State Sanctioned Murder In Florida – Trayvon Martin

This story is interesting. A 17 year old black boy, Trayvon Martin, was killed by the white leader of the neighborhood watch, George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin lived in a “gated community” (I.e. relatively wealthy residents). He went to the store to buy groceries, and was murdered on the way back home.

So far, George Zimmerman was neither arrested nor indicted. George Zimmerman probably will get away with murder. George Zimmerman probably assumed that Trayvon Martin was a criminal, based solely on his skin color.

Even if Trayvon Martin ran away or was hostile towards George Zimmerman, that isn’t a capital offense.  That’s a reasonable reaction, when a jerk confronts you.

Trayvon Martin was unarmed.  George Zimmerman is an amateur State-sanctioned murderer. You always carry a spare gun to plant on the corpse!

According to the comments in the above Huffington Post article, George Zimmerman was 28 years old. He was going to school to become a policeman. His parents probably are well-connected. That explains the leniency. There are two justice systems, one for insiders and one for everyone else.

The rules for a “neighborhood watch” are “Never confront a criminal. Call the police.”  I disagree with that rule. You should be prepared to protect your property. However, that rule would have spared Trayvon Martin’s life, if George Zimmerman followed it.  George Zimmerman disobeyed a rule that every “neighborhood watch” member is suppose to know; that should make for an easy indictment.  George Zimmerman was studying to be a policeman. That made him trigger-happy.  He thought he was being a hero, murdering a criminal.

Also, if you’re a member of the “neighborhood watch” in a gated community, you should know the residents.

I disagree with “mens rea”.  It makes no difference if you kill someone because you did it on purpose, or you’re so incompetent that you don’t know any better.  The result is the same.  It makes no difference if George Zimmerman was sincerely trying to stop a crime, or he’s an evil murdering racist.

Suppose a black neighborhood watch guard killed a white teenager? What if the victim was the son of a policeman or politician? In those cases, there definitely would have been an arrest and indictment by now, and probably no bail.

Trayvon Martin’s parents are acting like obedient slaves, begging for an indictment. A free man would say “You murdered my son! I’m going to hunt you down and kill you myself!”  (And if you ever do decide that it’s necessary to do such a thing, don’t tell anyone, just do it.  I’m for nonviolent resistance, but murdering one of my children crosses the line.)  If the justice system were fair, that should be an acceptable reaction.

If there was violent retaliation every time a State thug abused his power, they would think twice before committing a crime. Only in a society of slaves would parents passively beg for an indictment, after their son was murdered. George Zimmerman knew that the State had his back, encouraging him to shoot first and ask questions later.

I like the wergeld system. That’s a compensation-based justice system. Under such a system, Trayvon Martin’s relatives would have two choices. They could accept a huge fine as compensation for murder, or kill George Zimmerman.  A pro-State troll says, “In a compensation-based justice system, a wealthy person could murder and just pay the fine.” That would not happen, because the victims’ relatives could say “We waive the fine. Instead, we’ll kill you and call it even.”

Trayvon Martin’s relatives still have options. There could be a Federal indictment based on Federal Civil Rights law, because the murder was race-based. I’m surprised that the President doesn’t push for that.  I always thought that was wrong, that the same action is both a Federal and state crime. In this case, it’d be appropriate, if Florida’s “justice” system doesn’t lead to a murder conviction.

Another option is a “wrongful death” lawsuit against George Zimmerman. It depends on what assets he has. Another option is a civil lawsuit against the homeowners’ association and neighborhood watch. I don’t like that, because it takes from people other than the murderer.

Another option is “Trayvon Martin’s relatives can go to the grand jury, and make a presentment directly themselves.”  This is a common misconception, “Only the State prosecutor can present evidence to a grand jury.”  That is false.  Anyone can present evidence to a grand jury.  However, if you made a direct presentment and got an indictment, you still may be SOL if the State prosecutor doesn’t follow up on it.

