TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs

This story was interesting. A high school boy, TJ Lane, brought a gun to school. He shot four people and killed one.

I’m 99%+ convinced that TJ Lane was taking psychiatric drugs at the time of the murder. Look at this photo.

Look at those veins on his arms, especially his left arm. That’s an indication of heavy psychiatric drug use. I’ve seen it enough times to be mostly convinced.

In the mental health clinic, many patients are so heavily drugged that they’re shaking all the time. A clueless psychiatrist would say “That’s a symptom of their illness.” It’s obviously a side-effect of the drugs. I am fortunate. I’m taking a low dose of Seroquel, which seems to be helpful.

I read that psychiatric drugs are frequently a factor in murder-suicides, especially antidepressants. Many policemen know this, but the mainstream media doesn’t cover it. TJ Lane probably intended to do a murder-suicide, but was captured alive.

That aspect of the story will almost definitely not be disclosed. “What prescription drugs was TJ Lane taking?” That will be covered up, to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical cartel. Any drug TJ Lane took in the past 6 months is partially responsible, due to withdrawal.

There was another interesting aspect to the story. TJ Lane had a Facebook page. There was one writing sample quoted.  It seemed a lot like the writing of Anders Behring Breivik. It had the same sense of emptiness. Maybe there is an identifiable pattern here?

It is wrong to place 100% of the blame on TJ Lane, but he does get most of it. Some of his teachers should have noticed “TJ Lane is very disturbed.” If teachers had greater emotional awareness, they might have been able to prevent the murder.

It would be much more effective for teachers to have high emotional awareness, than to have metal detectors. Putting metal detectors in schools is treating the symptom, and not the problem.

There was another disturbing evil fnord in the mainstream media coverage. TJ Lane was quoted as a “gunman” and not a “murderer”.

“Gunman” is an evil fnord word. It implies “Any non-policeman who carries a gun is a criminal.” By itself, carrying a gun is not evil. It’s what you use it for. People are brainwashed to panic, whenever they see a non-policeman carrying a gun. This leads to problems, even in states where open-carry is legal. Most people don’t open-carry. The police like to harass people who open-carry, especially someone who’s going to refuse an “illegal search”.

I am 99%+ convinced that TJ Lane was taking psychiatric drugs before the murder. Those veins on his arms are a strong indication; I’ve seen it too many times. Will that aspect of the story be mentioned, or suppressed? Even if someone goes on TV and says “TJ Lane was not taking any drugs before the murder!”, that would only convince me that the speaker is lying. Those “drug arm veins” are a strong indication of heavy drug use.

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  1. It is very likely that he was taking ADHD-type medications, such as Vivanse, Ritolin, Adderall, Concerta, Dexedrine, as those medications have violence and aggression as officially stated side effects. All of these medications share following as their OFFICIAL side effects:

    All Patients
    • new or worse behavior and thought problems
    • new or worse bipolar illness
    • new or worse aggressive behavior or hostility

    Children and Teenagers
    • new psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices,
    believing things that are not true, are suspicious) or new manic symptoms

    Alyssa Bustamante was also taking psychiatric medications and so a number of other school shooters:

    Sam Manzie, 15, attacked, raped and strangled to death an 11-year-old boy selling items door to door for the PTA. He was on Paxil.
    Kip Kinkel, 14, killed his parents and went on a shooting rampage at his Springfield, Ore., high school. He was taking Ritalin and Prozac.
    Jeremy Strohmeyer raped and murdered a 7-year-old girl one week after he started taking Dexedrine.
    Columbine High School’s Eric Harris was taking Luvox.
    T.J. Solomon, 15, who attended Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga., was taking Ritalin when he opened fire on his classmates, wounding six.
    The crime America may never recover from, the studied and deliberate drowning of all five of her children by a mother in Texas, was performed under the influence of “anti-depressants.”
    So was the incredible stabbing murder of eight Japanese children in the first and second grades by a man on anti-depressants.


    • Kip Kinkel is paranoid schizophrenic. The drugs you mentioned do not cause this. I’m from the same town and if I remember correctly he had gone off the prozac. I do not rem ember anything about ritilan. I don’t think he was taking it. He was actively hearing voices for a long time. He was obsessed with guns and violent games. Do medications play a part in some crimes. Maybe. There have been cases as you pointed out. You cannot blame drugs for every persons actions. Psychotropic drugs help a lot of people as do drugs for ADHD/ADD. I am very allergic to antibiotics. I stop breathing because they cause my throat to close. So does that mean antibiotics are evil drugs that no one can take because they make peoples throats close and cause them to not be able to breathe? No, that would be ridiculous right? Same idea, different drug.

