Reader Mail – 02/26/2012 To 03/03/2012

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There were lots of comments on my post on TJ Lane, the boy who took a gun into a high school and killed 3 students.

Anthony commented on About FSK.
Hey fsk , I've written you before . I just have a few points to pick with you . 1. On your 2/26 comment about PETA , I disagree with you on animals being property to abuse . If you want animals as companions , in open ground zoos , or preserves , that's fine . If you want an animal as a slave , I.e. , to be slaughtered , or beasts of burden , than that's wrong . Remember , animals have their own evolutionary lives to live without human interference . Remember , most animals have strong social bonds & therefore cannot be looked upon as un thinking brutes . And mankind has proven over & over again to be poor land managers when it concerns animals . For examples - when I grew up in new jersey , I had classmates say it was justified shooting deer in winter because they were " starving" . Really? And how did you know you shot a starving deer & not a healthy one ? The bottom line was ( & is ) that the reason the deer population is overpopulated is twofold a. Human overpopulation crowding out the deers natural habitat & 2. The elimination of the natural predators , which would weed out the unhealthy & starving deer , far more efficiently than humans could ever hope to do .another example of human mismanagement is the introduction of a specie into an area where they don''t belong . This always causes havoc in the new environment for the flora & fauna that were already there . As far as people desiring to consume animal products , there is potentially a great new method of producing meat from cell lines . Granted this technology is still probably decades away , but the potential for feeding millions , saving millions of animals , & cutting down on pollution is great ! The bottom line is thatt animals are living , breathing creatures , & not in - animate objects like automobiles or ovens . We will never attain the anarcocapitalist world until we recognize that ALL living creatures have the right to exist without any interference from gov' T or other species . 2. Gold - why do most anarcocapitalists still insist on a gold ( or any precious metal ) standard ? First of all , about 50 per cent of all known underground gold is located in south Africa . Now I know every anarcocapitalist says that with competition , nobody would be able to hold a monopoly on the money supply . Given the location ( I.e. concentration ) of most of the worlds gold , I don' T trust my money in the hands of a few individuals . Which brings up the important point . Why do not you & other free marketers ( like myself ) endorse a credit clearing system of " money " ? This would completely take control of money out of the politicians & bankers hand & put it where it belongs - in the individual. 3. I do think we need a better system for workers . The gov't prides itself by saying that they created the 8 hour work day , saving us from the greedy capitalists who made us work 16 hour days . Who is to say this is ideal ? What if I can finish my days productivity in say 4 hours ? Or , what if I work 3 hours one day & 10 hours the next day , & so on ? In other words , why can't we work flexible hours/days for most jobs ? What if I need several days off for personal reasons & instead of requiring me to take those days off & lose pay , what if I worked extra prior to & after my time off ? Also , why are you so against "big corporations" ? Granted , most giant corporations are bed-fellows with gov't , but some aren't . The way I look at it , if a company became large without any gov't subsidy/privilege , then all the power to them . Lastly , how do you feel about wage ( slave ) labor & do you have a solution ? Thanx , anthony

Wall of text! That's usually not good. I'll try to answer you.

Animals are property. It is offensive to abuse animals, but it isn't illegal. It also isn't immoral to eat meat.

Gold and silver are the least common denominator for barter. That's why they make the best money.

Most big corporations receive direct and indirect State subsidies. My complaint is not with large businesses. They should not receive government subsidies. Without State subsidies, it would be hard to build a business of more than 200-500 people.

Most people should be business owners, and not employees. The State makes it hard to start a business, forcing almost everyone to work as an employee. There is nothing inherently evil about wage labor, but the current system is stacked against workers and in favor of large employers.

Justin commented on About FSK.

I think this is relevant to you fsk.

I made that point in a different way. If everyone is crazy, then the people who are least crazy are mislabeled as defective.

If everyone is a Statist, then those with freedom-oriented tendencies tend to be mislabeled as defective.

Most people don't see it clearly. A "troubled student" may really just think his "teacher" is being a jerk. Neither the teacher or student is aware that the real purpose of school is to train the child to be an obedient slave.

Jeremy Martin commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Don't ask me why, but even when it smells like troll, I can't resist chiming in. While the tone of your article doesn't sound much like you're looking for a discussion, I'd like to at least attempt to address some of your points. I'm not a core contributor to node, but I've contributed several patches and am pretty familiar with the code base and philosophies, so I'll try to address these from a non-"clueless" perspective.

First off, one of your early points that is built upon later in your article is that "Node.js is an extension of JavaScript, enabling JavaScript to be used server side". This is actually pretty far off from reality. The only language in use is plain ol' JavaScript, and absolutely no language extensions are used. Node.js provides a container for JavaScript (running on V8) with a set of core libraries that emphasize system and protocol level support for things like file system access, HTTP, etc. Node.js is not a programming language, it does not extend any other languages, it does not have its own interpretor, the code is not compiled/transpiled or otherwise munged to run on the V8 runtime.

I was going to skip over the "JavaScript is incredibly ugly" remark, but coming from a guy who settled on a project using VB... not sure I can help you there.

