Whitney Houston Drug Coverup

This story was interesting. Whitney Houston died. The cause of death was a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.

Do you see the important missing details?

TMZ also reported that the family was told by coroner officials that Houston did not die from drowning but rather from what appears to be a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol.

Cops reportedly found Valium, Xanax, lorazepam and another medications in Houston’s room when she was found dead Saturday.

Exactly what prescription drugs was Whitney Houston taking? “Other prescription drugs” and “other medications”?  Why not disclose the details?  It’s a coverup, to protect the interests of pharmaceutical corporations. Only Xanax and Valium were mentioned by name, because they’re already on the “list of prescription drugs people sometimes abuse”.

Also, by mentioning Xanax and Valium but not other drugs, that reinforces the fact that State thugs sometimes crack down on people who abuse these drugs.

Also, it isn’t important to just know what drugs were in Whitney Houston’s blood when she died.  Partial blame goes to any drugs she took in the past 6 months.  When you stop taking a drug, there’s withdrawal. Whitney Houston may have been affected by a drug she stopped taking more than a week before she died.

By this point, investigators have talked to Whitney Houston’s doctor. There is no excuse for not publicly disclosing all the prescription drugs she took in the months leading to her death.  This is being censored, to protect the profits of the medical corporations that manufacture these drugs.

Drug corporation CEOs spend a lot of money on marketing.  One of the things they buy is that the mainstream media buries negative stories.

Most people will think “Whitney Houston was taking drug X when she died. I’m taking drug X. Therefore, I should stop taking drug X.” Whether that’s a valid reaction or not, anyone taking drug X has a right to know.

Prescription drugs lead to a cycle of escalating addiction. Drug A has a negative side-effect. Therefore, you take drug B. Drug B has negative side-effect, so you start taking drug C. Most psychiatrists and doctors will start prescribing more and more drugs, rather than saying “WTF? This is too many drugs!”

Every drug has side-effects. That is a common State propaganda trick. “Drugs are 100% beneficial with no serious negative side-effects.”  For my first psychiatrist, when I complained about negative side-effects of the drugs, he was brainwashed to interpret that as a symptom of my illness.  Now, I know he was wrong, because the negative side-effects went away when I stopped taking them.

That’s one evil of the State medical cartel. They promote symptom-suppressing drugs, at the expense of other treatments. If someone is taking a drug, that’s a steady income stream. The drug corporation keeps moving product. The doctor is reduced to a drug dealer, writing prescription refills. The patient is forced to keep visiting the doctor, to get the refill.  That maximizes the profits for the doctor.  He does a quick evaluation of the patient, writes a prescription refill, and the patient is forced to come back again in a month for another refill.

Most people won’t refuse to take harmful drugs like I did. Most people will follow their doctor’s advice, and take more drugs to cover up the negative side effects of drugs they’re already taking.

Another interesting omission is “Who was Whitney Houston’s doctor?” I’m not saying he should get the full Conrad Murray treatment. He does have some responsibility. The worst probable outcome for Whitney Houston’s doctor is a malpractice claim, which is paid by the insurance corporation (and every doctor/patient, via higher malpractice rates) and not the doctor himself.

Why is the media cartel protecting the anonymity of Whitney Houston’s doctor? Why is the media cartel protecting the drug corporations? Why not disclose exactly which drugs Whitney Houston was taking?  Why not disclose exactly what drugs were prescribed, in the months leading to her death?

5 Responses to Whitney Houston Drug Coverup

    • That’s a new development since I wrote that post. The fnord is “It’s one bad doctor. It’s a isolated bad apple.” rather than “There’s a systematic problem of prescription drug abuse in the USA.”

  1. I have arthritis, and I was put on so many prescription drugs by various doctors that I believe it was bad for my health and maybe even dangerous. I carried the full list around with me to each doctor I saw and expressed concern at the number of drugs and the lack of results. Rather than searching for the real cause of my problems, most doctors just added more drugs to the list. I had to figure out for myself which ones were necessary and which ones were not. No sick person should have to sort through dozens of presciptions and try to figure out which ones are needed! I am down to a half dozen prescriptions now, and finally have a correct diagnosis. Things could have gone way differently for me if I had trusted the over-prescribing doctors. I had to visit a dozen or more specialists to get proper treatment! For profit medicine is just plain wrong, everyone who made a buck off me being misdiagnosed and over medicated is in the wrong, medicine is supposed to help people, not hurt them to make a fast buck. Poor Whitney, I have no doubt her doctors are at least partially to blame for her early demise. Yet the doctors will retire in luxury!

    • For-profit medicine is not inherently evil. It’s only evil when combined with the State. The State restricts the supply of doctors. The State restricts permissible treatments, promoting drugs at the expense of other things. The State regulates insurance.

      That’s a common fallacy. “Free-market X is evil!”, while the evil in X occurs in collusion with the State.

      I agree that patients should push-back and refuse drugs that aren’t helping.

      It took me more than 10 psychiatrists and several hospitalizations, before I found one who tried Seroquel. It’s much better than the other drugs that were forced on me. If I hadn’t refused the other drugs, I never would have had the opportunity to try Seroquel.

  2. I am very concerned about the mystery person who came in and cleaned up before the ambulance and police arrived. Tampering with evidence is illegal. So why is the case closed? I think there is a coverup with the investigation, it is so obvious. I think this will remain a talking point for a very long time.

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