Reader Mail – 02/12/2012 To 02/18/2012

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The flamewar regarding node.js continues. Dave Winer cited my post on node.js. The traffic spike crushed my Linode. I'm going to fix the settings. If necessary, I'll put in some caching.

When I check on my PC, I'm up to #2 in Google for 'real free market' (without quotes). I am somewhat disappointed that "node.js sucks" is my most popular post. That wasn't my intention. I went on an interview where they were using node.js. I performed my due diligence, and concluded that it was a hype-based POS like Rails. It reminded me a lot of that Rails disaster I once encountered. My analysis was right. It's February and they don't have a working website yet.

Billy commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Decent article and you make some good points -- thanks for posting. I am weighing the pros and cons of Node myself and like to hear both sides of the story. But I must say you have a huge superiority complex. Harvard MBA retards? Parasites/Psychopaths? From this article *you* are the psychopath type that I've worked with that thinks everything they touch is gold, and who won't work on anyone else's code unless you get to refactor it so its in your own image. It's no wonder you were/are job hunting :)

It's February now (4 months later) and they still don't have a working website. My analysis, "They were retards!", was correct. I know that I could have done it by myself in a month with LAMP.

Of course, "Those specific people were retards!" does not prove "Everyone who uses node.js is a retard!" I gave plenty of other reasons. PHP/LAMP or ASP.NET are superior to node.js. If it were my website, it'd be 100% PHP/LAMP, as is this website. My current job is a Microsoft/.NET shop, which is also a reasonable choice.

My projects at my new job have a greater complexity than their simple website. I've done both maintenance on other people's garbage, and complete rewrites. At my new job, I'm rewriting old VB6 in VB.NET, but I don't have the freedom to fix the design flaws in their database, making it a combination of both garbage/maintenance and new code.

From the viewpoint of an evil person, someone honest and intelligent is evil. I have the opposite viewpoint, correctly identifying evil as evil. I totally understand that an evil person would say that I'm evil. At that point, all we can do is call each other names. I don't expect to convince an evil person. The target audience for my blog is the "abused productive" person trying to understand, and not evil people.

Yes, it is that black-and-white. Some people are just plain evil. Don't make excuses for them. It's painfully obvious to me now that I'm mostly unplugged from The Matrix.

I can try to find a situation where I'm not working for evil and not supporting evil people. Given the nature of the State, that's practically impossible.

I do have a new job. It's pretty lame, although I am getting some .NET experience. I expect that I should move on in another year or two. Ideally, I should start my own business (on-the-books or agorist-style), but that isn't easy.

I'd like to find a way for the intelligent "abused productive" people to organize and avoid the evil people. If they do that, they should be incredibly productive. That's one of the benefits of agorism.

In the present, most intelligent-but-abused people struggle to get by. They are manipulated into thinking it's their own fault, due to the evil people controlling them (directly and indirectly).

Pedro Teixeira commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

What a bunch of disinformed BS.

And another thing: just because your company did not succeed in implementing something in Rails doesn't mean Rails suck. It means that the team you worked with sucks. I know of many many Rails projects that were successful.

I'd never give you a job.

Flavor of the Day – Rob Fahrni commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

[...] Real Free Market: “Clueless people get obsessed with languages and frameworks. No matter what language and framework you use, you have to write your application code. If you use a fancy framework, then you have to write framework-compliant code in addition to your program’s code. With node.js, you’re fiddling around with callback functions and manually managing timing, instead of letting Apache and the OS do it for you.” [...]

Christopher commented on Ron Paul's Competing Currencies Proposal - A Simple Way To Reintroduce Gold And Silver As Money.
No, you dont chop them up and more than you chop up a quarter when you need a dime.

Here is a link for 1/10 oz Silver:

You can buy 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 oz rounds right now. Why couldnt the US mint produice them?

That is interesting. They do have slightly better prices than APMEX. It depends on the quantity purchased. I'll have to research them more.

