Rush Limbaugh Censorship

Rush Limbaugh was the victim of censorship. He hinted at a forbidden truth.

The “forbidden truth” is “Contraceptives promote promiscuity.” and “Promiscuity is evil!” He said it indirectly, by ridiculing a young woman who said that health insurance should be required to cover contraceptives.

This is a defect in State health “insurance”. Insurance is supposed to guard against disasters. Covering routine medical expenses is not insurance.

If the law says “X must be covered!”, then everyone who doesn’t want X pays higher premiums. If the law says “X must not be covered!”, then everyone who wants X pays twice. They pay for health insurance and again for X.

This is a defect-by-design in State health insurance. The tendency is for most things to be covered. The people who need X and the corporations that sell X will lobby for inclusion. Everyone else pays only slightly higher premiums. They don’t have much incentive to lobby against it. That’s the classic “distributed costs and concentrated benefits” scam. It’s enabled by the State. Only the State can force people to pay a little extra for X, even if they don’t want X. In this case, the requirement to cover X is a tax on people who don’t need X.

Notice the mechanism of censorship. The President doesn’t send Rush Limbaugh to a labor camp. Instead, people are “outraged”, and advertisers drop his program. That’s the “free market”. However, the economy is organized in a bunch of oligopolies, giving them more power.

In the State entertainment industry, Rush Limbaugh isn’t paid directly by his fans. He’s paid by advertisers. The true “customers” of Rush Limbaugh’s show aren’t his listeners. His customers are his advertisers.  Via the State, Rush Limbaugh only indirectly sells to his listeners.  The “advantage” is that Rush Limbaugh can be easily censored.

It’s offensive that a vocal minority can censor any entertainer or “journalist”. The people who complained about Rush Limbaugh are probably all people who never listen to him.

The mainstream media says “You should be offended by this!”, and then lots of people will complain. It’s a fabricated scandal. Imagine if the mainstream media said “Rush Limbaugh said something offensive. We should respect his right to disagree, even if we don’t like it.”

If I see a show I don’t like, I watch something else. When an evil person sees something they don’t like, they demand censorship. It is offensive that a vocal minority can censor. Even if less than 1% of the population complains, it’s a huge volume of calls and letters.

Rush Limbaugh made the classic mistake of apologizing. He should have held his ground. When Rush Limbaugh apologizes, that makes the hatred against him seem justified. It is offensive that the victim of censorship always apologizes for breaking the rules.  It’s very similar to “Defendants must plead guilty and admit guilt for a lighter sentence, even if they did nothing wrong.”  The victim must publicly acknowledge the legitimacy of his oppressor.

This incident helps reinforce the “debate ceiling”. There is no clearcut written rule. Every “journalist” knows the limit. Whenever there’s a crackdown on someone who breaks the unwritten rules, that helps remind people of the limits.

Very frequently, some high-profile “journalist” has his career ruined for breaking the rules. It’s a clear pattern.

Rush Limbaugh was already on the “subversive persons who need to be restrained” list. This incident was a convenient excuse to crack down on him. This isn’t much different from stuff he normally says. Rush Limbaugh is famous, but nobody is allowed to get away with breaking the rules.

When you’re running a scam, it’s important that nobody ever questions the scam. This forbidden truth is “Contraceptives promote promiscuity!” and “Promiscuity is evil!”

It is offensive the way that State censorship works in the USA. The President doesn’t detain Rush Limbaugh without trial. Instead, advertisers are pressured to drop his show. Most of the people who are “offended” don’t normally watch him anyway. What kind of evil person demands that people who disagree are censored?

6 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Censorship

  1. I agree with you about the censorship, but Rush Limbaugh is a shill for the State and Gestapo agent for the anti-liberty Neo-con right. Just so that is clear.

    • Every mainstream media personality is a shill for the State. Even if you’re a shill for the State, you can’t let a bit of the forbidden truth slip out. That’s the point of the censorship.

      Even Ron Paul is a shill for the State. He says “The Constitution is a wonderful document! If only Congress and the President respected it!”

      I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. I watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, knowing they are shills for the State. Sometimes, it’s educational to see what propaganda is being pushed. The whole contraceptive debate is an example of fake debate. It’s an issue of minor importance compared to other State evils.

      I’m much more interested in “Jon Corzine stole $1.6B and got away with it!” than the contraceptive debate. There was much more media coverage of contraceptives, than MF Global.

  2. Anonymous Coward March 11, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Ron Paul is an honest man.

    In fact I am glad he exists as it is interesting to know what an honest politician would look like.

    Ron Paul’s explanation of inflation is very lucid i.e. politicians and the military-industrial complex get the inflated money first, get the value of it and then later the population suffers the inflation.

    • I did watch Ron Paul a bit when I first started blogging. I saw him question the Federal Reserve and IRS.

      I wrote some bits on a Ron Paul wiki and Ron Paul foums. Ron Paul was right. The Federal Reserve and IRS really are evil.

      I got tired arguing with trolls on the forums. It was frustrating making the same points over and over again. I decided to switch to my own blog, where other people couldn’t drown me out in a flood of nonsense.

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