I Reserve The Right To Lie

One of my favorite quotes from the election is Newt Gingrich saying “I reserve the right to tell the truth.”  What’s that supposed to mean?  “When it’s convenient for me, I’ll tell the truth.  The rest of the time, I lie as much as possible.”  He makes it sound like telling the truth is an aberrant, abnormal thing for a politician to do.  Isn’t “telling the truth” supposed to be what you normally do all the time, and not just when you’re trying to embarrass Romney?

Gingrich certainly seems like a real sleazeball on TV.  He has a sarcastic tone to his voice whenever he talks.  Can you hear it?  Even worse, someone probably coached him to talk like that.

It’s hard to tell if someone’s a scumbag, just by watching them on TV.  I’m getting a little better at noticing, but it’s hard without meeting someone in person and interacting.  In that way, TV favors evil people, because you can’t tell by watching, and “journalists” never call someone out for being evil.

Newt Gingrich certainly seems sleazier than most.  I hope that someone, somewhere did a personality profile on Romney and made sure he doesn’t have the Madoff/psychopath personality type.

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