      • I’ve tried Zoloft before for a month and anyone who says that they help is unaware of what these drugs do to a person! I’m so thankful I woke up to the fact that this stuff is dangerous and got off them!! All these drugs do is make you to “stoned” to care about your problems! I wouldn’t even dare another person to use these drugs for 30 days to find out how you feel cause some of you will probably harm other people! Time to wake up people!!!

        Here is one fact nobody can’t deny! There is NO TEST to see if a person has low serotonin!!! So why are we taking drugs where we have no idea what it is doing to our brains because we can’t test before and after we take the drugs???? It’s really crazy people are taking this stuff when we have no idea what is happening to us!!!

        • You mess with antibiotics that your body isn’t made to accept (alergy) and your body reacts severely… Why can’t people realize that if you mess with ADD/ADHD drugs intended to alter brain activity that the expression of a severe reaction would be mental as well?

      • dahlia – that’s a pretty ignorant comment IMO – The brain has proven to be a complete mystery to science and yet you think you’re able to come on here and tell everyone that these drugs that are “intended” to alter brain activity are absolutely safe because pharmaceutical companies have presented enough empirical evidence? It has to be empirical evidence because the actually workings of the brain have not been figured out.

        The failure of your logic is contained in your own statements: “Psychotropic drugs help a lot of people as do drugs for ADHD/ADD. I am very allergic to antibiotics.”

        That’s exactly right – drugs react differently in different people… some people benefit from antibiotics and some people have violent negative reactions to them. Why you can’t see that this is a possibility (if not probable) with ADHD/ADD drugs is beyond me.

      • “The drugs you mentioned do not cause this.”

        Does anyone know the long term affects of taking amphetamines? Like taking them 10+ years through puberty when really a kid was suffering from manic depression instead of ADHD? Has anyone put any thought to that?

        • Most FDA-approved drug research covers a period of 60-120 days. I don’t know of any research studying the effect of drugs taken for years/decades.

  2. I have my own personal experience with ssri’s and violence. Fortunataly I did not act on these impulses. I wish more people were made aware of the dangers of taking these terrible drugs. I thinks it’s hard for people to grasp the concept that these “safe” drugs can be so very evil…… In time the truth will come out. I hope.

    • Um I am on adderall and I have never thought about killing anyone! The media just likes to make excuses, he knew what he was doing when he did it he deserves to rott in prison for the rest of his life! Adderall does not cause aggression, I know plenty of ppl who are on adderall and other psych meds and have never thought about killing anyone, I’m really tired of seeing all the excuses and stereotyping, like the one about him bein goth, I know a lot of goth ppl who are really nice people!

  3. I agree he must have been strung out on psychotropic drugs. I understand from news reports he was in some sort of special ed program or alternative school. That says it all, because my guess is these kids get the royal drug treatment from administrators& teachers playing psychiatrist. These mind-altering drugs are given to kids like candy starting at a young age and many times layering one drug over another creating compliant zombies. Adults, whether in the home or at school, can’t be bothered with “behaviorial” issues. So the easy way out is to drug the kids out of their minds. I’m not familiar with the bulging veins, but it’s an interesting observation. I”m with you: they can tell me until the cows come home that this kid was not on anti-depressant drugs, but I won’t believe them. In my opinion, this horrific scene — and we’ve seen it before — tells us more about the adults than the kids.

  4. I don’t think the veins are an indication of anything except that he might have been doing some pushups before taking this photo. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were on or recently off antidepressants though..

  5. First off, not sure I appreciate the teacher blame comments. Many of us are very observant and do the right thing by contacting child protective services, talk to parents about their kids seeming like zombies with all of the drugs. But it is really many parents that want their kids on these meds and we teachers can’t do a thing about that. It is really the DRUG COMPANIES that should STOP producing these dangerous drugs and start being ETHICAL and HONEST about these extreme side effects. Many of these drugs should be TAKEN OFF THE MARKET so the deaths will STOP!! How do these people at the drug companies sleep knowing that they are responsible for death after death? They put on their commercials that there are side effects but it isn’t enough. Pyschiatrists keep prescribing these deathly cocktail mixes of pills. My brother died from just this situation. When will this travesty stop and someone put a stop to this horrible connection to drugs and suicides and murders? It is definitely connected.

  6. I would have to say that you are 99.9% wrong on the information you gave in this post. You clearly have done no objective research on any of these issues. You’ll notice I said objective as your entire post is subjective and based almost completely on nonsense and complete ignorance lacking actual medically scientific data. Get educated.

    • With all due respect, Dahlia, it is you who needs more education regarding psychotropic drugs and what is happening mostly in America but also in other countries as a result of psychiatric labeling and drugging.

      Most of our learned doctors have been, and are being, educated by the pharmaceutical companies and their drug representatives and are being misled by them and their POLs (public opinion leaders). There is no scientific evidence to warrant these psychiatric drugs.

