Romney Firing People

This story is interesting. Romney said the he likes “the ability to fire people”.

If a store offers lousy service or a lousy product, you can “fire” them and take your business elsewhere. For example, I bought my new PC from HP instead of Dell, because Dell has a reputation for lousy quality. If enough people “fire” Dell, their profit and size shrinks.

That’s exactly how free markets work. You vote with your money. This decides which businesses succeed and which fail.

Free markets also aren’t winner-take-all. I prefer Android to the iPhone. Both will exist as long as they have enough customers. With State services, everyone is forced to “buy” whatever is the most popular. If I say that Android is better than the iPhone, that won’t impact other people’s ability to use iPhones.

When I say that I prefer sound money, the pro-State trolls get very hostile; if I’m able to use real money, they won’t be able to force paper on others and steal via inflation. I can’t get sound money without destroying State paper money, so there’s a lot of hostility surrounding that subject. There is no “free market” in money and banking. It’s 100% controlled by the State and Federal Reserve.

Romney was referring to lack of customer choice when purchasing healthcare.

That statement by Romney was ironic.  He worked as a hedge fund manager doing leveraged buyouts.  He would buy a corporation, fire the workers, and sell the pieces.  Romney likes to brag “I know about starting a business!”  Romney was a hedge fund manager and bankster.  That has nothing to do with creating real jobs.  All a hedge fund does is exploit defects in the financial system.

This statement by Romney is pretty ironic. The ultimate abusive monopoly is government.

Do people have the right to fire their government? A pro-State troll says “Elections give you a chance to fire politicians.” You can replace one figurehead puppet with another figurehead puppet. The same insiders would still wield all of the State power. You can’t fire the entire government, because the police will kidnap/murder you if you refuse to pay taxes/tribute.

That was an amusing statement by Romney. There was a hostile reaction, because it vaguely hints at a forbidden truth. If a government stops working properly, you should fire it. Instead of trying to pick a less abusive figurehead leader, you should stop supporting the State completely.

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  1. > He worked as a hedge fund manager doing leveraged buyouts.

    I think it was on The Keiser Report that I learned what a leverage buyout actually is. It is when a bank loan is obtained using the assets of the company about to be purchased as collateral for the loan.

    So these clowns buying the company to sell the pieces, don’t even put up their own money. They don’t even take real risk. If it is a bank loan from the fractional reserve system, the money comes from thin air.

    So you are right, these clowns are just exploiting defects in the system.

    I once worked with an ex-banster. I always wondered why he preferred to steal and cheat clients, rather than do honest work. I could never work it out. He could have made more money by doing honest work than stealing, lying and cheating!

  2. > “Elections give you a chance to fire politicians.”

    In the United Kingdom, only 1 in 5 of the population voted for David Cameron yet he is now Prime Minister!

    This clown wasn’t even voted in!

    • I thought that, in the UK system, you don’t get to directly vote for Prime Minister. The party with a majority gets to pick the Prime Minister. Right now, there was no majority, and he couldn’t make a deal with other parties, so he gets to be Prime Minister without a majority.

  3. > I thought that, in the UK system, you don’t get to directly vote for Prime Minister.

    You are correct. I should have said “Only 1 in 5 of the population voted for the Conservative (Tory) party”.

    More specifically 40% of the population did not vote and so about 34 – 35% of the 60% that voted, did vote Tory.

    David Cameron did a deal with the LibDem party to get into office. Reports say that David Cameron told his negotiators to give the Liberal-Democrats anything they wanted to get into power. So much for David Cameron being a man of principle!

    In all his promises and election speeches that got dropped was the pledge to raise the threshold of inheritance tax to 1 million pounds. This sounds a lot but property prices in the south-east of England are higher than the inheritance tax threshold.

    Originally inheritance tax was just meant for the very rich. But house and flat prices have risen so much, that if your sister or aunt dies the government will steal your house and throw you out on to the street in order to pay the 40% inheritance tax. Tax should be proportional to the ability to pay. But no ordinary person with an ordinary job can afford 40% of house prices given they have gone up so much and so fast over the past decade.

    That is why evil David Cameron and slimy Euro gravy-train Nick Clegg want to prop up property prices by getting the government to underwrite bank mortgages.

    The government gains its money by stealing peoples’ homes in the worst of times.

    These are unprincipled men.

    If your sister dies, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will steal your house and throw you out into the street. They don’t care.

    • You also should subtract the people who work directly for the State.

      If more than 50% of the people work for the State, then it’s impossible to shrink the State via voting.

  4. >If more than 50% of the people work for the State, then it’s impossible to shrink the
    >State via voting.

    I think we are already there in the UK. I did hear a year or so ago, that around 50% of our country’s GNP comes from the State.

    In Wales something like 25% of the population are directly employed in government.

    In London there is a Key Worker’s scheme whereby government employees get cheap housing. It may sound like a good idea, but what about the people that don’t work for government. Should they just have to leave their homes, travel for hours everyday, give up work due to high rents and low wages or just move to another part of the country or just leave the country altogether…

    • You also should count indirect State employees. If you work for the unionized State electricity monopoly (Con Ed in NYC), then you’re really an indirect State employee. Financial industry workers count as indirect State employees.

  5. I wonder how long it will take for things to collapse.

    3 years. 10 years. 20 years.

    Local and national government employ loads of lazy and stupid people. It is not a sustainable situation.

    Our stupid transport system rejects British workers for jobs as bus drivers, but goes abroad to recruit.

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