Reader Mail – 03/04/2012 To 03/10/2012

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Cerey E. Runyon commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.
Psychotropic medications are nasty! I am 52 years old; I grew up in the "hippie" days. There were a lot of drugs around then. It seemed as if, at the time, that everyone was freely experimenting with them (myself included). Nevertheless, a few times in my life I was prescribed psychotropic medications, Cymbalta (for one) about a year ago; supposedly to help me deal with the depression of living in chronic pain, well not only make did my pain get worse, after a week of taking that stuff, I began hallucinating, hearing voices, not to mention acting completely crazy.

To prescribe a psychotropic drug to anyone under the age of Twenty-Five is pure INSANITY because the human brain will not be fully developed until then, and it is exactly the “higher reasoning functions” of the human brain that are last to develop!

By nature, I am not a "depressive" person. I have many hobbies and enjoy being alive.

I have never had suicidal thoughts unless I was under the influence of a psychotropic drug.

Many psychologists and psychiatrist alike theorize that suicidal thoughts are just the another side of the same coin" of suicidal thoughts. I feel strongly that this is true!

I have suffered the same side effects from lithium and Paxil (and for the herbalists: St. Johns Wart was extremely powerful and the 'bad side effects' were worse)!

Personally, I feel that everyone should stay away from drugs that alter the human brain chemistry and alter it in such a way (neuron-transmitters) that it can never be changed back to its original or previous state. Furthermore, often conditions and symptoms become more aggravated. What might be worse is because of taking such mind changing drug therapy is now that your personality has been changed. You have now become a completely new person and you do not even know who you are anymore.

All Doctors prescribing these medications will tell you, well; "Its kind of like throwing darts at a dartboard and we will just keep trying different medications until we find something that works for you." What in God’s name does that statement mean?!

The pharmaceutical industries, along with the Doctors have a financial investment in your illness, NOT YOUR WELLNESS. The next time you visit a Doctor mention the "Hippocratic Oath" (Read it yourself beforehand. Once you mention the "Oath" to the Doctor, the jurisdictions and the laws pertaining to the oath then bind him. But for no other reason it is quite amusing to observe their reaction especially if your conversation-is adverse or 'argumentative')

Research the Doctor and or clinic (this is easy to do now with the advent of the Internet) you may be surprised in how much money they receive for the medications they prescribe. I have found be doing the research that they make sometimes as much as a thousand times or more than they do for any of their other services including surgeries. Sounds fantastic; does it not? Nevertheless, it is the terrible truth!

I am a non-violent person, peace love and compassion is a far easier path. In addition, is a lot less work!

In addition, for your consideration; Fluoride was first used by the Nazi German Concentration camp medical staff (Ghouls, it is not fair to call them doctors), as a means, by which to control these masses of prisoners (sometimes outnumbering their guards by as much as ten thousand to one). This method worked so well, combined with “subliminal suggestion” That when the newly formed United States Division of the CIA studied the research profiles of the Nazi’s work and the results, that soon after all water was slated to be fluorinated in all major cities in the US. Why, would they do this when it is of absolutely no benefit to the human body and is, in fact, a lethal poison? This may seem far afield of the present topic, at hand, however, maybe, it is not!

Do you know that, high (very high) concentrations of fluorine-18 is now, for the first time in the history, of the evolution of the planet Earth, can now be found in cosmic quantities in our atmosphere, beginning about twenty-five years ago? And there exits SO MUCH MORE! Flourine-18, in a roundabout way, a result of “Paleoclimatology” which became manifest in our atmosphere from the glacial melting of the polar caps, primarily the Northern hemisphere. As the result, of the melting this ancient ice, the ancient atmosphere of the dinosaurs is currently releasing into our atmosphere, which are producing large amounts of Oxygen-18. In addition, barium-18 and fluorine-18 have been showing up recently in above safe levels for the first time in history. The barium in our atmosphere is an element that has been mysteriously appearing in or air over the past decade, in vast quantities, as well. Who cares? Right? (More on this find me on *Google).

Have any of you heard of “The Radiopharmaceutical Industry?” You probably have if you are, or know, of a cancer patient. There exists a lot more to that industry then treating Cancer patients.

Current technology is emergent by enormous aggregates every day, the rate of discovery is exponential. At present, there exists a very real threat much greater than any “Terrorist Scheme” the governments can mesmerize us into believing. I do not fear for myself. Nevertheless, I am horrified for my children and grandchildren and this generation that is succeeding me.