      Babies at 6 months of age are being labeled and given psychiatric drugs. Toddlers are being labeled bi-polar and given psychiatric drugs. Children are being labeled with ADD and ADHD in grade school and are being prescribed Schedule II amphetamines. Teen Screens are being conducted in our schools, questionnaires which are used to “diagnose” mental disorders, which result in the prescribing of psychiatric drugs. When teenagers go to residential centers, even if they go for substance abuse problems, they are not rehabilitated for drug abuse; they are labeled with mental “disorders” and given dangerous psychiatric drugs. All of the antidepressants are highly addictive.

      It was known years ago that these antidepressants were addictive. Antidepressant withdrawal was well known until 1996 when Eli Lilly held a symposium and did a word spin. After that symposium “antidepressant withdrawal” was changed to “discontinuation syndrome” and labels claimed they were not habit forming. The ‘discontinuation syndrome’ is nothing but withdrawal by another name.

      As far as scientific data, the drug manufacturers themselves hold their drug trials. It has been proven that they have omitted data and have obscured facts.

      There is no scientifically proven chemical imbalance in the brain. The chemicals in the brain cannot be measured. SSRIs, (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) interfere with the normal functioning of the brains’ serotonin. Serotonin in the brain fluctuates from moment to moment depending on what you are feeling, thinking, and doing. The clearest example I have heard to date is the likening to muscle tension, given by Dr. Joseph M. Carver, PhD., in response to Bob Fiddaman. You can read his response and learn a lot in the book Bob Fiddaman wrote entitled, The Evidence, However, Is Clear, it is available at, and you can read part of it for free if you “click to peek inside”. Dr. Carver in part says this:

      “Serotonin is released and absorbed on a minute to minute basis. It’s similar to trying to estimate the ‘normal’ level of muscle tension when muscle tension is a factor of what we are doing at the time such as relaxing, lifting weights, etc.”.

      Many rehab centers even for adults are being funded by drug companies and the adults are now being labeled with disorders and prescribed dangerous addictive psychiatric drugs.

      Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc., (Reeve B. Waud of Waud Capital Partners has been a director of Acadia since December 2005) (Joey A. Jacobs, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Acadia) is rapidly purchasing many behavioral health care and substance abuse centers in the United States.

      The CEO is also on the board of directors of Cumberland Pharmacy. Here are some excerpts from their filings:

      “Acadia provides psychiatric and chemical dependency services to its patients in a variety of settings, including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, outpatient clinics and therapeutic school-based programs”.

      “Our inpatient facilities offer a wide range of inpatient behavioral health care services for children, adolescents and adults. We offer these services through a combination of acute inpatient behavioral facilities and residential treatment centers (“RTCs”). Our acute inpatient behavioral facilities provide the most intensive level of care, including 24-hour skilled nursing observation and care, daily interventions and oversight by a psychiatrist and intensive, highly coordinated treatment by a physician-led team of mental health professionals”.

      “Favorable industry and legislative trends. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 6% of people in the United States suffer from a seriously debilitating mental illness and over 20% of children, either currently or at some point during their life, have had a seriously debilitating mental disorder. We believe the market for behavioral services will continue to grow due to increased awareness of mental health and substance abuse conditions and treatment options. National expenditures on mental health and substance abuse treatment are expected to reach $239 billion in 2014, up from $121 billion in 2003, representing a compound annual growth rate of approximately 6.4%”.

      “While the growing awareness of mental health and substance abuse conditions is expected to accelerate demand for services, recent healthcare reform is expected to increase access to industry services as more people obtain insurance coverage. A key aspect of reform legislation is the extension of mental health parity protections established into law by the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (the “MHPAEA”). The MHPAEA provides for equal coverage between psychiatric or mental health services and conventional medical health services and forbids employers and insurers from placing stricter limits on mental health care compared to other health conditions. According to IBISWorld, the MHPAEA is projected to affect more than 113 million individuals”.

      “On a pro forma basis for the twelve months ended September 30, 2011, we received 66% of our revenue from Medicaid, 21% from commercial payors, 8% from Medicare, and 5% from other payors. As we receive Medicaid payments from 23 states, we do not believe that we are significantly affected by changes in reimbursement policies in any one state. Substantially all of our Medicaid payments relate to the care of children and adolescents. Management believes that children and adolescents are a patient class that is less susceptible to reductions in reimbursement rates”.

      “Opportunistically pursue acquisitions. We have established a national platform for becoming the leading, dedicated provider of high quality behavioral health care services in the U.S. Our industry is highly fragmented, and we selectively seek opportunities to expand and diversify our base of operations by acquiring additional facilities”.

      “Furthermore, we believe that opportunities exist to leverage out-of-state referrals to increase volume and minimize payor concentration, especially with respect to our youth and adolescent focused services and our substance abuse services”.

