Andrew Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” Cancelled

Andrew Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” was cancelled. That’s a disappointment, because he was the most (L)libertarian mainstream media host. However, Andrew Napolitano was boring and I never watched him.

It sometimes hurt to see Andrew Napolitano reading from a teleprompter. He wasn’t very good at it.

The conspiracy theory is “He was fired because of what he said.” I doubt that. He stayed pretty close to the Libertarian limit of the “debate ceiling”.

I believe the official explanation. “His show was cancelled due to poor ratings.”

Andrew Napolitano was boring. I’m much further along the path to freedom than what he’s saying. If I had my own TV show, I’d be much better at promoting freedom.

3 Responses to Andrew Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” Cancelled

  1. I would disagree that Judge Napolitano stayed close to the limit of the debate ceiling. I was a regular viewer of Freedom Watch and one of the main draws of the show for me was just how much he seemed to me to raise the debate ceiling. Topics such as ending the Federal Reserve, opposing war in the middle east, and the general anti-big government sentiment expressed on the show was something that was not seen anywhere else on television. Sure, you could argue that he should have gone further, but compared to everything else on television, he was head and shoulders above everyone else when it came to raising that ceiling.

    • If it is someday possible to say the full truth on TV, it will be a result of people like Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano pushing the limits.

      I’m definitely arguing that he should have gone further. On the other hand, if he did that, he would be fired and wouldn’t get to push the limits at all.

      I never watched him, because he wasn’t that interesting. He was on The Daily Show a couple of times, and didn’t impress me.

  2. It is very saddening to see yet another voice for freedom and liberty and constitutional guarantees be silenced by the powers that are rapidly taking this country down a path to fascism. We will miss you Judge. I hope you will find another venue to continue to tell the sheeple what is really happening to their country.

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