I haven't made any PM metal purchases myself (yet). I'm researching. I expect to buy some in the near future.

Christopher commented on Ron Paul's Competing Currencies Proposal - A Simple Way To Reintroduce Gold And Silver As Money.

I have bought some 1/4 and some 1/10 silver rounds.

There is something cool about holding concreate assets instead of a promisary note backed by lies.

I read one guy who was amazed when he bought some gold and silver rounds (i.e. real money). It's an amazingly different feeling, compared to paper. He was depressed to realize how much our civilization has fallen. We once had real money (gold and silver), and now we have paper.

I should start shifting my investments away from paper into physical gold/silver/platinum.

commented on Intellectual Property Tax.
Actually, property tax is the thing that is invalid.

I find it hypocritical for a blogger to say intellectual property doesn't exist, when it generates income for him/her.

Your site has value b/c of the intellectual property you publish.

All taxation is theft. That includes property tax.

Intellectual property is a type of tax.

Actually, my blog generates zero income for me.

Some spam blogs copy my content, without citing a link back. Why aren't you reading it there instead of here? I'm not really concerned about the possible loss due to people copying my content.

My site has value because people will keep coming back here for new content. Some spam blogs don't copy over the formatting. Most spam blogs don't copy comments. Realistically, I'm not losing regular readers due to people copying my stuff. They're just trying to exploit defects in Google's search engine.

I'm still a net loser due to copyright, even I did make decent income for my blog. For example, if I wanted to make my own Superman cartoon, that's illegal, because of intellectual property law. Every song and story from the 20th century is copyrighted and owned by some corporation. That severely restricts the type of stories I could tell, if I wanted to get into the independent filmmaker business.

It's funny to listen to some of the hoops people have to jump through, when shooting a film. Basically, every shot needs to be cleared. You need to get approval for everything. For example, if there's a poster in the background, you have to get permission from the poster copyright owner. If there's a McDonald's in the background, you have to get permission from them to show it. The net effect is a tax on filmmaking. A multi million dollar film can afford it, but not the guy self-publishing on a thin budget.

It's even worse than that. Suppose I wrote my own song, but it sort of sounded like a copyrighted song. I still could be sued for copyright infringement.

The net effect of copyright law is a huge regressive tax on small independent filmmakers and independent artists.

Unless you're already a superstar promoted by the mainstream media, you don't benefit from intellectual property. Unless you're already on the mainstream media gravy train, "intellectual property" restricts your opportunities more than it enables them.

For another example, even if I did have a complete copy of my employer's software, I still wouldn't be able to steal their customers. My employer would sue me if I tried that, but I still wouldn't be able to steal their customers, even if it was legal for me to try.

For another example, I download old no-longer-marketable out-of-print games. Those games have a market value of close to zero. It's illegal, but it really isn't hurting anyone. Even if I hunted down a copy and bought a legal copy, it'd benefit some collector instead of the people who actually wrote the game. For the few that are still being sold, a purchase would benefit some the CEO of some large corporation, and not the people who actually wrote it.

The correct answer is that "intellectual property" is not a valid form of property. Even though I have a blog and my job is writing software, I still say that copying isn't stealing.

That's a common State lie. "Intellectual property benefits everyone!" No, it primarily benefits the insiders at large corporations, who own almost all the copyrights. Copyright also benefits the State-approved artists, who have the benefit of the State media cartel promoting their work. Everyone else is a net loser due to "intellectual property".

Esse commented on Intellectual Property Tax.

This would be a great way to ensure valuable ideas are kept secret and never disclosed.

I was mostly referring to copyrights and trademarks, which are currently unlimited. A copyright or trademark is useless if you never publish it at all.

That's pro-State trolling, "Without intellectual property law, nobody would invent anything, nobody would make art, nobody would make anything."

Anonymous Coward commented on Intellectual Property Tax.