You mentioned that Node.js is "singled-threaded only". This is incredibly false. I believe what you meant to say is that JavaScript has a single-threaded execution model. Node.js, on the other hand, offers several facilities for running tasks across n-number of threads and processes, each with their own separate context. The only hard rule there is no shared memory.

You also mentioned that Node.js' argument against the thread-per-request model (e.g., Apache and 90% of the other servers out there) is that spawning threads/processes is expensive. This is also not accurate - the cost that Node.js attempts to eliminate is the context switching between threads. In IO-bound applications, the amount of PCB/switchframe/stack/heap/etc activity related to context switching is very disproportional to the amount of work being done (unless, of course, you've found an alternative model such as is employed by Node.js, Tornado, et al.).

You also state that this isn't important unless your website is super-popular. High RPS isn't the only use case for Node.js. It's also useful for running on low-grade commodity hardware, or provide a service with long-lived persistent connections, or for sharing feeds across multiple clients without mucking with multi-threaded access patterns, or providing complete control over the HTTP lifecycle for HTTP nerds like me, etc...

And let me get this straight, it takes you a DAY to get an Apache/LAMP stack working? Moving on...

If I skip over the remainder of your comments referring to Node.js as a language or insisting that Node.js only allows single-threaded execution, then there's pretty slim pickings. You did have an amusing statement in your comments, however, saying that "ASP.NET is very similar to PHP". Different topic, of course, but this is pretty bizarre statement. How bizarre, depends on whether you're using ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET WebForms. Regardless, I suppose that once you get rid of your component model, and data bindings, and view state, and the page life cycle, and state management, and code behind, and virtually anything else that distinguishes ASP.NET from plain ol' ASP, then ya... kinda like PHP, if you're a troll.

David Ball commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Hey man, you're attacking something you don't even understand. Node.JS wasn't designed explicitly for building a web site. It takes Google V8, stirs in some C-extensions, and presto, you have a Swiss-army network utility. Sure, you can make web sites in it, and good ones, too, but you have to realize that wasn't the explicit design idea. So it doesn't come with a lot of that sugar in the box--you sprinkle it on there later.

The HTTP module can serve as either a web client or a web server. You could probably implement a web site around this module, but you probably wouldn't want to. It would be tricky to figure out how to route requests effectively this way. If you are ever presented with a case of web sites being developed in Node.JS, I would encourage you to meet Connect and Express.

You can very effectively produce a small web site in Express, but do to the way you usually write Express MVC-controllers in a single file, I wouldn't recommend using it for a very large-scale site. If you plan to do a large site with complex routing in Node.JS, try Locomotive.

I also recommend running the Node.JS web server on a port other than 80 and then using iptables to forward the request from port 80 to the actual Node.JS port. This eliminates much of the issue with trying to configure security policies to allow a user to listen on port 80.

One of the fun things about Node.JS is that in certain cases you can run the same scripts on both the server and the client. There is a DOM package that mimics the web browser behavior on the server so that entire scripts intended for a web browser can render a web page before it ever goes out over the wire.

ASP.NET can't do that, sorry. In fact, much of the work involved in many of these "server-side" languages is that they have to always translate things back and forth. Web browsers run Javascript, so it is more natural to run Javascript on the server, too. Both the browser and Node.JS can use JSON with no effort at all.

I'm totally impressed with Node.JS, and I've recently become fanatical about it! I was never big on Rails, and PHP has always been a friend to me. I hate VB, and I'm no big fan of C, and I do like C#, and I love Node.JS! It's such a handy thing to have. You can write tiny scripts on the fly, or write little scripts that do big things, and you can just combine things all day long and come up with wonderful mashups of code.

I encourage to mess around with it a little more. Get a feel for it before you go blasting it. There is a lot to be gained from using Node.JS. I have a feeling it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

By definition, nothing I write on my own blog is trolling. I would be trolling if I went to the node.js discussion groups and started calling them a bunch of losers.

Yes, it did take me a day to get LAMP set up. I'd never done it before. There were a lot of other little security things I set up. (Disable root via ssh, disable default mysql root account, disable default WP admin account, etc.) I still do some tweaking from time to time. If I was a full-time admin, I probably could do it much quicker.

Also, "You did not convince me I'm wrong." is not the same as "I'm not openminded." I did some brief research on node.js, and concluded that it was a POS hype-over-substance like Rails. I'm very good at telling the difference between people who know what they're doing, and people who chase hype. At that interview, they were clueless and chasing hype. If they are typical of node.js users, then most of them are doing it wrong. It certainly is likely they were using node.js wrong.

I still say that node.js is unsuitable for anything more complicated than a small service. If all you're writing is a simple service, you can use any language. And if performance is all you care about, it only takes a little longer to use C with non-blocking calls.

Even if node.js is lousy, it certainly is possible that it could be popular and widely used. If you have a lousy language and throw enough labor at it, you might even get something that sort of works.

I mentioned this counter-example already, and I'll cite it again. That guy showed me his code. He had "self = this" at the top of every function, to preserve "this" for the callback. When I saw that, my reaction was "This is wrong."

gerard danjou commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.
I also saw the show ,am wondering if the father has some other issues at one point in the telecast he ,seem a little confused, am just trying to help, and hopefully every thing is o.k.