Another question is “Why are Trayvon Martin’s parents still paying taxes?”  They shouldn’t do it the stupid Cindy Sheehan way, refusing to pay taxes on income the IRS already knows about.  If you’re paid on a 1099 or W-2 or use the State banking system, you should declare the income and pay the tax.  If you’re serious about freedom, you have to do it agorist style.  Work 100% off-the-books.  Deal in cash/gold/silver.  Don’t use the State banking system at all.  As the State economy collapses, working off-the-books will be more and more attractive.

There probably will be a sham investigation. There may not even be a conviction on a “lesser offense” of manslaughter. George Zimmerman may still be eligible to work as a policeman.

When Rule Of Law breaks down, the only way to get justice is to get it yourself. In this case, the State is protecting George Zimmerman from retribution. If Trayvon Martin’s relatives hunted down George Zimmerman and got proper justice, then they would be falsely charged with murder.  (In fact, a hardcore pro-State troll might say it’s illegal for me to even suggest such a thing, that you should get justice for yourself when Rule Of Law breaks down.)

A pro-State troll says “Without government, a group of thugs would go around extorting and murdering, and get away with it.” That is exactly how the State criminal conspiracy operates now. George Zimmerman must have excellent political connections, to escape prosecution.

The State is protecting George Zimmerman from justice.  They are having a sham investigation and no indictment.  Trayvon Martin’s relatives are supposed to accept whatever decision the State prosecutor makes.  It would be illegal for Trayvon Martin’s relatives to get justice for themselves.  Only a slave would politely beg for an indictment after his son is murdered.

30 Responses to State Sanctioned Murder In Florida – Trayvon Martin

    • My quick analysis is: It’s not P2P decentralized. If there’s a central server, that’s an attack point. If all transactions are reported to every client, that’s a stupid design.

      The best “alternate monetary” system is the simplest one. Use physical gold and silver.

      If you need to trade with people in other cities, a decentralized RipplePay-like system would work. Occasionally, you send couriers or packages to the other city to keep a balance of trade.

      • (I am the author.)

        FYI, the client software, long term, is meant to be p2p. This is because the wallets need to compare notes on the public mint files from various servers.

        There isn’t a “central server” per se, although that is the simplest configuration, but we’re aiming for a “federated” model, like Diaspora. That is, many servers, many issuers, each server has many currencies, each issuer has issued on many transaction servers, each user has a list of servers and issuers, etc. You can also distribute a currency over many issuers (via baskets.) You can also convert currencies into other currencies (on markets) and you can also exchange on/off of any server using Bitcoins.

        OT also features “destruction of account history” meaning that no account history must be stored other than the last signed receipt, yet all parties can prove which instruments are valid and which transactions have closed. This same mechanism also insures that transactions are unforgeable. Even the server cannot change your balance unless it gets your signature first. We are moving into an era of cheap, “low trust” servers that run across multiple jurisdictions and on anonymous networks.

        OT also features “chaumian blinding,” which is untraceable digital cash.

        FYI: I agree with you on Ripple, which is basically an implementation of “credit lines” (forming a payments network.) Some future version of my software will do this also.

        I also agree with you on gold and silver.

        You should consider, however, that gold and Bitcoin share many properties. Both are scarce yet minable, value-dense, divisible, recognizable, durable, difficult to counterfeit, liquid, useful as a medium of exchange, and so on.

        Bitcoin also has the additional properties that it is censorship-resistant, and your funds cannot be frozen or confiscated by any authorities.

        While you are correct that Bitcoin is publicly-auditable, keep in mind that anonymity layers can be added vis-a-vis, for example, my own software. Similarly, while Bitcoin itself is not suited for micro-transactions, the blockchain can still function as the reserves for a micro-transaction system which is then processed on a normal transaction server such as OT.

        Many things are becoming possible.

        • Actually, Bitcoin isn’t seizure-proof. Here is one example. Police are cracking down on the fiat-to-Bitcoin exchanges, making it hard to transfer State money in and out of Bitcoin.