>For example, if there’s a poster in the background, you have to get permission from

>the poster copyright owner.

I did read about copyright law (probably case law) a few years ago. I think that sort of thing is legal though and should only be cleared if you are being extra-cautious.

A shot of a poster that is only a small part of the overall frame in the background for a very limited amount of time, should fall under fair use.

It may be legal under "fair use". However, a media corporation with lots of assets won't risk a lawsuit.

If you don't clear every background image, no mainstream media corporation will publish your work. Even if something should be "fair use", a media corporation will demand a license for every image. Effectively, it's illegal to not clear every image.

It's a regressive tax on small filmmakers. It's expensive to get a fee for every background image, or make sure that the location has nothing un-approved.

Anonymous Coward commented on Fraudclosure Scandal - Banks Settle For Minus $500 Billion.
Excellent article. Thank you.

Anomymous Coward commented on Android Brightness Auto-Detect Bug.
I had a lot of grief with brightness settings over the years. Partly my own stupidity, the unfriendliness of my monitor/lack of a concise manual and bad video card drivers.

I have a new video card now and figured out the monitor and so everything is nice now.

The slimy evil clown David Cameron is letting Andrew Lansley pillage the National Health Service in the UK. Nice Mr Cameron is keeping his poster promise of keeping the NHS budget the same - just the money will be going to other people!!!!

A nice music video summarizes the situation.

SomeoneSane commented on Whitney Houston Drug Coverup.
I smell a Michael Jackson type investigation, and another doctor being hung out to dry... ;)

That's a new development since I wrote that post. The fnord is "It's one bad doctor. It's a isolated bad apple." rather than "There's a systematic problem of prescription drug abuse in the USA."

Anonymous Coward commented on I Got Slashdotted By Dave Winer!.
>If you throw enough labor at a lousy plan, you may get something that works.

A friend of mine says that as well. He used to work for some lousy companies where the manager was an idiot. Maybe they could get something to work a bit in 5 years rather than working perfectly in 2 months!

commented on I Got Slashdotted By Dave Winer!.

FSK, it is nice to see that you're still going strong. You are one of my favorite contrarians. Your new site seems pretty cool. How do you feel about Ron Paul? Some folks like him and some think that he's just controlled opposition. Any thoughts?

There were some recent flamewars on this subject.

"Ron Paul's Competing Currencies Proposal"

Someone got angry when I said that Ron Paul was my favorite candidate, but had no realistic chance of winning.

Ron Paul may be both. He might really be trying to do the right thing. He's challenging the Federal Reserve and IRS and the fact that the State is way too big.

Ron Paul is a useful idiot, because he says "We need a government. We just need to keep it small." rather than "All taxation is theft! No matter what checks and balances you have, the government monopoly degenerates into a massive extortion racket." Also, Ron Paul says "The Constitution is a wonderful document! If only politicians respected it!" rather than "The Constitution is not a valid contract!"

Here's an interesting tidbit. Ron Paul's brother is an accountant, Wayne Paul. Wayne Paul advised political prisoner/martyr Richard Simkanin! Was that honest advice? Was it intentionally bad advice, ensuring Simkanin would be misled and easy-to-convict? Some policemen go deep undercover in various anti-government groups. They may promote stupid tax-resistance strategies (file a zero return even though you got a 1099 or W2), instead of effective strategies (work off-the-books for cash, don't use State banks, and don't declare all your income).

Anonymoujs Coward commented on Steve Jobs' FBI File.
Isn't the Apple operating system based on BSD with their own user interface over it?

Anonymoujs Coward commented on Steve Jobs' FBI File.

If FSK was a real man, he would disavow Windoze and start using FreeBSD!

commented on Steve Jobs' FBI File.

I think the word you're looking for is Pathocracy, which is what we live in. Psychopaths have controlled the world for a very long time - maybe forever?

It is getting worse. As the State gets bigger, psychopaths get more control.