NorskeDiv commented on FBI Terrorism Entrapment.
Yeah, and if I give someone a gun, and tell them to kill you, and they go up and pull the trigger with the gun against your head - but it doesn't go off because the gun was fake, - it's entrapment, and obviously it was a setup, because you who wouldn't want to kill you? I'm sure that's the way you would feel, right?

A more accurate analogy would be "You and 3 other people find a stupid emotionally weak person. After months of persuading, you give him a gun and he tries to shoot me. Then, you arrest him and claim you're a brilliant policeman who deserves a raise." That fails the "smell test". The guy was an idiot, but you gave him lots of support.

Police should be helping people, rather than encouraging them to commit crimes and arrest them.

If a policeman hears someone say that he is considering a violent crime, their only response should be "That's a bad idea!" Keep an eye on the person. If necessary, encourage them to get help. That's what policemen should do.

This is a clear example of undercover police creating crime to justify their salary and budget.

For another analogy, most people arrested for "Internet soliciting child molestation" are only guilty of "talking dirty to an undercover policeman". In those cases, I'd give the person counseling rather than jail/kidnap/torture them. Some people said "The biggest perverts are the undercover policemen who go on the Internet pretending to be children/teenagers."

NorskeDiv commented on FBI Terrorism Entrapment.

No, policemen are not social workers, and FBI agents are certainly not. If your rundown of how it happened was accurate, I would agree they are not going about it properly. But according to everything I've read, they are doing the opposite of goading them into the crime. If the news articles are accurate, the FBI agents repeatedly explained that people would be killed, and offered the guy a face saving way out, but he was determined to be a terrorist. Such a person is clear and present danger, and only lacks the means. They should either be locked up or receiving serious psychological treatment while submitting to weekly parole meetings for at least a decade.

I don't trust the mainstream news. They'll selectively quote information to make the policemen look good.

This is much more about "OMFG! Aren't you glad we took away lots of your freedom!" rather than "This is someone who really would have committed a violent crime, if the police didn't stop him."

How do I know that you aren't also an undercover policeman, spreading lies to make the State look good?

formalist commented on Catholic Contraceptive Fnord.
One would assume that a pro-lifer would also be pro-contraceptive. If you're honestly against abortions, wouldn't you be in favor of something that would prevent it?

On the other subject, I agree that churches should be forced to abide by the same rules, but I also don't agree with mandates. However, churches today are in violation of the Establishment Clause as they benefit from special status, receiving tax exemptions that any other businesses would envy. A church acquires revenue, and it's only fair that they pay the same tax rates we're forced to.

FSK, maybe we should start a chain of pancake houses and declare them as religious institutions, then we can profess the evils of statism in our weekly sermons.

Brodie commented on Larken Rose Still Thinks Like A Statist.
Thanks for the write-up.

Robert commented on The Daily Show And PETA.
Did you also notice the hermaphroditical/transgender appearance of the two women? You touched on this before in some observations you made, I believe one involved the performer "Lady Gaga". Perhaps make a comment about that again? I have seen the emasculation of men in other ways, such as on popular tv shows. On the long running hit "Friends", the two most educated men, one a scientist and the other a successful professional, were repeatedly made fun of and otherwise had their sexual prowess antagonized by the women who were supposedly their "friends". Meanwhile one of the men, who could barely hold a job and couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag with a flashlight and a map, was repeatedly glorified as sexually attractive. How about other shows that depict the man as a lazy moron lucky to have his brilliant career woman wife? How about the open promotion and glorification of homosexuality? I have nothing against people who are gay, I believe in free market, natural laws and liberty just like a lot of us here. But doesn't it seem like for gays to represent about 5-10 percent of the population that it's a bit odd that they are 50 percent of the characters in tv and media? You have also talked about laws which are unfavorable to men in marriage and children cases. Ultimately, my conclusion is that all of this is a part of the weakening of men, because the bankster elite are scared of potent, intelligent, non-parasitic, productive men standing strong and helping others "unplug" from the Matrix and overthrow their power.

Those two women didn't look that much like men. They were on the parasitic side. Evil women tend to look like men.

Lady Gaga looks more like a man than a woman. Conversely, Justin Bieber frequenly looks more like a woman than a man. I've noticed that many "attractive" women celebrities look like men, and "attractive" male celebrities look like women.

For another example, a man with no chest hair sort of looks like a woman.

Here's another common fnord on "Friends" and other "sitcoms". There are hidden messages for "You should feel uncomfortable about sexuality." Those shows are one big hidden advertisement for negative attitudes towards sex.

Yes, the mainstream media does promote homosexuality. Look at it this way. If you're a homosexual, you have an incentive to convince other people "Being a homosexual is desirable!" Then, you have more potential partners.

Most reality shows like "The Amazing Race" or "Survivor" or "Big Brother" have a "token homosexual". The % of "homosexual reality show contestants" is greater than the % of homosexuals in the overall population. Even more annoying, on "Big Brother", the "token homosexual" is frequently also the "token African-American".

Another problem is that divorce law is biased against men. There are many other blogs that talk about this a lot more.