We are all, (presently) being drugged (mega-dosed) with strange and exotic radiopharmaceutical drugs. Globally trillion of dollars is spent each year on spraying this stuff in our ionosphere. Moreover, here is where it gets crazier. (Look for my interim report on hubpages; “What Is In Our Skies?” cerey runyon)

Try to find some of my writings on the web: *Just Google: Cerey E. Runyon)

I have been working on a whole series of articles pertaining to this and many other topics and much more. I am just getting started so once you have located my blog, keep checking back, if I am still alive :}

I am worried about all of these exotic brain changing drugs appearing everywhere.

Peace and Light to you all,


Michael commented on TJ Lane (Ohio School Murderer) Was Probably Taking Psychiatric Drugs.

I came off of Effexor accidentally and, in the process, scared the shit out of my family members. I'm now a black sheep in the family. Nobody got hurt in the melee but I threatened a family member with a knife and banged my head against the wall.

This was not normal behavior on my part. It was drug induced. It was terrifying but it occurred nonetheless. I wonder if Scientology is actively promoted because it makes the claims about this poison no longer credible.

I'm not sure why I made it through. I really am not but after going through the process of coming off of that horrible drug - I am convinced that these drugs are the reason for all of the school shootings occurring and the unusual or surprising suicides or attempts. Since I came home from staying with my uncle, where all of this occurred, I have been resigned to homeless shelters and mental health institutions. These places are packed and packed with fairly normal looking people.

A whole generation might be getting ruined by these drugs. There were guns in most American homes for decades before school shootings became a regular occurrence. These have started since SSRIs came on the market and they will continue until those horrible drugs are taken off of the market. It's not violence in film, music or media that is causing this. It's the drugs. If media is more violent, that's just because there is a growing audience for it, which doesn't hurt my analysis at all.

I disagree with "All psychiatric drugs are harmful.", but most of the probably are. I have a favorable reaction to Seroquel, but had a severe negative reaction to Seroquel.

If you act weird when you stop taking a drug, is that evidence that the drug is helpful or harmful? A psychiatrist would say "That's proof that you need the drug." I disagree. Withdrawal can be *NASTY*.

I still think I would be mostly OK without Seroquel. I feel it is helping me, so I keep taking it.

Speaking of mental health hospitals, I once realized "They make the staff wear badges. Otherwise, you couldn't tell who are the patients and who are the staff." At my current clinic, there are some staff members who look like they should be patients.

commented on Peyton Manning Should Retire.
I agree 100 percent. A spinal cord injury is serious business. I find it repulsive that the NFL would put him back on the field to have 300 pound men running at him full speed trying to crush him. The entire sport is barbaric. One day society will reach a point where watching grown men chase a ball around stops being amusing. Dare to dream.

Boxing was the #1 sport 100 years ago, and now nobody cares about boxing. It certainly is possible that the NFL could lose its place as #1.

Paradoxically, the boxing glove makes boxing more dangerous. Fighting barehanded, fights end quickly. Fighting with a boxing glove, it takes a lot of blows to the head before you get knocked out.

I don't watch as much sports as I used to. As long as there's informed consent, it isn't evil.

Given that Peyton Manning had a serious spinal cord injury, he should retire. It would be a *DISASTER* for the NFL if Peyton Manning is paralyzed.

Howard Wallach commented on Peyton Manning Should Retire.

He has everything now. He should retire. One good whack, and he could have pain or paralysis forever. Money can't cure pain. Peyton ---don't take the chance.

Anonymous Coward commented on Job Interview Confidentiality Agreements.
I remember having to sign a job interview confidentiality agreement a good few years ago when I was looking for jobs. In fact it was about 5 years ago. I did ask them if it was really necessary and they insisted.

The two founders had an idea. It was a slant on a well-know topic. I thought their idea had some merit, but I also pretty much knew it wouldn't make any money and wouldn't take off. It looks like I was right, because I've never heard of their website or idea since.

The big alarm bell at the time was that they were still struggling to even get a website up and running. When I saw them they didn't even have a website. When I asked about it, they said they had an external company producing their style sheet and they can't get the style sheet to work with the HTML produced in-house.

This is trivial stuff and they couldn't get it to work. How could they possibly write custom code doing something complex and get it to work, if they can't get boilerplate stuff to work?

Obviously for my own work, I have my own website that is a means of selling my software on the Internet. I got a basic website running within a day or so many years ago. Then a few years ago, I moved from a bare-bones website into one that almost looks professional. It only took me a matter of days to get it running. The website is only a side-issue to me. It has to look good enough in order to sell my software product which isn't Internet based.

I'm one person on my own and I have no trouble getting a website up and running.