There was some freedom in the USA around 1776-1787. It's been steadily going downhill since then.

For example, the National Bank Act, Santa Clara County Supreme Court decision (corporate personhood), Federal Reserve, IRS, NDAA, etc. are all ways that psychopaths claim more power.

Regarding OS, I'm mostly Windows-independent. I use OpenOffice instead of MS Office. My blog is 100% ubuntu/LAMP. I use web-based mail. I rewrote all my VS C++ code in PHP.

Windows is still useful for some stuff. Most games don't have a Linux port. I've been considering making a USB Linux boot, and experimenting.

commented on Jeremy Lin, MSG, And Time-Warner.
You don't need to download. Streaming is technically still legal (supposedly). Just find your favorite TV shows online to stream for free. Of course, you'll need to be willing to sacrifice picture quality, and you'll be at the mercy of the streaming site's speed, which can be rather slow at times. I think HULU or Netflix have decent deals where you pay a monthly fee and get access to all of their material in hi def. Those companies have some good stuff, and you can hook the comp. up to the TV and watch it on there if you want.

Why would I pay for Hulu or Netflix for something DRM-crippled, when I get it free via BitTorrent?

Hulu is unwatchable on my slow connection. It doesn't buffer properly.

Anonymous Coward commented on 32GB Micro SD Card.
> However, it’s USB 2.0 and not 3.0

You poor thing! You are really slumming it with only USB 2.0!!!

Just how much data do you have and how fast do you need it backed up?

I've recently purchased a new external hard disk that was only USB 2.0. However it was very noticeably faster than my other external hard disk, because it had a higher rotational speed.

Backing up was a joy. It was completed much faster.

It's mostly torrents and retrogaming. I figure I should download what I can now, before more copyright crackdowns happen.

If I have a fast external HD, I can seed directly from the external HD.

4 Responses to Reader Mail – 02/12/2012 To 02/18/2012

  1. Hey fsk I saw you are using open office. You should give lotus symphony from ibm a shot, its a free swt app, but it just seems snappier to me.

    • Really? I’ve used Lotus Notes as my work E-Mail client at two jobs. Lotus Notes is the only E-Mail client *WORSE* than Outlook.

      I just spent some time figuring out how to get Open Office to do what I want. I’m not in the mood to try that again.

  2. I feel like there has been a definite, deliberate push against the internet recently.
    >On Feb. 27, a diplomatic process will begin in Geneva that could result in a new treaty giving the United Nations unprecedented powers over the Internet. Dozens of countries, including Russia and China, are pushing hard to reach this goal by year’s end. As Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said last June, his goal and that of his allies is to establish “international control over the Internet” through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a treaty-based organization under U.N. auspices.
    >[author] Mr. McDowell is a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.


    • Are you referring to ACTA?

      The “official reason” is copyright infringement and “child pornography”.

      The real reason is to crack down on freedom of political speech.

      China has a pretty harsh Internet censorship system. The “country-level Internet censorship software” is mostly written by US companies!

      Politicians in the USA wish they could censor the Internet like in China. A hardcore prosecutor could say that my blog “advocates criminal activity”, by advocating for agorism, boycotting the Federal Reserve and IRS. If I’m put in jail, that requires a due process farce. It’d be much simpler if prosecutors could seize my website without trial.

      Once you have the ability to censor websites for “copyright infringement”, it’s very easy to extend the censorship to other things. A judge will say “We already have the ability to ban websites for copyright infringement. We can use that same process to block FSK, because we don’t like him.”

      Another trend is “Websites are responsible for the content of users.” YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter would be allowed, but it’d become illegal to make a new website that competes with them. It might become illegal to make a new website that allows user-generated content.

      Another trend is “Real names required!” FaceBook and Google+ require real names. I sometimes work as a financial programmer. It’d be risky for me to criticize the financial industry while blogging under my real name.

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