Saurabh commented on Open Pandora, PSP, or Android?.
I will suggest buying a PSP, although it does mean supporting SONY. It is great for emulation, homebrews, has nice screen, decent sound, very easily hacked to run custom firmware, has good games library, support running backups thus saving your game disc and more games on the move, has decent battery life (which can be further increased using more capacity battery and using plugins) and if you can't get hold of a game through legal means, you can find a backup online and run it on custom firmware.

Although SNES emulation on psp is hit and miss sometimes but has pretty much perfect ps1 emulation. There is an emulator for N64 too, haven't tried it yet.

OpenPandora is my dream device which I will probably never own since its so rare.

Saurabh commented on Open Pandora, PSP, or Android?.

Latest psp firmware is hackable for a while now.

The latest PSP firmware is hackable? I see. I was looking at outdated information.

You can preorder an Open Pandora. There's no guarantee you'll get one. As hardware gets cheaper, more Open Pandora clones may emerge.

Right now, I'm leaning towards buying FPSE and Dosbox Turbo and other for-pay Android emulators. I'm also seriously considering a used PSP. Caanoo also looked interesting. However, I'm reluctant to carry around a phone *AND* a gaming handheld.

geneva commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.
It is very likely that he was taking ADHD-type medications, such as Vivanse, Ritolin, Adderall, Concerta, Dexedrine, as those medications have violence and aggression as officially stated side effects. All of these medications share following as their OFFICIAL side effects:

All Patients

• new or worse behavior and thought problems

• new or worse bipolar illness

• new or worse aggressive behavior or hostility

Children and Teenagers

• new psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices,

believing things that are not true, are suspicious) or new manic symptoms

Alyssa Bustamante was also taking psychiatric medications and so a number of other school shooters:

Sam Manzie, 15, attacked, raped and strangled to death an 11-year-old boy selling items door to door for the PTA. He was on Paxil.

Kip Kinkel, 14, killed his parents and went on a shooting rampage at his Springfield, Ore., high school. He was taking Ritalin and Prozac.

Jeremy Strohmeyer raped and murdered a 7-year-old girl one week after he started taking Dexedrine.

Columbine High School’s Eric Harris was taking Luvox.

T.J. Solomon, 15, who attended Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga., was taking Ritalin when he opened fire on his classmates, wounding six.

The crime America may never recover from, the studied and deliberate drowning of all five of her children by a mother in Texas, was performed under the influence of “anti-depressants.”

So was the incredible stabbing murder of eight Japanese children in the first and second grades by a man on anti-depressants.


tim commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

I have my own personal experience with ssri's and violence. Fortunataly I did not act on these impulses. I wish more people were made aware of the dangers of taking these terrible drugs. I thinks it's hard for people to grasp the concept that these "safe" drugs can be so very evil...... In time the truth will come out. I hope.

Kellyn commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

I agree he must have been strung out on psychotropic drugs. I understand from news reports he was in some sort of special ed program or alternative school. That says it all, because my guess is these kids get the royal drug treatment from administrators& teachers playing psychiatrist. These mind-altering drugs are given to kids like candy starting at a young age and many times layering one drug over another creating compliant zombies. Adults, whether in the home or at school, can't be bothered with "behaviorial" issues. So the easy way out is to drug the kids out of their minds. I'm not familiar with the bulging veins, but it's an interesting observation. I"m with you: they can tell me until the cows come home that this kid was not on anti-depressant drugs, but I won't believe them. In my opinion, this horrific scene -- and we've seen it before -- tells us more about the adults than the kids.

richard davis commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

I don't think the veins are an indication of anything except that he might have been doing some pushups before taking this photo. I wouldn't be surprised if he were on or recently off antidepressants though..

Gayle commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

First off, not sure I appreciate the teacher blame comments. Many of us are very observant and do the right thing by contacting child protective services, talk to parents about their kids seeming like zombies with all of the drugs. But it is really many parents that want their kids on these meds and we teachers can't do a thing about that. It is really the DRUG COMPANIES that should STOP producing these dangerous drugs and start being ETHICAL and HONEST about these extreme side effects. Many of these drugs should be TAKEN OFF THE MARKET so the deaths will STOP!! How do these people at the drug companies sleep knowing that they are responsible for death after death? They put on their commercials that there are side effects but it isn't enough. Pyschiatrists keep prescribing these deathly cocktail mixes of pills. My brother died from just this situation. When will this travesty stop and someone put a stop to this horrible connection to drugs and suicides and murders? It is definitely connected.

commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

pure conjecture

dahlia commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

I would have to say that you are 99.9% wrong on the information you gave in this post. You clearly have done no objective research on any of these issues. You'll notice I said objective as your entire post is subjective and based almost completely on nonsense and complete ignorance lacking actual medically scientific data. Get educated.

dahlia commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

Kip Kinkel is paranoid schizophrenic. The drugs you mentioned do not cause this. I'm from the same town and if I remember correctly he had gone off the prozac. I do not rem ember anything about ritilan. I don't think he was taking it. He was actively hearing voices for a long time. He was obsessed with guns and violent games. Do medications play a part in some crimes. Maybe. There have been cases as you pointed out. You cannot blame drugs for every persons actions. Psychotropic drugs help a lot of people as do drugs for ADHD/ADD. I am very allergic to antibiotics. I stop breathing because they cause my throat to close. So does that mean antibiotics are evil drugs that no one can take because they make peoples throats close and cause them to not be able to breathe? No, that would be ridiculous right? Same idea, different drug.

dahlia commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

For some people they are extremely beneficial and help them to have quality lives. They are not all evil.

