FBI Terrorism Entrapment

This story is interesting. The FBI claims that they stopped a “terrorist plot”.

The problem is that the “terrorist” was totally set up by the FBI. They gave him a “bomb”. They encouraged him. The victim may not have tried to blow up a building, if he didn’t receive support and encouragement from the FBI.

This leads to the old joke

Q: How do you identify the undercover cop in your group?
A: He’s the guy telling you to blow up stuff and murder people!

What actually happened?

Scenario #1:
Victim: I’m disgruntled.
FBI Agent #1: You should blow up a building!
FBI Agent #2: That’ll show them!
Victim: I’m not sure.
FBI Agent #1: I’ll help you get a bomb!
FBI Agent #2: Go for it! You’ll be a hero!
Victim: OK. I’ll do it.

Scenario #2
Terrorist: I want to blow up a building.
FBI Agent #1: That’s a bad idea! You’ll hurt innocent people!
FBI Agent #2: You should see a therapist for your anger problem.

Scenario #2 is what police should do. They really should be helping people. Instead, they’re setting someone up for a high-profile arrest.

Scenario #1 might be what actually happened. The guy was encouraged by the police. Is the victim really a terrorist? He’s probably a fool who got tricked by the FBI.  He might have never tried a violent crime, if the FBI didn’t encourage him.

If the victim was a disgruntled lonely person, the undercover FBI agents may have been his only real friends.  They pretended to be his friend, just so they could set him up as a terrorist.

Incidents like this stink. The police set someone up for a high-profile arrest. The police will selectively show evidence against the victim. They won’t show all the support and encouragement they gave the victim. Really, judges and juries should throw out stupid entrapment setups. The victim will probably plea-bargain.

It’s also disgusting the way the mainstream media reports this story. They say “This guy was a dangerous terrorist! Hooray for the State! All that spying we do is worth it!” instead of “WTF? This is entrapment. That guy may never have tried a violent crime, if he wasn’t encouraged by the FBI.”

The victim isn’t guilty of a real crime. He was playing terrorism games with undercover police.

4 Responses to FBI Terrorism Entrapment

  1. Yeah, and if I give someone a gun, and tell them to kill you, and they go up and pull the trigger with the gun against your head – but it doesn’t go off because the gun was fake, – it’s entrapment, and obviously it was a setup, because you who wouldn’t want to kill you? I’m sure that’s the way you would feel, right?

    • A more accurate analogy would be “You and 3 other people find a stupid emotionally weak person. After months of persuading, you give him a gun and he tries to shoot me. Then, you arrest him and claim you’re a brilliant policeman who deserves a raise.” That fails the “smell test”. The guy was an idiot, but you gave him lots of support.

      Police should be helping people, rather than encouraging them to commit crimes and arrest them.

      If a policeman hears someone say that he is considering a violent crime, their only response should be “That’s a bad idea!” Keep an eye on the person. If necessary, encourage them to get help. That’s what policemen should do.

      This is a clear example of undercover police creating crime to justify their salary and budget.

      For another analogy, most people arrested for “Internet soliciting child molestation” are only guilty of “talking dirty to an undercover policeman”. In those cases, I’d give the person counseling rather than jail/kidnap/torture them. Some people said “The biggest perverts are the undercover policemen who go on the Internet pretending to be children/teenagers.”

      • No, policemen are not social workers, and FBI agents are certainly not. If your rundown of how it happened was accurate, I would agree they are not going about it properly. But according to everything I’ve read, they are doing the opposite of goading them into the crime. If the news articles are accurate, the FBI agents repeatedly explained that people would be killed, and offered the guy a face saving way out, but he was determined to be a terrorist. Such a person is clear and present danger, and only lacks the means. They should either be locked up or receiving serious psychological treatment while submitting to weekly parole meetings for at least a decade.

        • I don’t trust the mainstream news. They’ll selectively quote information to make the policemen look good.

          This is much more about “OMFG! Aren’t you glad we took away lots of your freedom!” rather than “This is someone who really would have committed a violent crime, if the police didn’t stop him.”

          How do I know that you aren’t also an undercover policeman, spreading lies to make the State look good?

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