      Keep in mind that psychotherapy is almost nonexistent today. Psychiatrists prescribe psychotropic drugs. That’s what they do. The above mentioned substance abuse services equal psychotropic prescriptions. Addictive, psychotropic prescriptions.

      Nursing homes are giving psychotropic drugs to residents even though the elderly are more susceptible to dying from them.

      I was shocked to find that Australia had forced drugging laws. If a patient refuses psychiatric drugs they must stay in a psychiatric facility where they are forced to take them. The only way that they will be allowed to live in their own home is to have a mobile unit come out to administer the drugs.

      I found this shocking until I found out that America has the same laws. They go by names such as “Assertive Community Treatment”. Described thusly; Assertive community treatment, or ACT, is an intensive and highly integrated approach for community mental health service delivery.

      I truly hope you read this and research it for yourself. We have been brainwashed as surely as the Nazi’s in Germany were, to believe that babies have mental disorders, that children have mental disorders because they fidget in their seats, that teenagers are mentally ill because they get rebellious, that it is somehow unacceptable to feel sadness at times without a pill to alleviate ‘depression’, but mostly to see the devastation caused by these drugs and attribute it to the people whose brains are being adversely affected by them.

      Feel free to follow me on Twitter, @daehlin, or to email me at

      And please believe me, I do not wish to offend you. I only became aware of this last year and have been spending most of my time researching it. America must wake up to the reality. Too many lives are being lost and devastated as a DIRECT RESULT of psychotropic drugs.

        • Hi
          I consider myself well qualified to comment on the issue as I am a VICTIM of psychiatry.I had a fairly successful life as an IT consultant until the age of 48 when I had some problems -probably stress related.

          Anyway once in the hands of psychiatrists they relentlessly drugged me using a cocktail of harmful and addictive substances like Ambien,Zyprexa,riseperdal,haldol and many others.All along the psychiatrists never even bothered to discuss issues with me. I also noticed that the psychs and nurses were only too eager to declare me incurably sick and push drugs(Remember Rosenhan experiment).

          So primarily from my own personal experience and also from discussions with other “patients” and reading about the history and current state of psychiatry I am absolutely convinced that it is very important the that entire system is critically evaluated.

          Brain in a hugely complex and delicate organ and certainly no one (especially the psychiatrists) have no clue as to its inner workings or the mechanics of these “diseases” and the drugs supposed(?????) to cure them. So how can they so confidently ignore all critics and push these drugs which are known to be very harmful without ever , ever considering alternatives.Basically protecting their lucrative jobs and doing the bidding of their benefactors-the drug companies

  7. That was my first question, WHICH antidepressant was he taking. There seems to only be 3 times when taking an antidepressant induces a person to commit homicide; when they are taking it, when the dosage is changed, when they stop taking it. The madness is caused by psychiatric drugs. How many more must die before Americans wake up to this fact. If you don’t beleive there is anything to this conjecture, check these out; Why Would a Young Person Start Shooting in School?
    December 20, 2011
    Christopher Pittman
    Rod Matthews
    Paxil Deaths
    David Carmichael
    8min 42sec 7min 5sec
    Ryan Ehlis Adderall Killed infant daughter
    Paxil Maker Held Liable in Murder/Suicide
    Will $6.4 Million Verdict Open a New Mass Tort?
    Antidepressants – The Dark Side
    The dangers may be remote, but they are real
    N. Y. attorney general says drugmaker withheld information
    Paxil Lawsuits
    By Aaron Larson

    Unfortunately, I have many more. Feel free to contact me at

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  11. Pingback: **First Amendment Under Attack — RED ALERT** HR 3699: NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney Seeking to Limit Public Access to Scientific/Medical Information [Online]. That means no more crucial “layman input” or “polymath analysis” for you

  12. USA prescribes more Ritalin (cures nothing) than any other country. A young man in Georgia attempting to enlist in the military was turned down due to history of Ritalin (school)..which has student recorded as having a ‘mental illness’. Are parents told this? When working with a group of ‘supposed’ emotionally disturbed girls (they needed attention – praise – encouragement etc) a couple of them got in an everyday teenage argument.

    A psychotropic drug was prescribed for the one 15 yr old (very articulate, bright, creative). I made it a point to check their bedrooms every 15 min.

    Thank God –this child was attempting suicide (ZERO problems with this youngster before this prescription). I checked her medicines and brochure ( tiny illegible) which gave SUICIDE as one of the side effects! IMAGINE –

    Alert: Parents should never be intimidated by school officials into drugging their children. Parents should check out all medications and SIDE EFFECTS. DANGER: I understand they are now giving drugs to pre-schoolers. We are destroying an entire generation. NO you will not hear of any drugs prescribed to this young man. Corporate business must be protected.

  13. This is an epidemic that no one hears about becasue. The media, who relies on their big pharm ad revenues, would never dare make the connection, so you have to dig real hard to get to the truth.