Linda Turner commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

That was my first question, WHICH antidepressant was he taking. There seems to only be 3 times when taking an antidepressant induces a person to commit homicide; when they are taking it, when the dosage is changed, when they stop taking it. The madness is caused by psychiatric drugs. How many more must die before Americans wake up to this fact. If you don't beleive there is anything to this conjecture, check these out; Why Would a Young Person Start Shooting in School?

December 20, 2011

Christopher Pittman

Rod Matthews

Paxil Deaths

David Carmichael

8min 42sec 7min 5sec

Ryan Ehlis Adderall Killed infant daughter

Paxil Maker Held Liable in Murder/Suicide

Will $6.4 Million Verdict Open a New Mass Tort?

Antidepressants - The Dark Side

The dangers may be remote, but they are real

N. Y. attorney general says drugmaker withheld information

Paxil Lawsuits

By Aaron Larson

Unfortunately, I have many more. Feel free to contact me at

T.J. Lane. Another School Shooter | Ken's Alternative News Blog commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

[...] geneva February 28, 2012 at 12:59 pm [...]

**First Amendment Under Attack — RED ALERT** HR 3699: NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney Seeking to Limit Public Access to Scientific/Medical Information [Online]. That means no more crucial “layman input” or “polymath analysis” for you commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

[...] geneva February 28, 2012 at 12:59 pm [...]

**First Amendment Under Attack — RED ALERT** HR 3699: NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney Seeking to Limit Public Access to Scientific/Medical Information [Online]. That means no more crucial “layman input” or “polymath analysis” for you commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

[...] geneva February 28, 2012 at 12:59 pm [...]

**First Amendment Under Attack — RED ALERT** HR 3699: NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney Seeking to Limit Public Access to Scientific/Medical Information [Online]. That means no more crucial “layman input” or “polymath analysis” for you commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

[...] geneva February 28, 2012 at 12:59 pm [...]

jude commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

USA prescribes more Ritalin (cures nothing) than any other country. A young man in Georgia attempting to enlist in the military was turned down due to history of Ritalin (school)..which has student recorded as having a 'mental illness'. Are parents told this? When working with a group of 'supposed' emotionally disturbed girls (they needed attention - praise - encouragement etc) a couple of them got in an everyday teenage argument.

A psychotropic drug was prescribed for the one 15 yr old (very articulate, bright, creative). I made it a point to check their bedrooms every 15 min.

Thank God --this child was attempting suicide (ZERO problems with this youngster before this prescription). I checked her medicines and brochure ( tiny illegible) which gave SUICIDE as one of the side effects! IMAGINE -

Alert: Parents should never be intimidated by school officials into drugging their children. Parents should check out all medications and SIDE EFFECTS. DANGER: I understand they are now giving drugs to pre-schoolers. We are destroying an entire generation. NO you will not hear of any drugs prescribed to this young man. Corporate business must be protected.

Gaius Wickser commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

This is an epidemic that no one hears about becasue. The media, who relies on their big pharm ad revenues, would never dare make the connection, so you have to dig real hard to get to the truth.

Jolie commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

Here is the proof from a medical doctor - shocking that these drugs are allowed.

Linda Turner commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

With all due respect, Dahlia, it is you who needs more education regarding psychotropic drugs and what is happening mostly in America but also in other countries as a result of psychiatric labeling and drugging.

Most of our learned doctors have been, and are being, educated by the pharmaceutical companies and their drug representatives and are being misled by them and their POLs (public opinion leaders). There is no scientific evidence to warrant these psychiatric drugs.

Babies at 6 months of age are being labeled and given psychiatric drugs. Toddlers are being labeled bi-polar and given psychiatric drugs. Children are being labeled with ADD and ADHD in grade school and are being prescribed Schedule II amphetamines. Teen Screens are being conducted in our schools, questionnaires which are used to “diagnose” mental disorders, which result in the prescribing of psychiatric drugs. When teenagers go to residential centers, even if they go for substance abuse problems, they are not rehabilitated for drug abuse; they are labeled with mental “disorders” and given dangerous psychiatric drugs. All of the antidepressants are highly addictive.

It was known years ago that these antidepressants were addictive. Antidepressant withdrawal was well known until 1996 when Eli Lilly held a symposium and did a word spin. After that symposium “antidepressant withdrawal” was changed to “discontinuation syndrome” and labels claimed they were not habit forming. The ‘discontinuation syndrome’ is nothing but withdrawal by another name.

As far as scientific data, the drug manufacturers themselves hold their drug trials. It has been proven that they have omitted data and have obscured facts.

