Reader Mail – 01/15/2012 To 01/21/2012

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Anonymous Coward commented on Romney Firing People.
I wonder how long it will take for things to collapse.

3 years. 10 years. 20 years.

Local and national government employ loads of lazy and stupid people. It is not a sustainable situation.

Our stupid transport system rejects British workers for jobs as bus drivers, but goes abroad to recruit.

Anonymous Coward commented on Should You Have A Debit Card?.
I don't like credit cards, except for computer purchases in which I need some consumer protection in case things go bad, as each month there is a large debit to my current account, rather than smooth deductions over time. I like to know how much money I have instantly. I suppose this is being rather lazy as subtraction is not hard.

I've found that with cash I have a slight tendency to spend less.

Anonymous Coward commented on The NFL Should Have A Draft Lottery.
You should take a leaf out of the Ancient Greeks' book.

The trouble with diplomacy (majority rule) is that elected representatives if they stick around too long will essentially take bribes and favour certain groups.

Also today it takes a huge amount of money and media co-operation to get elected. You need the backing of a major, established political party and the mainstream media will only support established, already picked players.

So only rich people can get elected. If you are a rich lawyer you can easily take a few months off work for an election campaign. If you lose you have your job waiting.

A poor software developer cannot take a few months off to campaign. If he/she did so the next employer would say he/she isn't dedicated to software development or that his/her skills atrophied in the space of a few months!

One solution is to have a lottery to pick our Members of Parliament or Congress or President/Prime Minister. It can't be any worse than the current situation where clowns that had never held a real job in their lives (Public Relations clowns take note) become Prime Minister with only 1 in 5 of the population voting for them. And then they break their promises and so what was really the point.

We need a random selection for government positions and then make the post temporary for a maximum of 5 years. Or at least have half elected and half randomly chosen.

The current system favours rich insiders that have need held a real job in their lives. As they have never done any real work, they don't know how the ordinary man gets screwed over and so they cannot be of any help.

The correct answer is market anarchism or agorism.

Even if you had voting reform or reform picking representatives, it's still corruptible.

Besides, there's no way to get any meaningful reform passed, because current insiders will block it.

Anonymous Coward commented on UK Coinage Stupidity.
I've heard Max Keiser say a few times the banking industry crashed an economy worth 1000*x just to make a profit of x. So a similar theme to the one you are speaking of.

What do you expect from UK politicians? David Cameron (the barely elected Prime Minister with only 1 in 5 votes) used to "work" in Public Relations beforehand.

George Osborne's (Chancellor in charge of the Treasury and tax) family makes posh wallpaper and have a nice line in setting up trusts to reduce/dodge tax.

Again you can't make this up. The man in charge of tax has a family that sets up trusts to AVOID TAX.

Why are these clowns still in office?

This is the difference between good logic and evil logic.

According to good logic, crashing the economy to make a profit is evil.

According to evil logic, crashing the economy to make a profit is brilliant. According to evil logic, all that matters is your relative wealth to everyone else, and not absolute wealth. Therefore, it's OK to wreck the economy as long as you're still on top.

An honest form of government would penalize and punish people who do evil things. The current State is of the psychopaths, by the psychopaths, and for the psychopaths.

Anonymous Coward commented on Microsoft Sucks - XmlSerializer Exception.
I haven't looked up the documentation for this class, but I will have a guess.

Maybe you are not supposed to instantiate this class.

Maybe it only exists so that you can instantiate subclasses of it.

Maybe only the Microsoft library is suppose to instantiate this class. Maybe it is for internal use only. I suspect that only subclasses of it are suppose to exist as objects though. But then again they should have marked it as virtual, rather than throwing an exception.

Having said that Microsoft do hire a lot of at best average software developers. Then like hires like.

I was using the class as intended. My code was nearly 100% copied from an MSDN website example. It was listed as a "known bug" somewhere else.

Anonymous Coward commented on Microsoft Sucks - XmlSerializer Exception.

OK, Microsoft sucks in this regard.

However once software gets above a certain size, it is very difficult to cope with the complexity.

My life went in a whole other direction, because I used a class written by someone else that failed at the first step of instantiation.

I was doing one project at a famous tech company and unfortunately the other software developer was a rubbish one and dishonest as well.

He produced a load of crap and many weeks late as well. His class failed at the first step of instantiation.

I thought as this guy was new to the company (and may be overworked) that I would give him the benefit of the doubt. I did tell the managers on the project that his software wasn't ready on time though, but left it at that. I thought he might be incompetent but wasn't sure.

Unfortunately this guy stuck the knife in my back. I did explain things to the managers, but they couldn't be bothered to listen. His story gave them credit as well for saving the day, even though he was the problem.

So my life turned in another direction because of a class so badly written it failed at the first step of instantiation. It wasn't just this, it was the fact that he produced bad code many, many weeks late.

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