This company that made me sign a confidentiality agreement, had millions of dollars of venture capital in their bank account, two founders, two contract software developers and one external company writing their style sheet. This is at least 5 people and between them they couldn't even get a bare-bones website up and running to announce who they are!

This company obviously disappeared in puff of smoke.

On the resume I sent this company, I did describe my own software product, which at the time was moving from low volume sales to medium volume sales. The two co-founders told me very seriously I should cash out and sell my product to Microsoft! Obviously these people are reared on short-term thinking and getting a pile of cash as soon as possible instead of making money the normal way i.e. by selling products to end-consumers.

thomasblair commented on New MLB Wild-Card Minor Flaw.
Why does it follow that only second place teams are eligible to be a wildcard? If the objective is allow the best (now two best) non-division winners an opportunity to compete in the playoffs, then the rule is correct. If that's not the objective of the wildcard, what is?

stefminus commented on New MLB Wild-Card Minor Flaw.

what about in this scenario?

texas goes 88-74, LA goes 84-68

detroit goes 92-70, cleveland goes 84-68

boston goes 93-69, NY goes 92-70, tampa bay goes 91-61, toronto goes 82-80

8 teams out of 14 with winning percentages that high is possible because seattle, chicago, and minnesota could be very bad. baltimore, oakland, and kansas city also have little chance of competing.

NY goes 5-1 vs cleveland, 4-2 vs LA; tampa goes 6-0 vs cleveland and 5-1 vs LA.

here, LA and cleveland would play a 1-game playoff to determine who gets to play a 1-game wild card round vs NY. but tampa is superior to both cleveland and quite a bit. in fact, a scenario like this could happen. cleveland's wins could be inflated because they play in a lousy division (someone has to finish 2nd)...toronto's would be deflated by playing in the best division. you could argue here (easily) that toronto is better than LA and cleveland, but they're not even considered (rightly, for finishing in 4th).

this could also happen in the NL east with philly, atlanta, washington, and florida.

I like "You have to be 2nd in your division to win the wildcard." better than "2 best non-division-winner records". There are two reasons. First, you play an unbalanced schedule, with most games against your own division. If a division has one or two *AWFUL* teams, that boosts the chances for other teams in the division. Second, interleague matchups are different among divisions.

As long as you have 2 wildcards, you can have nightmare scenarios with multiple playoffs. With the above records, under current rules, NY and TB are wildcards, no playoffs. Under my proposal, LA and cleveland have a 1 game playoff for the #2 wildcard.

Alter the example so that Texas and LA finish 88-74, and TB is 88-74. Under my proposed rule, Texas and LA play a 1 game playoff for the division, and the loser gets the wildcard. Under current rules, Texas and LA play a playoff for the division, then the loser plays TB for the #2 wildcard.

You can make up scenarios where one or the other has more tiebreaker games. Overall, I think "You have to be #2 to get the wildcard" leads to fewer tiebreaker games.

It's better to say "You have to be #2 in your division to get the wildcard." It makes the division races more meaningful. They play an unbalanced schedule and different interleague matchups. That makes a comparison between divisions less fair.

f commented on State Sanctioned Murder In Florida - Trayvon Martin.
Ever heard of Open Transactions?

My quick analysis is: It's not P2P decentralized. If there's a central server, that's an attack point. If all transactions are reported to every client, that's a stupid design.

The best "alternate monetary" system is the simplest one. Use physical gold and silver.

If you need to trade with people in other cities, a decentralized RipplePay-like system would work. Occasionally, you send couriers or packages to the other city to keep a balance of trade.

I'm surprised there were no comments on this story.

Here's another interesting bit. Apparently, George Zimmerman was once arrested, but the charges were dropped.

Robert commented on Rush Limbaugh Censorship.
I agree with you about the censorship, but Rush Limbaugh is a shill for the State and Gestapo agent for the anti-liberty Neo-con right. Just so that is clear.

Every mainstream media personality is a shill for the State. Even if you're a shill for the State, you can't let a bit of the forbidden truth slip out. That's the point of the censorship.

Even Ron Paul is a shill for the State. He says "The Constitution is a wonderful document! If only Congress and the President respected it!"

I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh. I watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, knowing they are shills for the State. Sometimes, it's educational to see what propaganda is being pushed. The whole contraceptive debate is an example of fake debate. It's an issue of minor importance compared to other State evils.

I'm much more interested in "Jon Corzine stole $1.6B and got away with it!" than the contraceptive debate. There was much more media coverage of contraceptives, than MF Global.

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