          Also, every Bitcoin client has a copy of every transaction. Police can run a Bitcoin client, and then track every single transaction. If they track every single Bitcoin, they can figure out identities.

  1. Anti-white idiots March 11, 2012 at 8:44 am

    Anybody called ‘Trayvon’ should be incarcerated for life, simply because of their NAME – because having such a STUPID name tells you two things – 1) They’re black (and therefore FAR more likely to be a violent criminal than a white person), and 2) Their parents are ‘ghetto’ scum who choose stupid, ridiculous names for their bastard offspring, thus reinforcing the likelihood of point 1.

    ‘Trayvon’ was a hate filled piece of shit, as anybody who looks at his photo can tell. Or just look at his hate filled brother, who you can see in photos of his ‘fambly’ in the news. Another hate filled felon waiting to rape and murder white people. Why don’t they want to live in an all BLACK country?

    Because they’re worthless parasites who STEAL from white people – they can’t produce a first world standard of living on their own, so they thought they’d steal ours.

    They cry ‘racism’ every day, but never cry ‘separation’. Why is that?

    Meanwhile, every year millions of white people MOVE HOME to get AWAY from third world scum.

    • Are you serious or trolling?

      The choice of name is a capital offense?

      However, here’s one observation that does back up your racism. There are almost no black computer programmers. Every other group is represented (Russian, European, Asian, Indian). Is that due to culture, or inherent intelligence? I think it’s mostly culture. “Computer programmer” is a merit-based field. Someone completely incompetent won’t last long. (Actually, they get promoted to management!)

      They published a picture of him in a hoodie, to make him look seedy. There were other nicer photos.

      It’s wrong to say “All members of group X are evil.” There are some honest politicians, but most are evil. Most State welfare bureaucrats have evil tendencies.

      Trayvon Martin would have made it home without incident, if George Zimmerman wasn’t there. It’s clearly murder.

      Here’s my best estimate of what happened. George Zimmerman started a fight with Trayvon Martin. He was losing that fight. Then, he pulled out his gun and shot Trayvon Martin. That isn’t self-defense. That isn’t manslaughter. That’s murder. You can’t start a fight with someone, and then shoot them, claiming self defense.

      • No threats of violence here. I can’t believe you’re so eager to support the murderer. Are you serious or trolling?

        The enemy is the State, and not some teenager who was going to the store to buy snacks.

        “Black vs. white” is a distraction. The real battle is “productive vs. parasites/psychopaths”. If only the poor white and poor black people ganged up against the banksters! Racism is promoted to prevent them from cooperating.

        • I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Besides, it could be a fake name and address!

          There’s another interesting detail. The police said “We can’t prove it’s wasn’t self-defense. Therefore, it was a justified shooting.”

          Really? Is that the law now? You can kill someone, and you get away with it, unless the police can prove you weren’t defending yourself?

          Also, “It was a self-defense shooting.” is an affirmative defense. If your defense is “I wasn’t there. The police got the wrong guy.”, then you can keep quiet and let your lawyer do the talking. If your defense is “I murdered him in self-defense!”, then you should be required to tell it to a jury, and let them decide if they believe you or not. (There may be some other witnesses to the confrontation, which may partially back up George Zimmerman. However, George Zimmerman started the fight with Trayvon Martin, which should cast serious doubt on the claim of self-defense.)

    • Read the book, “The New Jim Crow”. Then understand whats going on in incidents like this. If were going to incarcerate people based on their name, then “Anti-White Idiots” is a good place to start. Apparently Trayvon’s parents live in the ghetto, especially since zimmerman was his neighbor. Oh wait they didn’t live in the ghetto they lived in the gated community. I would love to see your hate filled photo so I could recognize a “hate filled piece of shit”. We have already settled this race question in the civil war and world war II, you lost badly and now the United States is slowly but certainly becoming more mixed. Welcome to the Federal North, we own your confederate ass.