  14. O and about the teacher issue, I was abused as a child and always bullied and depressed at my school especially with my physical illness and the teachers wouldn’t help me at all, so teachers doing everything to help is a load of crap,I remember having a dizzy spell after running the mile is gym and I fell and couldn’t get up and my gym teacher wouldn’t allow anyone to help me she left me outside for an hour until some1 finally came to help me, how she is still a teacher I have no clue but my point is teachers dnt want to deal with “problem children” so they’re quick to call cps or just dnt do anything at all, he was making threats online tht shoulda been taken seriously instead of waiting for something bad to happen which is what most ppl do

  15. Some people here want to defend that psychotropic drugs do not lead to murder or suicide. You are gravely mistaken. Some of you whom have posted the link with school shootings and psychiatric drugs get it.

    To explain the link its because of tone level. Tone level is a measurement of a person state of mind. 10 being happy and 1 being in apathy. Let us say for example 10 is high tone and 1 is low tone. If you take a person who has occasional upsets and has difficulty coping yet his deposition has a tendency to be at a Tone Level of 5-10… the likely hood of him having difficult tendency during withdrawal from psychiatric meds is low.

    On the other hand if you get a person whom would be 1-5 in Tone level. This person has an increased tendency to withdrawal is higher. The increased difficulty to withdrawal is a mental health issue.

    Now if you throw in poor philosophy, because of invalidating self communication and invalidating family or lack of family communication… lack of awareness to the survival of things that are alive and the detachment to respect living things, and is naturally introverted and low toned, put this kid on psychiatric drugs, have him withdraw, weather intentional or unintentional withdrawal, and go through the difficulties of cultural upbringing here in america, then have accessibility to a gun… then you have a recipe for murder and/or self murder. The key to ask… What is the chronic disposition of the individual… on this tone scale… is this person on the lower part of the scale or upper part of the scale. Is this person introverted or extroverted. Is this person experienced incidence for a lack of living things. Is this person inconsistent with their medications.

    Bottom line is that 50 years ago and before, we did not have these incidence of this type of crime. When a person had a problem they handle it naturally. Psychciatist, have done an amazing job of convincing society that we need this to handle life. Which is straight up bullshit. We all experience problems… the last thing people need is to get high and mask the ability or suppress the ability to handle problems. Because we end up with situations like the above.

    in 2007, I was dropping off my daughter to school on the 1st day of 1st grade. There were police cars and all the cars in line were at a stand still. I get out of my car and the rumors were someone came to the school and had weapons and was being arrested. VERY SCARY.

    A friend of mine whom, had a daughter at the same school, happen to work at local TV station and had Uncles and Brothers that were also local police officers.

    I called my friend and he told me, his uncles were on the scene and he had the inside scoop. A male in his 30′s arrived at the school while the track team was training. About 7:15AM… He was dressed in an long overcoat and had a baseball bat in his hand.

    One of the parents asked him why he had a baseball bat and he did not answer the parent.

    The parent went to the police officer that was managing the school traffic approached this man and the man started to wield the bat at the police officer. The police officer avoided the attack and pulled out a stun gun.

    The man fell to the ground and pulled a gun out.

    The police officer had to stun him a 2nd time to subdue this man.

    Police officers went to his parked vehicle and found knives ammunition in his car.

    The man was arrested and was out 3 days later.

    3 weeks after this incident… My wife had a erie conversation with a female patient. By the way, my wife and I own a medical practice.

    This female patient had known that our children went to this school and started a conversation about the incident at the school. She had indicated this man was her ex-boyfriend. WOW!

    She further indicated… this man is the son of a prominent Psychitrist in town and he only acts like this when he is off his medication. WOW…WOW…WOW.

    My wife and I share a philosophy that these medications have bad long term affects. My wife did not share her personal philosophies, so as not to invalidate the patents relationship or her personal beliefs. She just called me and shared this crazy discovery.

    There is a link… if you drug a persons ability to rationalize, to be self determinism, to lower their awareness, to lower theeri consciousness, to put them on a daily high, to prevent their ability to think clearly, to lower their tone lower then what it normally is, the end result is you can run into problems.

    And it will continue, so as long as psychiatrist continue to prescribe… It would be a better world if people were taught to talk to a psychologist to hanlde their problems.

    There is a place for the mental drugs and its in the trash.

  16. 1st off, 3 were killed in this horrific incident. 2 others wounded. 2nd there is no indication he was on or off of any meds. He did attend a school for “at risk youth” kids with many kinds of problems attend. Kids that are just socially awkward can attend. Also, the school can not administer any medication and “play psychiatrist”

    It is very easy to form an opinion on something that you don’t have all of the facts of, the facts you do have are incorrect, and you are jumping to conclusions.

