I Got Slashdotted By Dave Winer!

Dave Winer cited my post on node.js. Apparently, he’s relatively famous.

My Linode had so much traffic, that it generated an “excessive disk usage warning”. I’ll check my logs. I have a 100% text site, but didn’t install the caching plugins. The Linode should have been able to handle it.  The size of the Apache log was 4x my daily average.

I couldn’t tell if he was serious (“FSK has some valid criticisms of node.js.”) or hostile (“FSK is a fruitcake, for saying that node.js sucks!”). However, this post shows that he may have a clue.  On the other hand, some of the followup comments on his Twitter feed, show that he may be a fruitcake.  (“FSK’s criticism of node.js is invalid, because he didn’t enable caching on his WordPress blog.”)  I figured that I’d enable caching when/if I need it.  I’ll have to look at my Apache logs.  Maybe I set a record, even compared to my old Blogger blog.

It looks like I did have a problem.  I ran out of memory.  I’ll try to see how much traffic was dropped.  I have to reboot.  Apparently, it’s still messed up.

People cite the original post but not my followup after the 2nd interview.

Here’s a tip for blogging and SEO. A post on “X sucks!” does well, especially when X really does suck.

It is interesting to note the polarity of opinion. Some people are very angry, that I criticized node.js. Some people agree with my concerns, such as this guy. It isn’t random. It’s the good vs. evil conflict. If you’re intelligent, you’ll understand my points. If you’re evil, you get hostile. If you evaluate Rails and node.js solely based on hype/emotions, they are awesome. My analysis contradicts the pro-State brainwashing, and the result is hostility.

A sucky language with good hype can be very popular. That’s the nature of the Matrix. Some projects in Rails or node.js may even succeed. They may have done even better with a proper language/framework. If you throw enough labor at a lousy plan, you may get something that works. That doesn’t prove it was a good plan.

People don’t get angry at random nonsense. People get angry at forbidden truths. People get angry at things that challenge their pro-State brainwashing. Notice the extreme hostility in some of the comments on my node.js post. That isn’t evidence that I’m wrong. That indicates that it’s an important subject.

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  1. >If you throw enough labor at a lousy plan, you may get something that works.

    A friend of mine says that as well. He used to work for some lousy companies where the manager was an idiot. Maybe they could get something to work a bit in 5 years rather than working perfectly in 2 months!

  2. FSK, it is nice to see that you’re still going strong. You are one of my favorite contrarians. Your new site seems pretty cool. How do you feel about Ron Paul? Some folks like him and some think that he’s just controlled opposition. Any thoughts?

    • There were some recent flamewars on this subject.

      “Ron Paul’s Competing Currencies Proposal”

      Someone got angry when I said that Ron Paul was my favorite candidate, but had no realistic chance of winning.

      Ron Paul may be both. He might really be trying to do the right thing. He’s challenging the Federal Reserve and IRS and the fact that the State is way too big.

      Ron Paul is a useful idiot, because he says “We need a government. We just need to keep it small.” rather than “All taxation is theft! No matter what checks and balances you have, the government monopoly degenerates into a massive extortion racket.” Also, Ron Paul says “The Constitution is a wonderful document! If only politicians respected it!” rather than “The Constitution is not a valid contract!”

      Here’s an interesting tidbit. Ron Paul’s brother is an accountant, Wayne Paul. Wayne Paul advised political prisoner/martyr Richard Simkanin! Was that honest advice? Was it intentionally bad advice, ensuring Simkanin would be misled and easy-to-convict? Some policemen go deep undercover in various anti-government groups. They may promote stupid tax-resistance strategies (file a zero return even though you got a 1099 or W2), instead of effective strategies (work off-the-books for cash, don’t use State banks, and don’t declare all your income).

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