    • Fedupwithstupidity March 19, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      You are a stupid peace of shit who need to be lynched, how dare you judge a book when you don’t even know the story. Travion’s family probably has more morals, sense and money than you because your probably supported by your parents or wife, who should divorce you immediately. You sound like a racist you eats rat shit, and if I knew you I would force a pound of it in you mouth and make you swallow it. What world are you from because you are surely not from this one, and agreed with the comment above, yes you should go find a different country to live in because obviously this one is not for you. This country is ran mostly by black people and they surely would make a better one, they make the world go round and most of them are the ones with the money, you shit starter. I done giving you any of my time, you don’t even deserve my conversation.

      • This is getting a bit repetitive. Do I need to start censoring or shutting off comments for this post?

        I am mostly convinced that it was manslaughter and probably murder. Maybe Trayvon Martin’s relatives should do an end-run around the DA, and go directly to the grand jury themselves.

        I am confused by the police saying “We can’t prove that it wasn’t self-defense. Therefore it’s a justified shooting.” Really? I can carry a gun, start a fight with someone, and if they start beating me up, I can pull out a gun and shoot them, and that’s self-defense? If the police can’t prove it wasn’t self-defense, then it’s OK to murder someone?

        Also, I believe in compensation-based justice and not revenge-based justice. The correct answer is “George Zimmerman should be forced to pay a % of his salary for the rest of his life, to Trayvon Martin’s relatives.” They could try a civil “wrongful death” lawsuit against George Zimmerman. However, for murder, in a compensation-based justice system, the victim’s relatives could say “We waive the fine. Instead, we’ll kill you and call it even.”

    • It’s take a white piece of shit to comments about, a child that life were taken probably because someone like u hate black people.U dumb white dog I don’t dislike white people but I will pray for someone like u.puy urself n his mom shoes what the heck will ur family be going thru…But U will see it again partner..its things I want to sau to u right now but I’m going to save it n my mouth

      • I already said that “anti-white idiots” is wrong. Some comments are too profanity-laden and threatening violence. I normally don’t censor comments, but this is getting out of hand.

    • “He beez a good keeid, he din do nuffin! He beez turnin his life aroun an sheeit! Dat rayciss honKKKy craKKKa dun kilt my boi! Gibs me dat check!

      • Trayvon Martin’s relatives are suing the homeowner’s association. That is offensive. That is stealing from people other than the murderer.

        George Zimmerman may not have many personal assets. The homeowner’s association has deep pockets, making them a tempting target.

  2. You are an idiot. Even worse, there are many uneducated, amoral idiots like you in this country. African Americans have given their blood, sweat and lives for this country. We have served in every war proudly and with honor. In return we received systematic lynchings, torture, the lack of a decent education and the enactment of the Jim Crow laws, all designed to ensure we remained as an underclass in this country. We have survived and flourished despite these actions.Believe it or not, the vast majority of African Americans get up each morning and go to work so they can support their family, as Treyvon’s parents did. The question should not be “Why don’t they want to live in an all Black country” The question should be “Why don’t you pick your sorry ass up and leave this country if you don’t like it?”. Recent studies show the majority populating America will have darker skins in the near future. You should leave asap. The story of Trayvon Martin is heartbreaking. Even sadder is the fact that this is not the first time this type of incident has happened nor will it be the last. Zimmerman should be arrested and charged with murder. There is no excuse for his actions. The way the local police attempted to become the arbitrator of the case instead of allowing the courts and the citizens handle it should be thoroughly investigated and charges should be filed if it is shown their actions warrant it.

  3. OK, everyone..Stop, collaborate, and listen..Fighting amongst yourselves is NOT solving anything. Stop spewing the racist ignorance and find ways to celebrate our differences and encourage others in this walk here on Earth.PEACE!

  4. If he wasn’t doing anything wrong why didn’t he just stop and tell him he lived there? The whole thing could have been resolved in a matter of minutes, now a kid is dead.

  5. I do not understand why some of these people are so blind that they cannot see that Zimmeran committed murder. Because the teen was African American, does that give Zimmeran any justice? Apparently it does, because we all know if it were the other way around, the young African American boy would be now sentenced to the chair. What a world….no…what a country we live in today? and the fact that we, the United States, pride ourselves on equality and freedom…God Help Us!

