Steve Jobs’ FBI File

This story was interesting. In 1991, Steve Jobs was interviewed for a high-ranking position in the Bush administration. As part of the process, there was an FBI background check. After Jobs’ death, part of the file was released.

There was one widely-cited excerpt. I can’t believe that nobody read that and said “WTF? Seriously?” All the “journalists” cited that quote without commmenting on how evil it was.

“He concluded by saying that although he does not consider [Jobs] to be a personal friend, he believed [Jobs] has what it takes to assume a high political position within the government, which in his opinion, honesty and integrity are not prerequisites to assume such a position,” reported the FBI agent who conducted the interview.

Are you kidding me? Honesty and integrity are not required for State leadership positions? People wonder why the system is falling apart?  (I’m not sure if that comment was serious or a joke.  They did hire Steve Jobs, and Steve Jobs probably was a psychopath, so it was a true statement.)

How can an FBI agent write that with a straight face? How can anyone report that story and not say “Wait a minute! The FBI background check process doesn’t screen out evil people?”

In fact, the recruitment process for State leaders *ACTIVELY FAVORS* psychopaths. I read that some investment banks do a psychological profile on hires. They actively screen for the Madoff personality type.

The recruitment process actively filters out honest and intelligent people. Suppose that there was an honest and intelligent State leader. He’s also partially resistant to being manipulated by evil people. Most of the other leaders are psychopaths. They will correctly identify the honest person as a threat. They will conspire to ruin him. The lone intelligent person has no chance against highly coordinated evil people. This leads to the lie “Honest and intelligent people don’t make good leaders.”, because anyone honest is ruined by the conspiracy of psychopaths.

One honest and intelligent person has no chance against a group of psychopaths. The opposite is not true. One psychopath can do tremendous damage, when surrounded by intelligent-but-weak people. He’ll knock off the most intelligent people first, one at a time. He’ll ruin one person while sucking up to everyone else. He’ll hire and promote other evil people, to give himself a buffer and teammates. Almost everyone lacks the ability to identify psychopaths, enabling them to do tremendous damage. That’s one big “benefit” of pro-State brainwashing.

Some state leaders are not psychopaths. They are intelligent, but emotionally weak. They are easy for psychopaths to control. They are trying to do the right thing but failing, because evil people are controlling them.

That would be the ultimate irony. Maybe the FBI already has the capacity to identify evil people? Instead of filtering them out, they actively recruit them as State leaders! That certainly would explain a lot.

It’s pretty obvious what happened. Psychopaths control the State. They made sure that the rules said “It’s OK if evil people are the leaders. In fact, evil people make the best leaders.” The workers said “Most of the leaders are evil. It must be true. It’s OK to be evil and be a leader.”

I’m mostly convinced that Steve Jobs had the parasitic/psychopathic personality type. However, he did channel it into relatively productive stuff with Apple. (However, I never really saw the attraction of Macs/iPhones/iPads.)

Here is an story that indicates “Steve Jobs was a psychopath.”  Steve Jobs partnered with Steve Wozniak. They took a job, agreeing to split the proceeds 50-50. Steve Jobs did sales and Wozniak did the engineering (i.e. the real work). Steve Jobs lied to Wozniak about the fee for the job, cheating Wozniak out of part of his fee. Only an evil person would cheat his partner out of his share of a fee. (Also, that’s a stupid idea. If the other person finds out, he should never work with you again. If you underpay someone, he is less likely to want to work for you.)

Steve Wozniak still did well partnering with Jobs. His share of Apple was worth more than any other job he could have had. Wozniak got a lot of money, but Jobs wound up controlling Apple. If you have the “abused productive” personality type, you need to partner with a parasite or psychopath to get anything done. That’s why the model for startup success is “two co-founders, one does sales (high emotional intelligence) and the other builds the product (high logical intelligence)”. It’s the recipe for failure, when the sales co-founder has high logical intelligence, and the one building the product has high emotional intelligence. Someone with high logical intelligence and no technical ability is guaranteed to hire an evil faker to implement his product for him, leading to certain failure.

Steve Jobs also got a valuable skill from Wozniak. Steve Jobs probably learned to tell the difference between a great engineer and an average/mediocre one. By itself, that would explain Apple’s success, and why Apple may be SOL without Jobs. Almost all parasitic/psychopathic managers can’t tell the difference between a great engineer and a great liar. Actually, great liars outperform great engineers. Without Steve Jobs picking engineers, Apple may be in trouble.

Just because someone has the psychopathic personality type, doesn’t automatically mean they commit crimes. Steve Jobs did make some nice products at Apple. Given a corrupt system and given that nearly everyone is insane, someone with evil tendencies will always be the leader. With a really free market and a fair system, even better products would have been invented. Unfortunately, I can’t prove that.

I didn’t like that Steve Jobs FBI file excerpt. “Steve Jobs is dishonest and unethical. That’s OK. Honesty and integrity are not required for State leadership positions.” Someone wrote that as a serious statement?

This idea may be more important than “Taxation is theft!” Evil people can emotionally manipulate and control others. The victim has no idea what’s happening. If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of all the evil leaders, things would really get better. That isn’t realistic. Complete collapse is more likely.

That’s why the system is falling apart. Most of the leaders are criminally insane. Nobody sees that as a problem. In fact, many people say “These evil people are the best leaders!”

6 Responses to Steve Jobs’ FBI File

  1. I think the word you’re looking for is Pathocracy, which is what we live in. Psychopaths have controlled the world for a very long time – maybe forever?

    • It is getting worse. As the State gets bigger, psychopaths get more control.

      There was some freedom in the USA around 1776-1787. It’s been steadily going downhill since then.

      For example, the National Bank Act, Santa Clara County Supreme Court decision (corporate personhood), Federal Reserve, IRS, NDAA, etc. are all ways that psychopaths claim more power.

  2. I was searching “steve Jobs psychopath” and a libertarian site came in the front results! We are pretty vocal on the internet!

    • They are two closely related ideas. There’s the abuse of big government. There’s the way criminally insane leaders manipulate and control others. It’s a close relationship. Big government prevents honest people from establishing businesses that compete with established monopolies.

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