    • ” … the school can not administer any medication and “play psychiatrist.”
      Oh yes they can, and they often do portray themselves as experts. I never implied that teachers “administer” the drugs, but they most definitely play a role in terms of perhaps recommending drug treatment based solely on flimsy, subjective criteria rather than biologically based evidence. Moreover, many teachers regularly attend clinics/conventions cross country in order to keep up with the “disorder of the month.” And the more kids they can label, the more federal dollars flow to the school district. Understand, these are powerful mind-altering drugs in the same class as cocaine and LSD. And every morning young kids, their little brains still developing, are lining up to get their daily dose … of poison. Totally insane, like the world turned upside down.

      • Lots of comments on this post! I fell behind on my responses.

        Most of the initial comments were positive. That slightly disturbed me. If a lot of people aren’t leaving hostile comments, it doesn’t feel right.

        There were some negative comments. Most of them were “FSK, you’re wrong! You suck!” without providing anything else.

        Also, some of the favorable comments were pretty long, which is unusual.

        He was in a school for “troubled students”. Most of those students are drugged. I am disappointed that the mainstream media didn’t say what drugs he was taking. I doubt they ever will.

        Yes, a school can forcibly drug a student. If the parent refused, Child Protective Services will kidnap the child.

        Also, I’ve changed my attitude from “The mental health industry is 100% fraudulent!” to “The mental health industry is 95% fraudulent!” I did find one drug that’s helping, Seroquel. I’m taking a low dose, 100mg per day. I’m taking Seroquel and nothing else, which is unusual. If that really is the right drug, then the question is “Why wasn’t I given that drug initially? Why did I have to try 10 different psychiatrists?”

        I had a severe negative reaction to Risperdal, Geodon, and Abilify. I question if those drugs really help anyone. If you are taking them and like them, I don’t have a problem with that. I’m just expressing caution.

        The mental health industry is not as scientific as they pretend. However, some drugs do help some people. They aren’t universally bad. They are overprescribed. When I hear about people taking several different drugs, that sounds wrong.

        My current theory of mental health is “There’s some vitamin missing in food. Almost all the food you eat is processed. When you’re under stress, you need more of this missing vitamin.” I think that Seroquel is providing this “missing vitamin” for me. It hasn’t interfered with my ability to do my normal stuff.

        At the time I wrote the post, there was only 1 fatality. The other 2 died the next day. That slight error doesn’t invalidate the other points I make.

        Another lie was “The victims were chosen randomly.” No, he knew them. They probably were rude to him in some way. “It’s random victims!” reinforces the lie “It could happen to you! We have to take away your freedom!”

        I am still mostly sure that TJ Lane was taking psychiatric drugs. That photo makes him look like a drug addict. In a school for “troubled students”, most of them are drugged.

        I would like to see a definitive source on this. If he was taking psychiatric drugs, that would boost his “insanity defense”. If he was taking prescription drugs, the victims’ families should have a valid claim against the drug manufacturer. Even if the prosecutor did publicly say “No drugs!”, I’d believe that he was lying.

