Leap Second Should Be Leap Minute

This story was amusing. There will be another “leap second” this year. Some scientists are getting annoyed by the leap second. The “leap second” must be manually added to every time-sensitive computer.

The Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing, due to the friction of tides. There also are other factors, such as big earthquakes. Even though a “electronic/atomic clock day” is technically defined as equal to a solar day, that will gradually drift due to the slowing Earth’s rotation.

This is corrected via occasional leap seconds. That makes the “atomic clock day” line up with the solar day. The problem is that the leap second must be manually added as an exception.

There’s an obvious solution. Instead of having a leap second 1-2+ times a year, have a “leap minute” every 10+ years. The average person would not notice, if sunrise is off by 30 seconds. They could wait until one minute of error is accumulated, before manually correcting the clock.

They should have a leap minute instead of frequent leap seconds. The solar day doesn’t have to line up perfectly. Nobody would notice an error of 45 seconds.

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