There is no scientifically proven chemical imbalance in the brain. The chemicals in the brain cannot be measured. SSRIs, (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) interfere with the normal functioning of the brains’ serotonin. Serotonin in the brain fluctuates from moment to moment depending on what you are feeling, thinking, and doing. The clearest example I have heard to date is the likening to muscle tension, given by Dr. Joseph M. Carver, PhD., in response to Bob Fiddaman. You can read his response and learn a lot in the book Bob Fiddaman wrote entitled, The Evidence, However, Is Clear, it is available at, and you can read part of it for free if you “click to peek inside”. Dr. Carver in part says this:

“Serotonin is released and absorbed on a minute to minute basis. It’s similar to trying to estimate the ‘normal’ level of muscle tension when muscle tension is a factor of what we are doing at the time such as relaxing, lifting weights, etc.”.

Many rehab centers even for adults are being funded by drug companies and the adults are now being labeled with disorders and prescribed dangerous addictive psychiatric drugs.

Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc., (Reeve B. Waud of Waud Capital Partners has been a director of Acadia since December 2005) (Joey A. Jacobs, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Acadia) is rapidly purchasing many behavioral health care and substance abuse centers in the United States.

The CEO is also on the board of directors of Cumberland Pharmacy. Here are some excerpts from their filings:

“Acadia provides psychiatric and chemical dependency services to its patients in a variety of settings, including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, outpatient clinics and therapeutic school-based programs”.

“Our inpatient facilities offer a wide range of inpatient behavioral health care services for children, adolescents and adults. We offer these services through a combination of acute inpatient behavioral facilities and residential treatment centers (“RTCs”). Our acute inpatient behavioral facilities provide the most intensive level of care, including 24-hour skilled nursing observation and care, daily interventions and oversight by a psychiatrist and intensive, highly coordinated treatment by a physician-led team of mental health professionals”.

“Favorable industry and legislative trends. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 6% of people in the United States suffer from a seriously debilitating mental illness and over 20% of children, either currently or at some point during their life, have had a seriously debilitating mental disorder. We believe the market for behavioral services will continue to grow due to increased awareness of mental health and substance abuse conditions and treatment options. National expenditures on mental health and substance abuse treatment are expected to reach $239 billion in 2014, up from $121 billion in 2003, representing a compound annual growth rate of approximately 6.4%”.

“While the growing awareness of mental health and substance abuse conditions is expected to accelerate demand for services, recent healthcare reform is expected to increase access to industry services as more people obtain insurance coverage. A key aspect of reform legislation is the extension of mental health parity protections established into law by the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (the “MHPAEA”). The MHPAEA provides for equal coverage between psychiatric or mental health services and conventional medical health services and forbids employers and insurers from placing stricter limits on mental health care compared to other health conditions. According to IBISWorld, the MHPAEA is projected to affect more than 113 million individuals”.

“On a pro forma basis for the twelve months ended September 30, 2011, we received 66% of our revenue from Medicaid, 21% from commercial payors, 8% from Medicare, and 5% from other payors. As we receive Medicaid payments from 23 states, we do not believe that we are significantly affected by changes in reimbursement policies in any one state. Substantially all of our Medicaid payments relate to the care of children and adolescents. Management believes that children and adolescents are a patient class that is less susceptible to reductions in reimbursement rates”.

“Opportunistically pursue acquisitions. We have established a national platform for becoming the leading, dedicated provider of high quality behavioral health care services in the U.S. Our industry is highly fragmented, and we selectively seek opportunities to expand and diversify our base of operations by acquiring additional facilities”.

“Furthermore, we believe that opportunities exist to leverage out-of-state referrals to increase volume and minimize payor concentration, especially with respect to our youth and adolescent focused services and our substance abuse services”.

Keep in mind that psychotherapy is almost nonexistent today. Psychiatrists prescribe psychotropic drugs. That’s what they do. The above mentioned substance abuse services equal psychotropic prescriptions. Addictive, psychotropic prescriptions.

Nursing homes are giving psychotropic drugs to residents even though the elderly are more susceptible to dying from them.

I was shocked to find that Australia had forced drugging laws. If a patient refuses psychiatric drugs they must stay in a psychiatric facility where they are forced to take them. The only way that they will be allowed to live in their own home is to have a mobile unit come out to administer the drugs.

I found this shocking until I found out that America has the same laws. They go by names such as “Assertive Community Treatment”. Described thusly; Assertive community treatment, or ACT, is an intensive and highly integrated approach for community mental health service delivery.

I truly hope you read this and research it for yourself. We have been brainwashed as surely as the Nazi’s in Germany were, to believe that babies have mental disorders, that children have mental disorders because they fidget in their seats, that teenagers are mentally ill because they get rebellious, that it is somehow unacceptable to feel sadness at times without a pill to alleviate ‘depression’, but mostly to see the devastation caused by these drugs and attribute it to the people whose brains are being adversely affected by them.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, @daehlin, or to email me at

And please believe me, I do not wish to offend you. I only became aware of this last year and have been spending most of my time researching it. America must wake up to the reality. Too many lives are being lost and devastated as a DIRECT RESULT of psychotropic drugs.

Lindsey commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

Um I am on adderall and I have never thought about killing anyone! The media just likes to make excuses, he knew what he was doing when he did it he deserves to rott in prison for the rest of his life! Adderall does not cause aggression, I know plenty of ppl who are on adderall and other psych meds and have never thought about killing anyone, I'm really tired of seeing all the excuses and stereotyping, like the one about him bein goth, I know a lot of goth ppl who are really nice people!