  17. Cerey E. Runyon March 4, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Psychotropic medications are nasty! I am 52 years old; I grew up in the “hippie” days. There were a lot of drugs around then. It seemed as if, at the time, that everyone was freely experimenting with them (myself included). Nevertheless, a few times in my life I was prescribed psychotropic medications, Cymbalta (for one) about a year ago; supposedly to help me deal with the depression of living in chronic pain, well not only make did my pain get worse, after a week of taking that stuff, I began hallucinating, hearing voices, not to mention acting completely crazy.
    To prescribe a psychotropic drug to anyone under the age of Twenty-Five is pure INSANITY because the human brain will not be fully developed until then, and it is exactly the “higher reasoning functions” of the human brain that are last to develop!
    By nature, I am not a “depressive” person. I have many hobbies and enjoy being alive.
    I have never had suicidal thoughts unless I was under the influence of a psychotropic drug.
    Many psychologists and psychiatrist alike theorize that suicidal thoughts are just the another side of the same coin” of suicidal thoughts. I feel strongly that this is true!
    I have suffered the same side effects from lithium and Paxil (and for the herbalists: St. Johns Wart was extremely powerful and the ‘bad side effects’ were worse)!
    Personally, I feel that everyone should stay away from drugs that alter the human brain chemistry and alter it in such a way (neuron-transmitters) that it can never be changed back to its original or previous state. Furthermore, often conditions and symptoms become more aggravated. What might be worse is because of taking such mind changing drug therapy is now that your personality has been changed. You have now become a completely new person and you do not even know who you are anymore.
    All Doctors prescribing these medications will tell you, well; “Its kind of like throwing darts at a dartboard and we will just keep trying different medications until we find something that works for you.” What in God’s name does that statement mean?!
    The pharmaceutical industries, along with the Doctors have a financial investment in your illness, NOT YOUR WELLNESS. The next time you visit a Doctor mention the “Hippocratic Oath” (Read it yourself beforehand. Once you mention the “Oath” to the Doctor, the jurisdictions and the laws pertaining to the oath then bind him. But for no other reason it is quite amusing to observe their reaction especially if your conversation-is adverse or ‘argumentative’)
    Research the Doctor and or clinic (this is easy to do now with the advent of the Internet) you may be surprised in how much money they receive for the medications they prescribe. I have found be doing the research that they make sometimes as much as a thousand times or more than they do for any of their other services including surgeries. Sounds fantastic; does it not? Nevertheless, it is the terrible truth!
    I am a non-violent person, peace love and compassion is a far easier path. In addition, is a lot less work!
    In addition, for your consideration; Fluoride was first used by the Nazi German Concentration camp medical staff (Ghouls, it is not fair to call them doctors), as a means, by which to control these masses of prisoners (sometimes outnumbering their guards by as much as ten thousand to one). This method worked so well, combined with “subliminal suggestion” That when the newly formed United States Division of the CIA studied the research profiles of the Nazi’s work and the results, that soon after all water was slated to be fluorinated in all major cities in the US. Why, would they do this when it is of absolutely no benefit to the human body and is, in fact, a lethal poison? This may seem far afield of the present topic, at hand, however, maybe, it is not!
    Do you know that, high (very high) concentrations of fluorine-18 is now, for the first time in the history, of the evolution of the planet Earth, can now be found in cosmic quantities in our atmosphere, beginning about twenty-five years ago? And there exits SO MUCH MORE! Flourine-18, in a roundabout way, a result of “Paleoclimatology” which became manifest in our atmosphere from the glacial melting of the polar caps, primarily the Northern hemisphere. As the result, of the melting this ancient ice, the ancient atmosphere of the dinosaurs is currently releasing into our atmosphere, which are producing large amounts of Oxygen-18. In addition, barium-18 and fluorine-18 have been showing up recently in above safe levels for the first time in history. The barium in our atmosphere is an element that has been mysteriously appearing in or air over the past decade, in vast quantities, as well. Who cares? Right? (More on this find me on *Google).
    Have any of you heard of “The Radiopharmaceutical Industry?” You probably have if you are, or know, of a cancer patient. There exists a lot more to that industry then treating Cancer patients.
    Current technology is emergent by enormous aggregates every day, the rate of discovery is exponential. At present, there exists a very real threat much greater than any “Terrorist Scheme” the governments can mesmerize us into believing. I do not fear for myself. Nevertheless, I am horrified for my children and grandchildren and this generation that is succeeding me.
    We are all, (presently) being drugged (mega-dosed) with strange and exotic radiopharmaceutical drugs. Globally trillion of dollars is spent each year on spraying this stuff in our ionosphere. Moreover, here is where it gets crazier. (Look for my interim report on hubpages; “What Is In Our Skies?” cerey runyon)
    Try to find some of my writings on the web: *Just Google: Cerey E. Runyon)
    I have been working on a whole series of articles pertaining to this and many other topics and much more. I am just getting started so once you have located my blog, keep checking back, if I am still alive :}
    I am worried about all of these exotic brain changing drugs appearing everywhere.
    Peace and Light to you all,

    • I would like to point out that Doctors receive no compensation from pharmaceutical companies unless they provide a service in return. They used to be treated to lavish Vacations for speaking engagements but all of that has gone away due to the Sunshine Act.(you can google it for more information) All payments made to physicians are tracked and posted online for public viewing. If they are paid for a speaking engagement they must be paid “fair market value” , which is calculated to be slightly more than the wages they miss from being away from their practice. Also many of these SSRI’s are in generic form now, so pharmaceutical companies are not to blame for physicians who are prescribing them to patients who do not need them. Remember that 50% of physicians finish in the bottom half of their class. It is important to read online reviews and get recommendations on a physician before blindly accepting their treatment options.

      I agree that many physicians are too quick to prescribe antidepressants and the withdrawal symptoms are scary. It is true that it may take trying several different meds to find the proper one. This can cause a period of instability. Many many many more lives have been saved than taken from these meds. They are not necessary for everyone but they exist for a reason a lot of people’s lives are saved by these meds.

  18. I came off of Effexor accidentally and, in the process, scared the shit out of my family members. I’m now a black sheep in the family. Nobody got hurt in the melee but I threatened a family member with a knife and banged my head against the wall.

    This was not normal behavior on my part. It was drug induced. It was terrifying but it occurred nonetheless. I wonder if Scientology is actively promoted because it makes the claims about this poison no longer credible.

