Romney Is A Big Favorite To Win The Nomination

Some people say that the Republicans are headed for a “brokered convention” or “contested convention”.

According to this page, Romney has 149 of the delegates so far.  The other candidates combined have 135.  That gives Romney 52.5%.

Most of the superdelegates support Romney. Assuming the Romney gets most of the superdelegates, he doesn’t need 50% in the primaries. He only needs 40-45%, and the superdelegates cover the rest.

The superdelegates enable insiders to control the nomination, if the primaries is close.

Also, Romney is leading in fundraising. There’s no advantage in lobbying/bribing the guy who finishes second.

Romney is a big favorite to win the nomination. Due to superdelegates, he doesn’t even need 50% of the primary delegates.  Romney has more than 50% of the delegates so far.

3 Responses to Romney Is A Big Favorite To Win The Nomination

  1. Anonymous Coward March 1, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    America has the chance to elect on honest politician such as Ron Paul.

    Or they can have more of the same.

    • You’re missing the point, if you still believe elections are fair, or that elections are a means to achieve progress.

  2. It’s too bad that the mainstream media has even convinced you of their phony projections. In many states, delegates are not awarded to a candidate based on the popular vote. If the delegates are unbound they can vote for whomever they want even if the popular vote in their precinct went to another candidate. So no, the projection you’ve linked to are not at all accurate. Romney does have the most delegates at this point, but Ron Paul is not behind that by much.

    As of February 21st, the delegate count was Romney: 93, Paul: 82, Ginrich: 29, Santorum: 25, Unpledged: 14

    The recent primaries have not yet been assessed.

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