Media Corporations Encourage “Illegal” Downloading

I didn’t notice that there were more new episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares.  I missed the 3 in January.  I like “Kitchen Nightmares”, because Ramsey indirectly covers productive/parasitic relationships among employees.

Because I missed the shows, I have to watch them on the Internet.  My best option is to “illegally” download the episodes via BitTorrent.

When you watch YouTube, it buffers the video for you, if you have slow connection.  You also can use dwhelper to download.  I usually use dwhelper, because I have a slow DSL connection.  It’s easier to just download a video, than try watching with a connection that’s slower than the rate of video buffering.

Most media corporations have crippled video players.  You can’t use dwhleper to download.  The video doesn’t buffer, as a countermeasure against people grabbing the video.  The media corporation executives are paranoid about people downloading the video, so they only offer crippled players.

The News corporation’s video player has those flaws.  I have a slow connection, making it unwatchable.  My only option is an “illegal” download.

I noticed another neat feature of uTorrent and the website I used.  They now have “magnet” links.  In a “magnet link”, it’s a decentralized way to grab the torrent..  However, there were also trackers, for the ones I grabbed.

I would watch “Kitchen Nightmares” on the official website.  Unfortunately, they have a DRMed crippled viewer.  Instead, I just do an “illegal” download via BitTorrent.  That’s one problem that media corporations have.  An “illegal” download is more convenient for me than watching it “legally”.

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