    I’m not sure why I made it through. I really am not but after going through the process of coming off of that horrible drug – I am convinced that these drugs are the reason for all of the school shootings occurring and the unusual or surprising suicides or attempts. Since I came home from staying with my uncle, where all of this occurred, I have been resigned to homeless shelters and mental health institutions. These places are packed and packed with fairly normal looking people.

    A whole generation might be getting ruined by these drugs. There were guns in most American homes for decades before school shootings became a regular occurrence. These have started since SSRIs came on the market and they will continue until those horrible drugs are taken off of the market. It’s not violence in film, music or media that is causing this. It’s the drugs. If media is more violent, that’s just because there is a growing audience for it, which doesn’t hurt my analysis at all.

    • I disagree with “All psychiatric drugs are harmful.”, but most of the probably are. I have a favorable reaction to Seroquel, but had a severe negative reaction to Seroquel.

      If you act weird when you stop taking a drug, is that evidence that the drug is helpful or harmful? A psychiatrist would say “That’s proof that you need the drug.” I disagree. Withdrawal can be *NASTY*.

      I still think I would be mostly OK without Seroquel. I feel it is helping me, so I keep taking it.

      Speaking of mental health hospitals, I once realized “They make the staff wear badges. Otherwise, you couldn’t tell who are the patients and who are the staff.” At my current clinic, there are some staff members who look like they should be patients.

  19. FSK,
    Thanks, I just looked at your website and yes. If he’s going to a school for “troubled” kids, he’s on drugs for sure. The family has major addiction history and that means that state social workers, CPS, has been in contact with this boy many times and certainly have had him on lots of pych meds too. The interesting part of this story is that none of that information is being reported on. Just that he is “mentally troubled” and possibly actually incompetent. So I’m thinking this isn’t a case where he was taking “an” anti-depressant or “an” adhd med, like Tyler Hadley or Allyssa Bustamante, or Phoebe Prince, or the other ten stories in the news since this one where people have shot up a bunch of places. I’m thinking this is more of an epic drugging of this boy by the alternative school and gross negligence of CPS and that the authorities are really hmmng and hawing about just how to handle this in order not to release this information. A red flag is that they are not charging him as an adult yet. Most cases get decided quicker, even the nine year old that stabbed someone to death is getting charged as an adult and he was on meds, too. So this must be really juicy. I have had horrible experiences with these drugs and have turned them into websites and videos on Binkerton Studios Live and thought I would share that with you. Thank you again for posting this and please post updates if you learn anything new. The beans will get spilled eventually.

  20. Hi this is a good article. Thanks.
    I really never thought about this. It’s just … amazing.Because I would have to agree. These drugs are very scary when you think about it. Manipulating the brain… and the brain is just as mysterious as our universe…
    I don’t agree with putting kids on drugs.

    On another note:

    Perhaps they are waiting to charge TJ once he turns 18, which is not fair.
    I don’t believe in sticking TJ into ADULT PRISON. He is still a child … I’m also 17 years old, and I believe it’s abuse and violation of child right.
    Yes. His crime is severe. But underneath him I believe he is NOT a ‘cold blooded murderer’ so many think. People love to ‘half’ fix a problem. Throwing TJ into jail is not fixing the problem… I think he deep down is good kid and just needs some help, ‘oomf’. I understand this opinion is very unpopular… but I want to voice my opinion. I pray for TJ everyday. Send letters to lawyers, judges… that’s what I’m doing to help. Putting a kid in prison… he will die there. No justice.

  21. My guess is that he was misdiagnosed with unipolar depression and prescribed an antidepressant which launched him into bipolar mania. It is quite obvious that he is still in mania from his behavior in the courtroom.

  22. complete BS. my mom was abducted, assaulted and forcibly drugged because she refused blood pressure the age of 69! they locked her up, made her drool, stumble and would not release her for 8 days. it took lawyers, media, threats to get her out. you people are blind to what power the ‘psychiatrists’ have. they think they are GOD. thank GOD we got her out, with 8 long days of fighting and threatening. wake up people!!! my little brother, when my parents split up, was shipped off by my dad because he was angry! they drugged himon Thorazine and so many other drugs..he was suicidal at 11. he attempted suicide by cop at 19. he lived through two round being shot into his body. he was locked up for 10 years. drugs took his life, his soul..he was an awesome kis..happy, athletic, positive, etc…if you think Psyche drugs don’t kill, you are fooling yourself…period. WAKE THE F**k UP. Fight against Big Evil Pharm.

    • Nobody can be abducted for not taking blood pressure medicine. If the story you are telling is true, there must have been parts that have been left out by your family to protect you.

  23. I agree with this article other than the notion that the teachers should have been more emotionally aware. It is very difficult, downright impossible even, to keep track of upwards of 150 students’ personal lives.

    On a darker note, I am seriously wondering how long it will take him to kill himself in prison so we don’t have to spend state money to keep this scum alive, and I use the word ‘alive’ incredibly loosely.

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