Lindsey commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

O and about the teacher issue, I was abused as a child and always bullied and depressed at my school especially with my physical illness and the teachers wouldn't help me at all, so teachers doing everything to help is a load of crap,I remember having a dizzy spell after running the mile is gym and I fell and couldn't get up and my gym teacher wouldn't allow anyone to help me she left me outside for an hour until some1 finally came to help me, how she is still a teacher I have no clue but my point is teachers dnt want to deal with "problem children" so they're quick to call cps or just dnt do anything at all, he was making threats online tht shoulda been taken seriously instead of waiting for something bad to happen which is what most ppl do

Rob commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

I've tried Zoloft before for a month and anyone who says that they help is unaware of what these drugs do to a person! I'm so thankful I woke up to the fact that this stuff is dangerous and got off them!! All these drugs do is make you to "stoned" to care about your problems! I wouldn't even dare another person to use these drugs for 30 days to find out how you feel cause some of you will probably harm other people! Time to wake up people!!!

Here is one fact nobody can't deny! There is NO TEST to see if a person has low serotonin!!! So why are we taking drugs where we have no idea what it is doing to our brains because we can't test before and after we take the drugs???? It's really crazy people are taking this stuff when we have no idea what is happening to us!!!

Larry commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

Some people here want to defend that psychotropic drugs do not lead to murder or suicide. You are gravely mistaken. Some of you whom have posted the link with school shootings and psychiatric drugs get it.

To explain the link its because of tone level. Tone level is a measurement of a person state of mind. 10 being happy and 1 being in apathy. Let us say for example 10 is high tone and 1 is low tone. If you take a person who has occasional upsets and has difficulty coping yet his deposition has a tendency to be at a Tone Level of 5-10... the likely hood of him having difficult tendency during withdrawal from psychiatric meds is low.

On the other hand if you get a person whom would be 1-5 in Tone level. This person has an increased tendency to withdrawal is higher. The increased difficulty to withdrawal is a mental health issue.

Now if you throw in poor philosophy, because of invalidating self communication and invalidating family or lack of family communication... lack of awareness to the survival of things that are alive and the detachment to respect living things, and is naturally introverted and low toned, put this kid on psychiatric drugs, have him withdraw, weather intentional or unintentional withdrawal, and go through the difficulties of cultural upbringing here in america, then have accessibility to a gun... then you have a recipe for murder and/or self murder. The key to ask... What is the chronic disposition of the individual... on this tone scale... is this person on the lower part of the scale or upper part of the scale. Is this person introverted or extroverted. Is this person experienced incidence for a lack of living things. Is this person inconsistent with their medications.

Bottom line is that 50 years ago and before, we did not have these incidence of this type of crime. When a person had a problem they handle it naturally. Psychciatist, have done an amazing job of convincing society that we need this to handle life. Which is straight up bullshit. We all experience problems... the last thing people need is to get high and mask the ability or suppress the ability to handle problems. Because we end up with situations like the above.

in 2007, I was dropping off my daughter to school on the 1st day of 1st grade. There were police cars and all the cars in line were at a stand still. I get out of my car and the rumors were someone came to the school and had weapons and was being arrested. VERY SCARY.

A friend of mine whom, had a daughter at the same school, happen to work at local TV station and had Uncles and Brothers that were also local police officers.

I called my friend and he told me, his uncles were on the scene and he had the inside scoop. A male in his 30's arrived at the school while the track team was training. About 7:15AM... He was dressed in an long overcoat and had a baseball bat in his hand.

One of the parents asked him why he had a baseball bat and he did not answer the parent.

The parent went to the police officer that was managing the school traffic approached this man and the man started to wield the bat at the police officer. The police officer avoided the attack and pulled out a stun gun.

The man fell to the ground and pulled a gun out.

The police officer had to stun him a 2nd time to subdue this man.

Police officers went to his parked vehicle and found knives ammunition in his car.

The man was arrested and was out 3 days later.

3 weeks after this incident... My wife had a erie conversation with a female patient. By the way, my wife and I own a medical practice.

This female patient had known that our children went to this school and started a conversation about the incident at the school. She had indicated this man was her ex-boyfriend. WOW!

She further indicated... this man is the son of a prominent Psychitrist in town and he only acts like this when he is off his medication. WOW...WOW...WOW.

My wife and I share a philosophy that these medications have bad long term affects. My wife did not share her personal philosophies, so as not to invalidate the patents relationship or her personal beliefs. She just called me and shared this crazy discovery.

There is a link... if you drug a persons ability to rationalize, to be self determinism, to lower their awareness, to lower theeri consciousness, to put them on a daily high, to prevent their ability to think clearly, to lower their tone lower then what it normally is, the end result is you can run into problems.

And it will continue, so as long as psychiatrist continue to prescribe... It would be a better world if people were taught to talk to a psychologist to hanlde their problems.

There is a place for the mental drugs and its in the trash.

Larry commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

Right on! Love the post.

