Jeremy Lin Fnord

I decided to watch some Knicks games.  I noticed something really weird.

The announcers say “Jeremy Lin!” with a special tone in their voice.  It’d different than when they say other players’ names.  That was amusing.  Watch a game and see if you can notice.

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  1. Here’s a good question for you. Have you checked out any of the Satanic Hollywood, Evil Movie Industry, etc. (there are a bunch of them under different titles, presumably from different YouTubers)? I was watching some the other day and it was scary as hell! But is any of it true? What do you think about this, and also, to make the question more general, what is your take on the conspiracy theories that everything is run by an ancient psychopathic/Satanic religion?

    • I haven’t watch any of those specifically. Do you have a good link?

      I have a more mundane explanation for the same outcome. Evil people will spontaneously cooperate and trade favors. I call then “pyschopaths”. Almost every State leader has the same personality type as Bernard Madoff. This applies to politicians, CEOs, high-ranking bureaucrats, and other State leaders.

      There are some honest-but-easily-manipulated people among the leaders. They are manipulated by the psychopaths to implement their agenda.

      Here is my alternate explanation, to “evil Satanic cult”. A bunch of evil leaders cooperating has the *EXACT SAME OUTCOME* as a massive coordinated evil conspiracy.

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