  6. Cops are saying that the pathetic trigger-happy murderer was studying to be a cop. Does this means he is a good person because he was studying to be a cop. Does this mean that a 17 years old who was innocent deserves to be killed. Who says that someone studying criminology or any other law enforcement type of course is completely flawless in his or her behaviour?

    • Cops have magical powers that no other humans have. George Zimmerman was studying to be a cop. Therefore, he would never confuse an innocent person for a criminal based on the color of his skin, and then murder him. (In case you’re sarcasm impaired, I wasn’t serious.)

      Regarding “Why didn’t Trayvon Martin identify himself to George Zimmerman?”, this new bit of information answers that. Trayvon Marin was on the phone with a friend, just before his murder. He thought that George Zimmerman was a suspicious person trying to rob/assault him. Travyvon Martin was “acting suspiciously”, because he was afraid of George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin correctly identified that George Zimmerman had criminal/murderous intent.

      Trayvon Martin had no obligation to identify himself to a crazy person who looks like he’s going to assault him.

      Did George Zimmerman identify himself as a member of the “neighborhood watch” before confronting Trayvon Martin? Even if he did, any crazy person can claim to be a member of the “neighborhood watch”.

      Also, that phone call seems to indicate “George Zimmerman punched/pushed/assaulted Trayvon Martin first.” That should eliminate any claim of self-defense.

      I don’t understand why people are criticizing Florida’s “stand your ground” law. That law is totally irrelevant here, because George Zimmerman started the fight with Trayvon Martin.

      The police and prosecutors are hardcore Statists. Only a Statist would believe “George Zimmeman didn’t murder Trayvon Martin.”. Policemen and policemen-in-training have magic powers and never do anything wrong.

      Also, if it were policeman and not George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin would not have died.

      First, policemen would (hopefully) be more restrained and not escalate the confrontation.

      Second, policemen would have a uniform and police car. Trayvon Martin would probably have identified himself to real police, or surrendered without a struggle.

      Like Jehovah’s Witnesses, policeman travel in pairs (and for the same reason, like all religious cults). With two policeman vs. an unarmed teenager, they should be able to restrain him without bloodshed.

      Finally, policemen would (hopefully) try a Taser before a gunshot. A Taser is less-lethal rather than nonlethal, but Trayvon Martin probably would have survived a Tasering.

  7. Anyone who really thinks that George Zimmerman is going to get off virtually “Scott Free” might as well pray for immortality… It’s not going to happen. He going to go to jail or be killed out right eventually. Moreover I love how the pro-Zimmerman chippies are pointing that he’s not white but Hispanic instead. I find this ironic because then the potention for the “race card” to be played will be severly hamppered. They are both American Minorities. Unlike pure christian whites — they kill and rape each other all the time. White folk just don’t like like that. We be cilivized.

    • The likely outcome in a case like this is a manslaughter conviction. That’s a minor jail sentence. That will appease lots of people. In a few months, people will move on to the next outrage.

      There also is the possibility of a revenge killing. That’s what happens when Rule Of Law breaks down.

  8. As A Black 56 year old mother of a 33 yearold son, I worried everytime he was out and about! And yes even living in NYC my son in his lifetimehas been stopped and abued by the police, Because he is BLACK! Enough is Enough, they used to lynch our black, men, now instead of a rope they use guns, and now it is legal through thease racist law, started in Fla now allows people to kill us and get away with it! They don’t have to hide behind the Sheets!I pray that the peole againnst this horrible law, vote in November, vote in local elections, get those nuts out of Washigton! We have to vote as if though our lives depended on it, and it does!we have the power! I pray the voter fraud get repealed if you know someone who is not a regisered voter get them to register! We have to send our President 4 more years, so he can finish what he has started, and yes he is for all Americans! Even the ones who hate him, what a Christian! And Women you know what they have don to us over 1100 anti woman issues voye! vote! vote!

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