Larry commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

REad my post below.

lynn commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

1st off, 3 were killed in this horrific incident. 2 others wounded. 2nd there is no indication he was on or off of any meds. He did attend a school for "at risk youth" kids with many kinds of problems attend. Kids that are just socially awkward can attend. Also, the school can not administer any medication and "play psychiatrist"

It is very easy to form an opinion on something that you don't have all of the facts of, the facts you do have are incorrect, and you are jumping to conclusions.

Kellyn commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

" ... the school can not administer any medication and "play psychiatrist."

Oh yes they can, and they often do portray themselves as experts. I never implied that teachers "administer" the drugs, but they most definitely play a role in terms of perhaps recommending drug treatment based solely on flimsy, subjective criteria rather than biologically based evidence. Moreover, many teachers regularly attend clinics/conventions cross country in order to keep up with the "disorder of the month." And the more kids they can label, the more federal dollars flow to the school district. Understand, these are powerful mind-altering drugs in the same class as cocaine and LSD. And every morning young kids, their little brains still developing, are lining up to get their daily dose ... of poison. Totally insane, like the world turned upside down.

Lots of comments on this post! I fell behind on my responses.

Most of the initial comments were positive. That slightly disturbed me. If a lot of people aren't leaving hostile comments, it doesn't feel right.

There were some negative comments. Most of them were "FSK, you're wrong! You suck!" without providing anything else.

Also, some of the favorable comments were pretty long, which is unusual.

He was in a school for "troubled students". Most of those students are drugged. I am disappointed that the mainstream media didn't say what drugs he was taking. I doubt they ever will.

Yes, a school can forcibly drug a student. If the parent refused, Child Protective Services will kidnap the child.

Also, I've changed my attitude from "The mental health industry is 100% fraudulent!" to "The mental health industry is 95% fraudulent!" I did find one drug that's helping, Seroquel. I'm taking a low dose, 100mg per day. I'm taking Seroquel and nothing else, which is unusual. If that really is the right drug, then the question is "Why wasn't I given that drug initially? Why did I have to try 10 different psychiatrists?"

I had a severe negative reaction to Risperdal, Geodon, and Abilify. I question if those drugs really help anyone. If you are taking them and like them, I don't have a problem with that. I'm just expressing caution.

The mental health industry is not as scientific as they pretend. However, some drugs do help some people. They aren't universally bad. They are overprescribed. When I hear about people taking several different drugs, that sounds wrong.

My current theory of mental health is "There's some vitamin missing in food. Almost all the food you eat is processed. When you're under stress, you need more of this missing vitamin." I think that Seroquel is providing this "missing vitamin" for me. It hasn't interfered with my ability to do my normal stuff.

At the time I wrote the post, there was only 1 fatality. The other 2 died the next day. That slight error doesn't invalidate the other points I made.

Another lie was "The victims were chosen randomly." No, he knew them. They probably were rude to him in some way. "It's random victims!" reinforces the lie "It could happen to you! We have to take away your freedom!"

I am still mostly sure that TJ Lane was taking psychiatric drugs. That photo makes him look like a drug addict. In a school for "troubled students", most of them are drugged.

I would like to see a definitive source on this. If he was taking psychiatric drugs, that would boost his "insanity defense". If he was taking prescription drugs, the victims' families should have a valid claim against the drug manufacturer. Even if the prosecutor did publicly say "No drugs!", I'd believe that he was lying.

Anonymous Coward commented on Romney Is A Big Favorite To Win The Nomination.
America has the chance to elect on honest politician such as Ron Paul.

Or they can have more of the same.

You're missing the point, if you still believe elections are fair, or that elections are a means to achieve progress.

agorist911 commented on Romney Is A Big Favorite To Win The Nomination.

It's too bad that the mainstream media has even convinced you of their phony projections. In many states, delegates are not awarded to a candidate based on the popular vote. If the delegates are unbound they can vote for whomever they want even if the popular vote in their precinct went to another candidate. So no, the projection you've linked to are not at all accurate. Romney does have the most delegates at this point, but Ron Paul is not behind that by much.

As of February 21st, the delegate count was Romney: 93, Paul: 82, Ginrich: 29, Santorum: 25, Unpledged: 14

The recent primaries have not yet been assessed.

Anonymous Coward commented on Greek Bond Credit Default Swaps.
You are quite right. It is scary. The clowns are getting more and more obvious in their theft. I am talking generally here and not just the case you are referring to.

As government and banksters are corrupt, why should an honest citizen participate in the charade?

One guest on Max Keiser said that why is the country so dishonest, when every single household on its own is honest. He proposed that if the top 1% are dishonest, then everyone lower done has to steal in order to survive. He made some reference to fractals looking the same at 100 feet and 1000 feet i.e. the top 1% are dishonest, so the top 20% have to be dishonest as well and so on.

The Daily Mail had an article today on middle class benefit cheats. Previously the Daily Mail had just run article on lower class benefit cheats.

Really the biggest benefactors of government welfare are the property owning classes that rent out to the unemployed. The housing benefit obviously goes straight to the landlords and not the unemployed.

Rents and taxes are too high. Soon everyone will have to steal and cheat to survive.

As everyone is robbed by inflation, the only way out is the rise of currencies like BitCoin. FSK says BitCoin has flaws. I haven't investigated myself.

An honest virtual currency will only be useful if it can be used to buy electricity, food and water.

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