pulling the strings, they won't accomplish anything. The intelligent-but-deluded people are in a continual state of fear. They are afraid that they will offend a psychopath, he will get rid of them, and their career will be over.

"Who's really in charge?" That's the psychopaths. When most of the leaders are criminally insane, that creates the same outcome as a massively-coordinated evil conspiracy. Psychopaths will always cooperate to ruin an intelligent person who starts asking questions. Psychopaths can always instantly evaluate whether someone is a fellow psychopath, someone intelligent and dangerous, or an intelligent-but-deluded "useful idiot".

The psychopaths will always spontaneously cooperate to ruin an intelligent person trying to do good. The intelligent-but-deluded people don't know what's going on. They don't have the ability to cooperate and oust the psychopaths. An intelligent person will assume that he did something wrong, rather than realizing how he was ruined by a psychopath.

I should try to get my own Internet TV channel like Alex Jones. I can do better than him. Alex Jones and that woman were both frustrating and encouraging. It's better than stuff in the mainstream media. However, they've only partially cracked their pro-State brainwashing.

Anonymous Coward commented on Ron Paul's Competing Currencies Proposal - A Simple Way To Reintroduce Gold And Silver As Money.
I do agree with you. The paper fiat money system has many flaws. If governments could not borrow huge amounts of money and central banks could not print money from thin air (not back by savings from real workers), then there would be no money for endless wars.

However suppose you want to buy something worth 1.1 silver coins? Do you get own an axe and chop the silver coin up?

How will you pay for goods and services over the Internet? Well, I suppose you could have a bank account back by gold and silver.

So much commerce and shopping today is by debit/credit card and electronic money.

Replacing paper/electronic money by gold/silver is difficult. I suppose this is why Ron Paul proposed _competing_ currencies and not a total replacement.

Gold has some place as a store of wealth. It is no more dumb that having a banking system run by crooked fraudsters and their lackey, lick-spittle politicians.

Helicopter Ben said in a question system with Ron Paul that the Federal Reserve bank is a *Profit Centre* as they made more money than they gave to the banks as bailouts! Can you even count how many ways this statement is flawed? --> Money is not wealth, it is the workers and goods and commodities that back wealth that are all important.

How do you buy something for 1.1 ounces of silver? That's easy.

At one point, there was E-Gold. You could get an electronic bank account denominated in gold and silver. The State changed the law to make such a business illegal, and they were shut down.

Transactions smaller than an ounce of silver could be handled with E-Gold or E-Silver. You also can make laminated bits of silver for small transactions and change, although Shire Silver does it wrong. (They should have made it so that 10 cards have the same value as an ounce of silver.)

Also, APMEX mints and sells fraction silver coins (1/2, 1/4, and 1/10 oz). That's useful for someone who wants to use silver as money. I did a comparison, and APMEX fraction silver is a better deal than Shire Silver. So, you could use an APMEX 1/10 oz silver coin, which would handle prices in increments of $3 (with silver at $30/oz). Also, you can use "junk silver" (pre-1964 US Government dimes and quarters).

Helicopter Ben is referring to the fact that the Federal Reserve makes a profit when they "monetize the debt". The fallacy is that inflation is a cost.

Anonymous Coward commented on New CEO Promises.
>I will make sure that all my subordinates are evil and/or spineless. If my scams fail

>and I get caught, I will deflect blame to them while pretending to be incompetent.

This is just so true.

Anonymous Coward commented on MF Global And LTCM.
I went for an interview at a hedge fund several years ago. The hedge fund didn't have the courtesy to even get back to the recruitment firm that had placed me there for the interview. I did think this was a bit rude as you effectively waste the better part of a day traveling to an interview.

My strengths are primarily in programming. I have worked indirectly for banks but in the field of credit card processing. I know practically nothing about financial derivatives. The hedge fund should have realized this from my resume/CV. However they solely asked me questions about financial derivatives and interest rates rather than software. I found this a bit of a waste of my time as it does not show my strengths.

* Anyway my point is that I remember the interviewer gleefully saying that government debt/bonds are good as the government never defaults as they can always print more money. This is a bit of a cheat though as it causes inflation. Well it depends where the money ends up and how fast it gets spent. Money locked away in a suitcase won't cause inflation. Money being spent will cause inflation over time.

Ha! I can pay my debts to you as long as you wait for my printer to print it afresh and from nothing.

2 Responses to Reader Mail – 01/01/2012 To 01/07/2012

  1. Congratulations on your first trackback! That seems to be a relatively popular site, so you should get a decent amount of traffic (as well as SEO juice) from that.

    Also, I’d advise not taunting the CEO. Remember a few years ago you were thinking of giving the people who fired you some advice, but decided against it because you thought it would be in bad spirits. How much more so actually taunting someone instead of at least giving them something useful.

    • It was amusing to speculate about taunting him. I didn’t actually do it.

      Arguing in favor of doing it, there’s no bridge to be burned, because the odds are zero I’d ever be working for him again. I thought about pointing out “If you hired me, and let me use a real language, you would have had a working website by now.”

      I’m shocked that they still don’t have a beta for their simple website. I know I could have done it by myself in a month. At the other startup that failed, I know I could have done it by myself in a month also.

      The CEO did seem reasonably intelligent. On the other hand, maybe he wasn’t so intelligent, if he hired incompetent losers to implement his website for him.

      Regarding SEO, I’m now #1 for “node.js sucks” and #10 for “real free market” (no quotes for either). I wonder if Google biases its search results based on what I do?

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