Peyton Manning Should Retire

I saw some recent photos of Peyton Manning. There’s an expression of pain on his face. He’s obviously not healed from his spinal cord injury.

Look at these photos.

Do you see the look of pain on Peyton Manning’s face? Do you see how Peyton Manning is hunched over like an old man in the 2nd photo?  He should *NOT* be playing football.

The Colts should cut him, but offer him a generous deal for marketing and public appearances. He’s better off as a retired superstar, than going to a new team and struggling.

It would be a huge embarrassment for the NFL, if Peyton Manning is paralyzed. They should make him a generous offer to retire. The NFL should pull some strings, and make sure that Peyton Manning gets a generous offer to retire as a spokesman and TV analyst.

One more hit to his neck, and Peyton Manning could become a quadriplegic. He should walk away from football, while he can still walk. I can tell from his pained facial expression, that he should retire.

3 Responses to Peyton Manning Should Retire

  1. I agree 100 percent. A spinal cord injury is serious business. I find it repulsive that the NFL would put him back on the field to have 300 pound men running at him full speed trying to crush him. The entire sport is barbaric. One day society will reach a point where watching grown men chase a ball around stops being amusing. Dare to dream.

    • Boxing was the #1 sport 100 years ago, and now nobody cares about boxing. It certainly is possible that the NFL could lose its place as #1.

      Paradoxically, the boxing glove makes boxing more dangerous. Fighting barehanded, fights end quickly. Fighting with a boxing glove, it takes a lot of blows to the head before you get knocked out.

      I don’t watch as much sports as I used to. As long as there’s informed consent, it isn’t evil.

      Given that Peyton Manning had a serious spinal cord injury, he should retire. It would be a *DISASTER* for the NFL if Peyton Manning is paralyzed.

      • He has everything now. He should retire. One good whack, and he could have pain or paralysis forever. Money can’t cure pain. Peyton —don’t take the chance.

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